translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

For many people, translation is a very difficult task. This may be true since not any individuals can master foreign language well.


It becomes more challenging since translation combines language proficiency and writing skills. As a result, many people shift to machine to translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English.


However, can machine really help in producing accurate translation?


When to Use Machine to translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English?


Expert translators agree that machine only help translators in few ways. Machine translator cannot fully replace human being in producing accurate translations.


A machine is programmed to identify words and translate them from the source to target languages. However, machine tools may be helpful in certain ways, including:


Replacing Dictionary

Many translators do the task as a part-time job. They may translate document from English to Indonesia away from home, when they cannot bring a conventional dictionary.

When working online, the translators can use machine tools to look up difficult words, like idioms or colloquial terms.

There are many online apps to do the task. Looking up words using online machine tools can cut the time for doing the translation.


Summary Translation

What does this mean?

In certain cases, the translators can use machine translators to get ‘raw’ meaning of sentences or text.

They may be required to provide the summary of the text, instead of translating word per word or sentence per sentence.

In this case, machine tools cut the time required to get the general meaning of the text. Then, translators just need to summarize the text in their own language.

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

Rewrite Translation

Just like the translation for summary, this requires the translators to re-write the texts in their own language.

Clients may require the translators to produce original text by capturing only the main ideas in the text.

Then, they can produce a new authentic text. Machine tools can help in providing the general ideas of the text. Therefore, translators can do the task in a faster way.

Given the three conditions above, it can be concluded that machine tools serve only as ‘tools’. They can only facilitate the translators and make their tasks easier. Translators need to do the task manually to produce authentic and accurate results.




Why Choosing English to Bahasa Indonesian Translation Service?


Due to the limitations of machine translation tools, having English to Bahasa Indonesian translation service do the task is the solution for accuracy.


Using the services provide you with many benefits, which are not available from machine tools. The following are some advantages of human translation compared to machine tools:


Context Translation

As the translation is done by human being, the translation is highly accurate. This solves the problems found in machine tools.


For instance, machine only translates word by word. It does not recognize structural differences between the source and the target languages.


Meanwhile, human translators in English-Indonesia translation agencies master the two languages in a comprehensive way.


Going Beyond Structure

Sometimes, structural differences can differentiate the meaning. For instance, use of “Conditional If Type 1, 2, or 3” conveys different meanings. The machine cannot differentiate them.


Meanwhile, translators can do it in an accurate way. The same case applies for the use of time adverbs. English and Bahasa Indonesia have different structures. Only human translators can master them.

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

Quality Process

Human translators can ensure the quality process of translation. They can translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English accurately by reviewing the work.


They can identify errors, typos, or inappropriate diction. Translators can also do the proofreading function. A quality process enhances customers’ satisfaction.


Creative Use of Language

In certain contexts, translators can do more than simply translating words or sentences. They can use the language creatively to make the text more interesting.


For instance, only human translators can use metaphors, puns, or slogans, as machine tools do not recognize them. In other words, human can identify contexts, in which literal translation is not a choice.


Simpler Process

Indonesian translation services have gone thorough significant advances in the last few years.


Now, translation services are available online. You can get free quotes on the tasks. Then, just submit the document and receive the translation on the agreed date.




Having human beings to translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English is a good choice if quality is your priority.


What you need to do is choosing a reputable agency, which offers quality translation at competitive rates.


Choose an agency with positive reviews from the real customers. For instance, you can check the testimony.


Then, you can focus on doing other jobs while the translation is handled by the professionals.


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Indonesian legal translation services

Translating legal documents are quite tricky. Legal documents like contracts, Power of Attorney, Bill of Sale, Business Agreements, Child Travel Consent, Separation Agreement, and many more bring legal consequences with them. Therefore, hiring Indonesian legal translation services is a wise option, as you can avoid the risks and problems due to inaccurate translations.



Inaccurate translations may lead to at least two problems. Firstly, the document becomes void, if the articles and phrases inside the documents are ambiguous. Secondly, owner of the document may be involved in legal sues if the contents of translated documents are faulty. Therefore, instead of translating the documents on your own way, asking help from professional translators is a better decision.



Qualities of Indonesian Legal Translation Services


Legal documents can be translated only by experienced translators, who have comprehensive knowledge on legal aspects. You can only find them at a legal translation services company. Here, the translators have at least the following capabilities:


  • Familiarity with Indonesian laws, rules, and regulations
  • Knowledge on Indonesian terminology, idioms, Indonesian Dictionary, and other linguistic aspects
  • Knowledge on the legal aspects in a number of source languages
  • Comprehensive knowledge on Indonesian cultures, as they are selected from the native translators with specific competence in laws.
  • English language proficiency
  • Experience in translating legal documents
  • Excellent writing skills, and many more


Indonesian legal translation services

Indonesian legal translation services

In addition, the translators at Indonesian legal translation services are parts of translator community. They have updated information in legal issues in Indonesia, as they join online community and discussion forums. In Addition, the agency itself conducts regular evaluation on the translators’ performance.  This way, it can take immediate steps to address the problems.



Furthermore, legal translators have extensive partnerships with professionals in the legal domain. They can contact the relevant professionals in case of problems with certain documents.



How Indonesian Legal Translation Services Help


The Legal document experience services are supported by a number of skilled native translators. This allows the agency to complete any tasks on time. Combination of accuracy and timeliness is what you need, right? An accurate document, which is submitted on time, is the key to a fast process in establishing business in Indonesia. The following are ways on how Indonesian legal translation services help you in Indonesia:



Guaranteed Accuracy

With accurate documents, you can avoid wasting time and energy for revisions and corrections. Sometimes, inaccurate documents force you to begin the process from the start. This is certainly exhausting. The translators at the agency do their best to provide you with accurate translation. They master the terminology and legal procedures in various domains. The result is hassle-free business establishment procedures.



Certified Translators

Some situations require you to have the documents translated by certified translators. Legal translation agency is the solution. Here, you can find skilled translators with certification in translating legal documents. Certification is the guarantee of quality and accuracy.



Years of Experience

Indonesian legal translation services

Indonesian legal translation services

Having been in business for many years, the Indonesian translator agency has served hundreds of clients. It is supported by experienced legal translators, who really know the rules of translating legal documents. Yes, translating legal documents can go beyond just linguistic rules. The legal documents do not strictly follow grammatical rules. Legal translation is different, as meaning and interpretation can be more important than simply grammar.

Only experienced translators know how the process goes. They know the legal rules in the country of both the source and the target languages. Even though some terms may not have exact equivalents in the target language, they can find the right relevant terms.



Competitive quotes

During the process of business establishment, particularly in a foreign country, financial resource is very crucial, right? With commitment to become a long-time partner for you, the Indonesian translator agency offers competitive prices for any translation jobs. You can get instant quotes for free. This way, you can allocate the necessary budgets based on your needs. Whatever the size of your business, the translation costs will not burden you financially.



Timely Services

The Indonesian translator agency is a reliable partner when it comes to timeliness. It has a high commitment for finishing all the projects on time. Time matters very much in business, right? Even few minutes of lateness can ruin everything. Therefore, the professional translators at the agency work in the team to address all the translation tasks and to make sure that the translated documents are submitted before the deadline. All the procedures are handled in a secured digital way.



So, you can focus your time and energy handling other relevant things to build and grow your business. Professional translators at Indonesian legal translation services are ready to help you achieve your dream of entering the Indonesian market in a safe way.


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Interpreter Services Indonesian

Before discussing the need for Interpreter Services Indonesian, it is important to understand things that differentiate translation from interpretation. Both terms are closely related, and even, interchangeable. However, the two terms are actually different. People often associate translation with written text and interpretation with oral process. Actually, difference between the two terms is not simply about written vs oral process. The difference may include skills, training, language knowledge, and aptitude required.



Interpreter Services Indonesian

Interpreter Services Indonesian

However, translation and interpretation also have some similarities in common. The two terms presuppose certain degree of love about language as well as deep knowledge, which goes beyond language structures and grammatical rules. Translation and interpretation may involve knowledge about cultural background and social values in the origin of both source and target language.


Why Interpreter Services Indonesian Are in Higher Demand

Interpreter Services Indonesian is increasingly important and demanded during the last several years. This may be related to the fact that Indonesia has a growing economy. It has promising markets, which attract more investments. As a result, more and more multi-national enterprises are operating in this country. Of course, the business process will include not only translation services for written documents, but also interpretation. This is particularly true in events like business meetings, conferences, and many more.



In addition, interpreter services are important as Indonesia has diverse cultures. Even a bilingual translator would not be able to understand the country in a comprehensive way. A local interpreter can do the job, instead. An interpreter will help you in oral communication, which involves various aspects, including cultures, economy, politics, history, and many more.


Therefore, hiring a professional interpreter from Indonesian Interpreter Services is a solution. You can get professional interpreters with required qualifications. As mentioned above, an interpreter needs to have specific qualifications, which a translator may not have. He/she needs to be able to translate to Indonesian simultaneous in automatic ways, and vice versa.



What Interpreter Services Indonesian Offer

Interpreter Services Indonesian offer native, skilled interpreters with the following qualifications:

Interpreter Services Indonesian

Interpreter Services Indonesian

Paraphrasing Skills

The art paraphrasing involves the process of listening to a speaker in the source language. Then, the interpreter grasps the contents, and the meanings of what is being said, and paraphrase them based on his/her understanding. This is what differentiates translation from interpretation. The former involves producing written texts in the target language. Therefore, grammatical and structural skills are very crucial in translation.


Meanwhile, interpretation involves a verbal process. The interpreter must be able to produce understandable utterances to make sure the audience gets the points. Therefore, an interpreter must understand the overall context of the subject matter. How can you explain something to someone if you do not understand the thought?



Experienced Translators

Experience matters the most in the process of interpretation. An interpreter must understand the subject matter as fast as possible. This can be achieved with practice. However, the translators’ competence also plays important roles here. Accordingly, Interpreter Services Indonesian carefully selects the interpreters and evaluates their performance on a regular basis.


Understanding of the subject matter and writing skills are main competences that professional translators must have. However, translators must combine them with listening skills and memory. They must be able to memorize words and sentences uttered by the source-language speakers and paraphrase them into the target language at the same time. This is what is called simultaneous interpretation.



Excellent Public Speaking Skills

As discussed above, interpretation involves verbal process. Interpreters must be able to convey the massages in a verbal way. Public speaking skill is very crucial. There are some circumstances, in which the interpreters have to speak in front people in the name of the clients. They need some intellectual capacity to transform terms, idioms, and culturally specific things from the source language into the target language.



Moreover, translators need to convince the target audience on what is being said. They have to translate English Indonesia generous and colloquial terms in their mind and convey them verbally. There are no chances for wasting time, since many eyes are on you!


Interpreter Services Indonesian: The Bottom Line

Are you ready to enter the Indonesian markets? The country welcomes you very well. Having Interpreter Services Indonesian as your partners in business makes your tasks easier. Professional and experienced interpreters are ready to help you in any kind of situations. They are adept individuals, who have linguistic, cultural, and public speaking capabilities at the same time. They also have updated knowledge and understanding on various domains.


Looking for interpreters with general knowledge in various aspects or interpreters for specific subject matters? Contact us and we will make the service available for you.

Indonesia agent translation service

Indonesia is a growing market with numerous potential areas on business. Significant progress on the government system recently has enabled the country to offer much easier requirements for investment. That is why more and more multi-national enterprises are looking forward to opening their business in Indonesia. Along with the growing economy, Indonesia agent translation service is more important. One thing to note is that Bahasa Indonesia has significant different rules from English.


Professional Indonesia Agent Translation Service

Indonesia agent translation service

Indonesia agent translation service

Whether you need to translate documents from English to Indonesia, or vice versa, having them translated by professional translators is the right choice. Here are some reasons:

Different Linguistics

Bahasa Indonesia is linguistically different from English in many aspects. For instance, in Bahasa Indonesia, there is a role object + adjective. Meanwhile, English has adjective + object rules. When the words are translated word per word, the meaning will sound awkward. In addition, Bahasa Indonesia does not recognize articles like the as found in English. Such differences are found in different aspects of both languages.


In addition, Bahasa Indonesia has adopted and adapted many words in English. These words have been included into the Indonesian Master Dictionary (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia). For instance, words with suffix –ion in English are converted into words with suffix ­­–si in Bahasa Indonesia. For instance, interpretation becomes interpretasi in Bahasa Indonesia. However, the rules do not apply for all words with suffix –ion.


Different Cultural Backgrounds

One thing to note is language can be a significant barrier in Indonesia. Many people are not familiar with English in this country. Furthermore, Indonesia is known for its multi-cultural backgrounds. Every ethnic has different colloquial languages.


Translating documents is not only about translating words, sentences, articles or texts. It is also about interpreting the cultural background of the countries. Some English words may not have exactly similar equivalents in Indonesia or vice versa. English to Indonesian translation services must also consider these aspects. Why?

  • Use of Indonesian equivalent for the words must refer to the cultural background of the area, where the business is established.
  • Different cultures have different taboos, which may affect diction in the formal and legal texts.

Accordingly, having the documents translated by native speakers is the best solution. Make sure to find a translation agency, which has qualified and experienced translators.

Indonesia agent translation service

Indonesia agent translation service

How Indonesian Agent Translation Service Helps You

The Indonesia agent translation service selects the native translators based upon their experience, educational background and passion. Therefore, by dealing with professional translation service, you get the following benefits:


Accurate results

This means that the document you receive is not only translated word by word. Instead, Indonesian translators tend to interpret the text based upon the cultural background of the country. Accurate results also mean the translation service considers how the documents will be used. For instance, legal documents like statutes, decrees, and contracts have different language from medical documents do.


Timely services

The translation service is supported by dedicated teams that work with passion and happiness. Therefore, you can receive the documents back in your emails on time. Even if you have a long journal or a book to translate, the team work as a solid unity to meet the deadline. Timely service is achieved with the combination of professional teams and online services, which allow the agency and the clients to communicate in an effective way.


Proofread document

There is a special team to proofread your documents before sending them back to you. Proofreading requires a certain process to ensure the document is free from grammatical errors, diction errors, typos and many more. Even small mistakes like typos may have significant impacts on the owner. This can be dangerous, particularly for legal documents. Errors and documents can make the documents void!


Linguistic Validation

More importantly, the translation agency also helps you in Indonesian Linguistic Validation. This service is helpful when you want to have your documents validated from Indonesian linguistic aspects. As discussed above, Bahasa Indonesia is significantly different from English. This service helps you minimize and even avoid misinterpretation and ambiguity, which are common in the translated version of documents.


Are you ready to conquer the growing market of Indonesia? Make sure to prepare all the required documents of your business in Indonesia version. Indonesian agent translation service helps you solve the problems. Accurately translated documents help you in streamlining the business establishment procedures. They also minimize the risk of lawsuit, which may happen due to ambiguous interpretation of a phrase or sentence.


Feel in need of the service at the moment? Drop us an email here.

Translate English to indonesian Document

Translate English to Indonesian Document for Legal Purpose

Similarly to other professions, translators have to live with a good habit in order to be a professional translator. Indeed, the main requirement for a good translator is to be fluent in two languages. The mother tongue will be the first and foreign languages are also crucial.


In Indonesia, translators have to master English because many of the documents to translate and clients for interpretation project usually use English. Translate English to Indonesian document with a perfectly accurate result is no longer a hard problem.

Translate English to Indonesian Document

Translate English to Indonesian Document

Professional translation agencies are ready to help as well. Translation service agent in Indonesia has a sound knowledge in translation and interpretation on all topics and fields.


Besides the linguistic skill, there are actually many other skills required by a translator. For instance, the translators should be intelligent in various topics. It is crucial to be intellectually curious. When people are curious, they will love to handle various topics and even the hardest materials will not matter. In addition, the translators should be open-minded. The level of language skills will be necessary. However, it is more important that they are opened in any new developments and technology.


In Indonesia, English is not a major language. However, the companies, institutions, and even academic requirements require people to perform an excellent English. Even, to translate English to Indonesian document should be done professionally once a corporation deals with international clients or business partners. That is why translation companies are needed. The services include legal translation services. Indonesians also need to use the service to translate various immigration documents, legal contracts, and academic certificates to register in foreign countries colleges and other institutions.


Translators’ Good Habits to Translate English to Indonesian Document


1.Linguistically Accurate

To be a professional translator, language skill is a must. However, some habits related to language is more important. For instance, translators have to be careful in using the conjunction. To use repeatedly similar conjunction will not be beautiful for the overall content of the translation results. Besides, a translator has to apply the habit of rechecking the contextual translation.

To always refer to the dictionary is not essential. Yet, it will be better to always consult the online dictionary in case the words do not perfectly fit the text flawlessly.

The habit of using the right punctuation and standard format is also crucial.

To translate English to Indonesian document should also be experienced in the application of grammar and axioms. Therefore, they need to always read the sentences within the right context. If possible the translators have to master slang and euphemisms inside the source and targeted languages.


2.Translation service agent should be updated

Translate English to Indonesian Document

Translate English to Indonesian Document

The habit of improving vocabularies and updated the tools determine the accuracy of translation product. Computer skills are essential but it is more crucial to utilize the helpful tools to support the translation results. It will be better if the translators know how to design and draw using computers and applications. The habit of utilizing tools can improve the performance of the translators that will eventually increase their income.



Translate English to Indonesian document requires a hard work and passion. Besides, the translators have to be extremely professional. Therefore, the translators have to always maintain their professionalism habit. It is true that professionalism is not actually a habit but a mentality. Yet, it is good if the translators can insert the mentality into their daily habit. That way, they will do the jobs of any topics without hesitations.

In addition, they will do it in the due deadlines. Even, they can perform a business skill in a professional way as they have organized with the punctual and professional habit.


Those habits are not the only requirements for becoming a professional translator. People need to learn a lot to improve their skills. Besides, networks also determine the way translators handle the tasks. That is why online forum and translators community are excellent places where translators can go to and share their experiences. So, it is also suggested that the translators have the habit to get connected professionally. Translation service agent will get more potential clients as they open their profile in many sites. Positive habits build translation agents and individual translators to be more reliable.


With those habit lists, clients can check the professionalism of a service by observing the agency’s characters. They can check the background, portfolio, and profiles. The neat profile that shows excellent writing will show that the translators have good linguistic skills and habits.

Have more ideas on the good habits of professional translator? Write us here!

Ignoring Updated Information

Indonesian Translate Document Online Agency

Translation is a complex task to deal with. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for a corporation to do it without the help of a professional translator. Companies start to have a special staff to handle the translation. However, that will not be efficient. The cost for a worker will be too high for the occasional task to manage. A professional translation agency will thus be a good partner to contact every time a company has to deal with a document to translate. Indonesian translate document is no longer complicated with the help of the professional.



Ignoring Updated Information

Ignoring Updated Information

A professional translation company for your need of Indonesian translation can be easily found online. That makes it easy for clients to reach the professional translators. It will be easy to get the best translators by checking the profiles online. In addition, it will be easy to ask for a portfolio of previous translation products just to see whether the translation service is reliable.


It is recommended that clients entrust their document translation to an experienced translation agent in Indonesia rather than to a new beginner freelancer. This is so because only the experienced translator service has done a lot of trial and errors. Besides, they have handled various legal documents as well academic writing to translate. The translators must have made many mistakes in dealing with translation.


Mistakes Made by Translators to Translate English to Indonesian Documents

Most of the time, the jobs of translators are underestimated. The rates for their tough jobs are underrated as well. The fact is that they have one many difficult tasks that require complex observation and work. Among translators, mistakes are often made. When they transfer the language into another one, the cultural context will play the essential roles. And it is hard to deal with the cultural context translation. That is why many beginners will possibly make some mistakes. Here are the mistakes that are frequently made by the translators.

Ignoring Updated Information

Ignoring Updated Information


1.Misinterpreting the Language

The first and biggest mistake is when the translator uses the previous experience as the basis of the translation. For instance, the translator cannot find better diction for the translation product because he or she was in the teaching or writing field previously. That makes the vocabularies limited to the particular fields only. Relying on memories is not a good idea. When the translators do not fully understand the context of the source text, they should thus never conclude too easily. The worst thing occurs as the writers fail in understanding the meanings of the overall context.


2.Ignoring Updated Information

Technology and internet change the meaning of words and phrases rapidly. The drastic changes will apply on translation at the same time. Therefore, it is important to catch up the latest articles that offer news related to terms and languages for updated technology. Translators will need to follow movies and new television shows just to see whether there are new trends in language usage. Indonesian translate document will be easier as  the translators are rich in new vocabularies. When the translators ignore the changes for certain terms description, they will definitely make a huge mistake.


3.Underestimating a Text

The attitude of translators is sometimes the blunder of their own performance. For instance, they might compare the new project with the past tasks that were harder than the recent one. With the attitude, they will underestimate the project and are likely to make a bad performance with that. It is recommended that the translators always treat the projects with a fresh spirit and passion.


Indonesian translate document agency will do the best for every client. The different tasks will be handled with different cultural contextual perception capabilities. In addition, the professional translators will do a keen observation to make the products accurate.


At the trusted agency, clients can get various services including legal document translation, interpretation, and Indonesian linguistic validation. The procedure will make the medical and legal processes completed faster and more efficiently. The simplicity is doubled as the clients can consult the task and send the documents through the online facilities.


It will be easy to contact the site of reputable Indonesian translate document agency since the customer service can receive the order 7/24. However, it is important that the clients only choose the best translation agency. Contact the site now and discuss about the job instantly. The service will submit the results before the deadlines.