Indonesian Transcription Process

Any Transcription Process Is, Considerably, A Taxing Task. However, What About Indonesian Transcription?


Indonesian transcription process basically does not differ much from a transcription in any language.

To transcribe Bahasa Indonesia, or Indonesian files, a transcriptionist has to convert a spoken language into a written one. 

However, the challenges do not end there.

Besides having to interpret the meaning and context of the language, there is also another challenge.

Sometimes, a transcriptionist must also translate the language into a different one.

In other words, the difficulties double as translation takes an integral part in the process.

Furthermore, it is important to also translate the language as businesses are going global.

This requires the content to be completely readable and understandable by the readers.

That being said, here are some challenges faced in the Indonesian transcription process.


Indonesian Transcription Process: Steps

Indonesian Transcription Process

Indonesian Transcription Process

In general, a transcription process of any language, including Indonesian, is more or less similar to one another. Accordingly, the process is as follows:

1. Receiving the files

A transcription process begins by the time the clients give the video or audio files to the transcription team.

To do this, clients can send the files via physical reception or online file transfer.

Despite everything, the latter is more popular nowadays.

2. Checking the files

Upon receiving the files, the transcription team must review every single clip given by the clients.

The review is necessary to check whether the clips are complete and audible enough.

Also, this is to identify the context of the recordings.

Should there be any problems, the team can confirm them to the clients.

3. Transcribing the clips

In this process, a team consisting of several transcriptionists will closely listen to the clips.

Subsequently, they will convert the speech into written documents.

However, since the speech is in Indonesian, the transcriptionist might as well translate the language into English or any specific target language.

This, consequently, becomes the process’ pain points.

4. Reviewing the transcription

The process does not end when the transcription process finishes.

Proofreading is highly critical and necessary.

It is to ensure that the meaning, context, and grammar of the documents are accurate and correct.

5. Sending the files

At the end of the process, the team will send the transcription to the clients.


Indonesian Transcription Process: Challenges


Indonesian Transcription Process

Indonesian Transcription Process

The transcriptionists should follow each step of the process in order to minimize the possible complaints and errors. 

However, each process does come up with notable challenges.

Here are some common challenges in the process.


Language and Context

Indonesian transcription process requires a set of things to do.

The transcriptionist has to accurately interpret, translate, and convert the Indonesian speech into the written form of a certain target language.

For that reason, the task can also be referred to as Indonesian transcription translation process.

In general, a transcriptionist should be capable of transcribing a 15-minute-long recording every hour. However, that does not count the translation process.

Logically speaking, it will be more difficult to finish the file within the standard duration.

This is so since the transcriptionist should also translate the language.

In addition, every word in a speech is always contextual. 

Ergo, to maintain the context and the meaning, a transcriptionist should identify and use the equivalent word of the target language to the native language.

Most of the time, it requires extra time to make it contextual.


Technical Difficulties

Technical difficulties sometimes also become a serious problem in the process.

Some clips might be hard to understand due to their low quality or noise disruption.

This requires the transcriptionist to put an additional effort in order to transcribe a passage.

Apart from the clips’ quality, a file can also be harder to transcribe because of the dictation and pronunciation. 

Some voices might be too low or too subtle. 

Some speakers might also be mumbling and speaking too quickly. 

That is another difficulty to add.


Time Limitation

Similar to the aforementioned difficulties, time is also another factor that becomes another challenge. 

A transcriptionist always has a specific deadline to finish a certain clip. 

Therefore, a transcriptionist will always race against time.

Be that as it may, the challenge might exponentially escalate if the clients are in a hurry. 

Deadlines will come sooner and standard time will no longer become a luxury.


The Bottom Line

Indonesian Transcription Process

Indonesian Transcription Process

In transcribing Indonesian clips, a transcriptionist should follow the right steps in order to ace the job and, more importantly, maintain the expected quality.

Besides following the right steps, a transcriptionist should also conduct quality control by reviewing the raw materials and transcribed documents.

However, transcribing Indonesian clips do come with notable challenges.

The most apparent ones are language and context, technical difficulties, as well as time limitation.

In getting the job done, the skills of an Indonesian transcriptionist are put to the challenge, both in terms of speed and accuracy.

Therefore, it is a rule of thumb to always follow and ensure that each process is well-executed.

Also, to get the most satisfying results of the transcription, businesses can always rely on experts on the field, a transcription service provider.


Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

Indonesian Audio Transcription: Using Transcription Software

The practice of transcribing human speech into text has been around since many years ago. 

In the last several years, the process of Indonesian audio transcription has been made easier and faster with transcription software. 

The same case applies for any other languages. Some factors contribute to the wider use of transcription software, including speed, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility.

Using transcription software is the choice if you need the transcripts as soon as possible. Machine transcription works much faster than human transcriptionists do. 

Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

You turn the recorded human speech into texts within a few minutes, and it really saves your time. 

Moreover, using machine transcription is a cost-effective way of turning the audio files into written formats.  

You can even get the transcription for free, as a number of websites offer free online transcription services.

In addition, online transcription services are easier to be accessed. What you need to do is just visit the website, upload the audio files, and do the process. 

Then, you will get the results within a few minutes. On the other hand, transcription services may not be available in any region. 

However, the next question is, “Is the transcription software enough to answer your needs?”

Indonesian Audio Transcription: Is Machine Transcription Enough?

The answer to the question is relative to your needs. If speed matters the most, transcription software may answer your needs. 

However, if accuracy and quality are very crucial for you, then machine transcription does not help. 

Even with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, machine transcription is never enough to meet your high quality and accurate transcription need. 

The transcription software has some gaps, which can only be met by human transcriptionists.

Transcription software works by means of two processes, namely voice recognition and text conversion. 

The Indonesian transcribe audio to text software recognizes the voice of human speech and then converts it into text.  

Transcription software is at a disadvantage when it comes to speech recognition. When the human speech is pretty clear and to the point, transcribing it into written format is relatively simple. 

However, the settings in which the speech is recorded may vary widely.

A variety of settings makes the transcription process more challenging. In such situations, transcription software is not adequate. 

The following are some details that point to the weakness of transcription software:

Audio Settings

Background noise is the most common form of audio difficulty. There may be cases where the speech is recorded in an outdoor setting, where the noise is even louder than the speaker’s speech. 

Instances include interviews in settings such as the market or other public areas. In such situations, it is hardly possible for transcription software to produce accurate transcripts

Other audio difficulties include whispering, stuttering, or mumbling as the speakers talk. 

Qualities and specifications of the devices used to record the speech may also pose additional challenges for the transcription tasks, as they may produce echoes and audio distortions.

Accents and Fast Talks

Every individual has a unique style in communication. There must be cases, in which the speakers use local accents or they talk too fast. 

For instance, there are so many different dialects and accents in Indonesia, which may pose special challenges for Indonesian audio transcription software.

As a result, the software may fail to recognize the speech and convert it into text accurately due to mishears. 

Unless the transcripts are proofread and corrected by human transcriptionists, the text produced by the software may be useless for you. 

Variety in the Software Specifications

Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

The transcription software is developed by different builders and supported by different technologies. Accordingly, specifications and capabilities of the software vary widely. 

One thing is certain, namely, the transcription software is not designed to recognize local names, unique terms, and local jargon. 

Then, the software will find words that sound most similar to the speech, while the meaning can be totally irrelevant.

Furthermore, variety in the software specifications may come from the supporting technology. There are many options of audio-to-text converter technology. 

You cannot find out what technology is behind a software app. 

Even one that is supported by AI technology still poses an error margin of about 15 percent. What about the technology that dates back to seven years ago? Moreover, The transcripts produced by transcription software still need proofreading and editing by human beings. 

It cannot produce customized transcripts, for instance, when you need a transcript in specific formats.

In conclusion, transcription software can answer your needs if speed and cost matter the most for you. 

However, if quality and accuracy are your main priorities, you have to work with an Indonesian audio transcription agency supported by human transcriptionists. 

You may need to pay the service at higher rates, but the transcripts will benefit you in many ways.

Indonesian transcription companies

Indonesian Transcription Companies: The Results of a Pandemic

The corona virus pandemic requires most people to stay at home. 

Those who were used to working from the office now work from home. Businesses and organizations as well use video conference at much higher frequency that they once were. 

As a result, the organizations now have many recorded meeting. Preparing the minutes of meetings becomes another challenge. 

Fortunately, Indonesian transcription companies are offering the solution. 

The transcription agency prevents the workflow at the office from slowing down since the staff spends much time transcribing the recorded meetings manually.


Indonesian Transcription Companies: The Benefits that Can be Obtained

Indonesian transcription companies

Indonesian transcription companies

With the rise of online video conferencing technology, there is no question on the importance of virtual meetings for business survival. 

The business owners or the managers can hold a regular virtual meeting for evaluation, capacity building, training, innovation, and many more. 

In case of limited human resources in your organization, hiring a member of staff to do the transcribing tasks manually is not a good choice. 

This may lead to several problems, including:

  • Slowing down your documentation process, since it may take the employee so long to transcribe all the audio files. This will be a huge waste of time.
  • Bringing the costs up, since you have to pay all the operational costs related to the transcription jobs, including extra salary or overtime. The costs may be higher than the transcription services rates.
  • Higher risk of error. Since the employee works under the pressure of time and extra jobs, the risks of error with the transcribed texts become much higher. In addition, the staff may not be experienced in transcribing audio files. This can be a huge waste of energy.

The situation will be different if you have the transcription tasks done by the Indonesian transcription companies

You can keep the workflow on the top of the workload as long as you can manage all the resources effectively. 

Therefore, if you want to grow your organization into a larger one, make sure to streamline the administrative tasks. 

Working with a professional transcription agency provides you with the following benefits:

  1. Improving workflow. Thanks to the minimal delay in administrative tasks. With the transcripts at hand, your staff can speed up the process of preparing meeting minutes, field reports, policy briefs, data analysis, and many more.
  2. Improving Focus. Your employees or team members do not need to spend lengthy time listening to the recordings. Transcripts of the recorded meetings allow the team to focus on their tasks.
  3. Improving the Content Usability. A meeting may discuss topics, which may be relevant for different divisions. For instance, a regular evaluation meeting may discuss many things, from marketing strategy, financial aspects, to staffing. These topics are handled by different divisions.
  4. Guarantee of information confidentiality. A professional transcription agency has a standard operating procedure, which forbids the agency to expose any kind of information related to the clients.


Indonesian Transcription Companies: What Influence Transcription Services Rates

Indonesian transcription companies

Indonesian transcription companies

Now, you may wonder the amount of money you have to pay for the transcription service, right? 

Actually, transcription services rates vary widely from an agency to another. In general, the following are some factors that influence the rate you have to pay:


  • Turnaround time

If you just submit a recorded meeting and want the transcription ready overnight, you may have to pay extra costs, since the transcriptionist team may have to work overtime or there must be more members in the team.


  • Length of the file

A one-hour recorded meeting certainly takes fewer costs than a 2-hour meeting does. The Indonesian transcription companies services consider the length of the file while calculating the costs. 

Some agencies calculate the costs per hour, per line, per page of the transcript, or per transcription time, depending upon the characters of the audio files.


  • Subject matters

Recorded meetings for legal purposes may need extra work. The same case applies for topics that require specialties. 

These influence the number of members in the team of transcriptionists. At certain cases, the transcriptionists may have to work with external parties to ensure the accuracy of the transcript.


  • Audio conditions

You may pay higher of audio files that include problematic audio like noisy background, being too quiet, many distortions, too many speakers, fast speakers, and many other conditions.


  • Extra services 

If you need extra services like verbatim transcription, timestamps, or in-house transcription service, you have to be prepared to pay more. 


At certain cases, the clients may ask the team of transcriptionists to work in-house as a way to protect the data from breach or virus attacks.

Many transcription agencies are ready to help you. 

Whether you run a business whose employees work from the distance, a medical institution that deals with many recorded files, a research institute that deals with many field studies, or any other types of business, working with Indonesian transcription companies will be a great advantage.


Indonesian Transcription Agency

Indonesian Transcription Agency: How It Affects Health Services?

Many people may wonder how medical transcription could influence healthcare service and patient care. 

What is so significant with the job of transferring audio contents into text? To answer the question, let’s see what is actually behind the need for an Indonesian transcription agency for medical records. 

When you visit a physician, he records all the details about your health, existing and previous diseases, medicines you had taken and you are taking, tests, laboratory reports, and diagnosis into a single audio file. 

So, what does a medical transcriptionist do?

A medical transcriptionist listens to the audio file and transcribes the medical records into documents. 

Then, he checks and re-checks the document to eliminate any possible errors. The transcribed document becomes a medical history for a patient. 

A number of healthcare professionals have interests in the patients’ history, including nurses, physicians, and even specialist doctors in case specialty need arises.


Indonesian Transcription Agency: Some Reasons Why it is Important 

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Now, imagine what happens when the transcription is not accurate in the above case! You might not get the medical intervention you really need. 

Or, you might be prescribed with drugs that may worsen your existing health problems. In fact, the healthcare institution may have limited human resources to do the transcription jobs. 

Instead of doing the transcription, they had better allocated their time and energy managing the patients and have an Indonesian professional transcription do the transcription for them.

The following are some reasons behind the importance of medical transcription in healthcare service:



A Reference for Healthcare Professionals

As discussed above, medical transcription is the first step in creating medical history of the patients. 

Medical history becomes a reference for doctors and other healthcare professionals in determining the need for medical interventions or future visits. 

The right medical history allows the physicians to evaluate the patient’s current condition, design the right treatment plan, and arrange follow-up measures.

Therefore, accuracy of medical transcription is of high importance. 

Even a small error may lead to serious impacts, wrong intervention, and wrong decision-making by the healthcare professionals. 

This finally leads to fatal consequences for the patient. Therefore, the healthcare institution needs an Indonesian transcription agency to handle the transcription job professionally.


Enhancing Communication

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Indonesian Transcription Agency

A patient may be treated by more than one physician. A proper medical history allows communication among the doctors. 

The doctors can consider the history of drug use and medical intervention before prescribing another intervention or drug regimen for the current health problems. 

For instance, you might have dental problems and visit a dentist for treatment. 

Then, if the dentist sees that you previously took prescription for hypertension, he may prescribe dental medicine that is less likely to trigger high blood pressure.

The same benefit applies for other healthcare professionals like nurses and support teams. 

By learning your medical history, they can arrange the right management and watch for warning signs related to the current or the previous health conditions. 

Medical records may also be functional in recommending laboratory checks for you.


Assisting in Billing Process

Working with an Indonesian professional transcription agency is also helpful in financial matters. 

Your medical records will be used by the healthcare institution to bill your insurance company. In this case, any error may potentially lead to financial and even legal problems. 

On the other hand, a correct medical record minimizes the risks of error in claims and reimbursement.


Complying with The Law

In addition, maintaining a correct medical record is a legal requirement in all countries. 

Nobody wants to be involved in a legal conflict, right? In case that it happens to you, medical records may be a life saver for you. 

Medical documents like these could be required during the legal process. 

For instance, a patient might sue a healthcare institution if he feels that he had been prescribed with wrong medicine, which leads to complications or fatal consequences. In this case, a medical record will become a very important document.


Indonesian Transcription Agency: How it Helps?

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other healthcare practitioners are among the most stressful jobs in the world. 

They cannot waste their time listening to audio contents and make healthcare decisions upon them. What they do may determine the patients’ lives. 

There should not be any mistakes in their decision. Therefore, working with an Indonesian transcription agency is the choice to make sure that the transcription is accurate.

Partnership with a transcription agency may come in different formats, depending upon agreement between both parties. 

The medical transcriptionist may work as an independent partner and do only the jobs based on the order from the healthcare institution. 

Alternatively, the Indonesian transcription agency may appoint a team of medical transcriptionists to work in the partners’ office for an agreed period. 

Both parties can agree the schemes, depending upon the work volume, time frame, transcriptionists’ competence, and many more.


Indonesian transcription software

Indonesian Transcription Software: Function of the Software

Analysis on call center conversation or customer service recordings may provide the companies with rich information on what is going on in their business. 

Indonesian transcription software may help in transcribing recorded conversations or videos before analysis is done. 

Conversations with the customer are important and can provide valuable information for the decision-making process. 

They can tell the companies about market trends, agent performances, customer service performance, product quality, and customer emotions and expectations.

The transcription software helps in transcribing Indonesia audio to text, which is then used for analysis. 

Voice recognition software is used to transcribe the recorded conversations. 

The software refers to an application, which is supported by speech recognition algorithms to recognize the spoken languages. 

The question is, “Is the available Indonesia transcription software dependable enough to provide accurate information?”

Indonesian Transcription Software: The Problems

Indonesian transcription software

Indonesian transcription software

On one hand, the voice recognition software works in a simple way. 

It can be easily used anytime and anywhere since the software is mostly available online. The results may be obtained immediately. 

On the other hand, to transcribe audio to text Indonesia, users still face a number of problems, including:


Background Noises

Nobody can guarantee if all the customer service conversations occur under a noise-free environment. 

The process of transcribing audio is commonly intervened with background noise and loud environments. 

Recognizing the speech becomes more challenging if there is too much background noise. 

This may not be a problem with recorded customer service conversations. However, this may be the case with speeches in public spaces or crowded rooms. 

In this situation, Indonesian transcription software may not work optimally. In some cases, the background noise can be reduced by using additional devices. 

This means additional costs for the businesses.


Quality of the Audios

The transcription software depends upon voice recognition algorithms in transcribing the audio. 

As a result, the quality of the audio determines the transcribing process. 

In fact, some factors may influence the process of transcribing audio contents into text. They include the following:

  • Quality of the speaker’s voice.
  • Dialects and accents. The transcription software may be unable to identify colloquial terms or jargons.
  • Quality of the speakers. If the recording equipment is not supported with a high-quality speaker, the quality of the audio may be poorer.
  • Whether the dialogue is scripted or not.

If the audio quality is poor, perhaps, only a certain percentage of the contents is usable for further analysis. 

In case of poor audio quality, some problems usually found in the transcribed texts include overlapping speech, unintelligible words, mispronounced words, and inaudible speech. 

As a result, the text may not provide data and information, which can be further analyzed.


Technical Problems

Indonesian transcription software

Indonesian transcription software

Apart from the capability of end-users in transcribing the audio contents, technical problems during the conversations or speech may determine the transcription process. 

Persons who record the conversations or speech must be properly trained to use the recording tools. 

On the other hand, the Indonesian transcription software must also be designed to understand the tone of voice, local accents, diction, colloquial terms, and many more. 

In fact, most of the transcription apps are developed for general use.

Moreover, problems may occur because of psychological issues. Let’s take recorded conversations in medical settings as instance. 

An old-age patient may be nervous if they realize that their speech is recorded, particularly since they speak in front of a doctor. 

As a result, some parts of the speech may be inaudible, thus making it more difficult for transcribing the audio contents.


Compatibility Issues

Users of the transcription software may be facing hardware and software compatibility issues. 

The software may not be compatible with the PC or laptop or hardware tool used for transcribing the audio content. 

Similarly, the users may choose wrong software, which is unable to identify audio contents with specific dialects or accents. 

In other cases, the voice recognition software may need regular updates. In medical settings, for instance, the hospitals or health institutions may not be prepared to upgrade the software regularly. 

As a result, some features may not work and the transcription process is not optimal.


Security Issues

Most of the transcription software apps are available online. Not all of them are supported by an adequate security system. 

As a result, they may be hacked by unscrupulous persons. Under such a circumstance, the application may not work optimally. 

More dangerously, the audio contents may lose due to hijacking or due to virus attacks.


In conclusion, Indonesian transcription software may help much in transcribing audio contents for instant results. 

However, if you need to transcribe audio contents containing confidential data and information, hiring a professional transcription service agency that can be held responsible for data security and confidentiality could be a better consideration.

Working with a professional transcription service agency is a better choice if you look for a high-quality transcription. 

Make sure that the agency is supported by a dedicated team of professionals, who have been experienced doing the job.


This world has many languages. To connect with other people from different nationalities who speak different languages, then you may need a translator or interpreter. Whether it is for business or anything, there are a lot of global translation services you can find from the internet. However, you need to make sure about their service quality. To help you find the right company, this is some tips you can take to determine which company that suits you. 

To Verify Translation Company Quality, This Are Some Tips That You Need to Know

  1. Look Whether They Have Translation Certification
global translation services

global translation services

One thing that can state the quality of the professional translation company is a certificate. Try to find a translator company that has or provides quality assurance that is certified. ISO 17100:2015 is a certificate of accreditation that most of the translator companies should provide. The translation jobs that backed with the certificate, have a higher rate to be recognized by courts, organizations, and home offices from over 200 languages over the world. 

Basically,  translation  doesn’t require any certification, but many  legal documents may or may not need a certified job, such as academic, financial, medical, property and many more. While looking out for the company, you should also look for the employee. There is a certified translator with ATA (American translation association), sworn translation for translating the official document, or Diploma translators. 


  1. The Translation Is Done by Human

Human ability is better than a machine. You may want to save some budget by using free online language translation machines like Google translator, Bing translator, Deepl and many more. But, it is proven that the result is not that accurate, thus you have to use the human ability for your translation work. When you are looking for translation services, make sure to look at the information on whether the translations are done by humans or pieces of technology.

A human can understand the references better, detects the distinction of the material, and even provides tones for the translation work. While the translation machine won’t be able to provide those. However, you need to know that some global translation services also use software and advanced Computer-Aided-Translation tools (CAT), to create a quicker workflow and assist the translation job while providing a better and higher quality result. 


  1. Network and Proven Experiences

Another way to verify the quality of your translation service is by looking at the experiences and the customers. A long-running company that has worked in this field will rather have longer and better experience in doing their work. You can also check out their customers or clients. Some well-known translator services, trusted and have high-quality service, will mostly be used by many top companies, legal firms, counsel or lawyers.     


  1. They Go Global and have language Experts
global translation services

global translation services

We know that English is the International language around the world. Thus, you need to find translators fluent in the English language. However, since you are looking for international translation services, then you should make sure that the translator you choose is working globally. This means that they translate beyond the English language or they support over 80 languages that exist in the world. But even more, they also need to know different languages.

It is important since there is also translation work from other languages. For example, from Indonesia to Japanese, from Polish to Russian, and many more. At the same time a translator company that can provide a wide range of language, will have more clients and no language barrier in their services. However, since the work is in a different language, then they need to employ translators who know the best about the language. 

One way to know it is by looking at the company connections and links around the world. Since they work globally, find a translator company that has professional translation services from all the languages and supported by language experts. The language experts can be the translator that came from the country where the language originated. For example, a translator that will work in English to the Korean language will be better handled by a Korean translator. 


  1. Experts Employee That Excel in Certain Field

While the global translation service means all language translation services are available, it also means higher  possibility to cover a wide range of subjects. The translation is not only writing assignments. The translation should be written with language that fits with the field. The translation company should have employed a translator that experienced or knew the particular field. For example, a medical translation should be done by those who know about the medical field.

Those are some tips that you can use to find out the best translation service. When working internationally, you have to make sure that the translator knows well about the English language, while it is also important to look for a company that goes beyond the English language. To support it, the company needs to have a certificate, certificated translator employee, different language experts, and field experts.