Ignoring Updated Information

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Translation is a complex task to deal with. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for a corporation to do it without the help of a professional translator. Companies start to have a special staff to handle the translation. However, that will not be efficient. The cost for a worker will be too high for the occasional task to manage. A professional translation agency will thus be a good partner to contact every time a company has to deal with a document to translate. Indonesian translate document is no longer complicated with the help of the professional.



Ignoring Updated Information

Ignoring Updated Information

A professional translation company for your need of Indonesian translation can be easily found online. That makes it easy for clients to reach the professional translators. It will be easy to get the best translators by checking the profiles online. In addition, it will be easy to ask for a portfolio of previous translation products just to see whether the translation service is reliable.


It is recommended that clients entrust their document translation to an experienced translation agent in Indonesia rather than to a new beginner freelancer. This is so because only the experienced translator service has done a lot of trial and errors. Besides, they have handled various legal documents as well academic writing to translate. The translators must have made many mistakes in dealing with translation.


Mistakes Made by Translators to Translate English to Indonesian Documents

Most of the time, the jobs of translators are underestimated. The rates for their tough jobs are underrated as well. The fact is that they have one many difficult tasks that require complex observation and work. Among translators, mistakes are often made. When they transfer the language into another one, the cultural context will play the essential roles. And it is hard to deal with the cultural context translation. That is why many beginners will possibly make some mistakes. Here are the mistakes that are frequently made by the translators.

Ignoring Updated Information

Ignoring Updated Information


1.Misinterpreting the Language

The first and biggest mistake is when the translator uses the previous experience as the basis of the translation. For instance, the translator cannot find better diction for the translation product because he or she was in the teaching or writing field previously. That makes the vocabularies limited to the particular fields only. Relying on memories is not a good idea. When the translators do not fully understand the context of the source text, they should thus never conclude too easily. The worst thing occurs as the writers fail in understanding the meanings of the overall context.


2.Ignoring Updated Information

Technology and internet change the meaning of words and phrases rapidly. The drastic changes will apply on translation at the same time. Therefore, it is important to catch up the latest articles that offer news related to terms and languages for updated technology. Translators will need to follow movies and new television shows just to see whether there are new trends in language usage. Indonesian translate document will be easier as  the translators are rich in new vocabularies. When the translators ignore the changes for certain terms description, they will definitely make a huge mistake.


3.Underestimating a Text

The attitude of translators is sometimes the blunder of their own performance. For instance, they might compare the new project with the past tasks that were harder than the recent one. With the attitude, they will underestimate the project and are likely to make a bad performance with that. It is recommended that the translators always treat the projects with a fresh spirit and passion.


Indonesian translate document agency will do the best for every client. The different tasks will be handled with different cultural contextual perception capabilities. In addition, the professional translators will do a keen observation to make the products accurate.


At the trusted agency, clients can get various services including legal document translation, interpretation, and Indonesian linguistic validation. The procedure will make the medical and legal processes completed faster and more efficiently. The simplicity is doubled as the clients can consult the task and send the documents through the online facilities.


It will be easy to contact the site of reputable Indonesian translate document agency since the customer service can receive the order 7/24. However, it is important that the clients only choose the best translation agency. Contact the site now and discuss about the job instantly. The service will submit the results before the deadlines.

Translate English to Indonesian language

Translate English to Indonesian Language Professionally

Most of the time, to translate articles into English is way more difficult than to translate the English texts into Bahasa Indonesia. That makes the rate is slightly higher to translate English to Indonesian language with skills and professionalism. The translators have to be very fluent and experience in picking the best idiomatic expressions and other languages English structure.


With the natural English, the translation products will be more flawless. Indonesia English document translation agency is experienced in handling various legal documents, manuals, books, and articles to translate into English.

Translate Indonesia English

Translate Indonesia English

Translation agency in Indonesia is experienced in handling both legal documents and academic texts at the same time. Indonesia certified translation charges clients with affordable rates of translation.


To be a professional translator is not a mere transferring word in different languages. Those who are bilingual are not automatically translators or interpreters. There are many requirements to fulfill before becoming a professional translator. Whether the translators want to do the jobs as freelancers or full timers, the skills are required. The translators have to own the ability to comprehend the context that creates meaning. In the target language, the translation should explain the meaning rather than to describe the words.


The challenging job as a translator requires a flexible talent and even an art. Those who are capable to feel the tone of languages will be able to be a good translator. It is necessary to find the best expression that can convey the same meaning and mood into the target language. They have to study various texts and experience various types of documents in order to master the most efficient translation. Language is innate and cultural related. There will always be the influence of culture inside the source language. Therefore, the translators have to be connected and understand the cultures instead of just the language.


Skills owned by Translation Agency in Indonesia

Translate Indonesia English

Translate Indonesia English

1.Listening Comprehension

We all know that the core of language mastery is by a good listening comprehension. All humans start learning to speak by listening to people around. Therefore, listening is the core of understanding a language.

In translation, listening capability is needed in order to understand the context of a source text. When the translators are good at listening to the entire mood and meaning of a source document, they will be capable of handling the text well. This will be also the key requirement for the interpreters. They do need to have a proper skill in listening so they can provide excellent interpretation performance.



Writing skills are the most essential ones for executing the translation well. Though some people believe that writing is a talent, the experts should learn to be a good writer. Even, for those who are naturally excellent in writing, studying the perfect grammar and structure in writing is still a must. Besides, it is also important to be the expert on all legal document writing format. It will be flawless when the translators are skillful in both legal and academic writing.


3.Cultural Knowledge

Cultures are always in both source and target languages. Therefore, translators have to master cultural intelligence. This is a little tough since the ability is not in the dictionary. The cultural skill is gained as the translators read many books, watch the movies, attending the cross culture understanding class, and study a lot. It will be crucial to get connected with the readers who will be the audience of the translation product. Translate English to Indonesian language for legal text can be tricky sometimes. The English version might be simpler because of the straightforwardness culture of English speaking countries.


4.The Translation Skills of Special Topics

To be the specialist of legal documents is a good decision. That makes the particular translators get similar projects frequently. However, it will be better if the translators can be the experts of a various specialist topic. Therefore, they have to learn a lot and handle various jobs.


5.Time Management

Dealing with translation means handling a job with a tight deadline. Therefore, it is necessary that the translators have a good time management. For freelancers, the management should be neater. The observation, research, reading, and the translation procedure is not an easy matter. That is why the translators have to be settled with good time management.


Indonesian certified translation agency will do tasks of all topics professionally. Today, companies and clients can reach the agency online for a more efficient order. The products are all guaranteed. The service will do both legal documents and academic texts well. The translators have the skills and requirements for creating high-quality translation products.


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Indonesia translation agency

Indonesia Translation Agency to Consult

In this globalization world, language translation is an important weapon to conquer the world. The business world needs to explore ways and strategies for the need of improvement.


Besides, there are many international relations to reach. The documents for an international corporation partnership will be completed more professionally with the help of professional translation services. And it will be perfect to handle corporate cases as a company has the high-quality legal documents and legal contracts with the translated version.


That is only for one field: corporation. There are still various other clients that will need to contact reputable translation agents.

Indonesia translation agency

Indonesia translation agency


Indonesia Translation Agency offers excellent translation with a professional service. They are the first important partners for both individual clients and corporate clients. The service of Indonesia legal translation is also ready to translate various texts on legal topics.


Good quality and reliable translation services offer quality products of translation tailored by sound knowledge in translation, English mastery and of course the translation tools. Indonesia translation agents will not use their experiences only in dealing with the source texts. Various tools are utilized in order to create high quality and reliable results.


Tools are not the main agents to complete the project. However, in this modern and cyber world, the internet should be the empowering device for a professional English to Indonesian translation services.


With the help of tools, translators can complete the tasks more rapidly. Besides, the tools can help proofreading the possible mistyping sentences. And the online communities of translators will give professional translators and interpreters chances to meet many clients internationally.


English to Indonesian Translation Services Tools

The translation procedure and process can be a hard case because of the countless topics. The extensive research and cultural knowledge can be tedious sometimes.

Besides, the translators need to work on the contextual knowledge by checking some sources. But thanks to the internet and tools, the jobs can be completed efficiently.


There are some tools available online to help checking the translation. In addition, translators and interpreters can use the tools to find some helpful sources for handling various translation projects. Plus, the tools will help translators to improve their professional and career in the field.


Following is list of recommended tools to use by Indonesia translation agency:

Indonesia translation agency

Indonesia translation agency


This is a tool that will empower translators through dictionary support and search engine. The contextual translations will be more flawless as the translators can check the relevant translated documents via the tool. This is the best tool for professional translators as well as language learners.


2.SDL Trados Studio

Translation agencies do need this too. This software provides functions for terminology, software localization, and machine translation. The tool is the a must have equipment for a professional Indonesia translation agency. Free demo is available.


3.Fluency Now

This is a perfect proofreading software for various translation projects. The Fluency Now Professional is a software that is not that expensive. So, freelancers do need to have it. It is compatible for Windows, Mac, and Linux.



It will be efficient to deal with translation if the translators can reuse the previous translation products. MemoQ is the best software for this purpose. Besides, this tool features proofreader facilities that will help translators to improve the translation results.


In translation crowdsourcing and networks are essential. ProZ enables translators from all over the world to join the largest network for translation projects. The users can even collaborate to get the most appropriate results on terms translation. Besides, there will be also trainings and accesses to some essential translation tools. This place offers also forum discussions for any problems related to document translation. Indonesian legal translation needs to use this tool for a more perfect result.


To use supporting tools for handling translation is not only a brilliant idea but also a professional way to run the business. Both translators and translation company need to make use of the tools so the translation will be perfect.


Therefore, it is important clients search translation service making use of the important supports. In addition, clients can be a member of a reliable translation forum to find professional Indonesia translation agency. Legal translation and interpretation will be more satisfying with the support of those tools. Users do not have to worry about the price. All of the tools are offered with trial versions. So, users can make use of the free version just to check the functions.

Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia

Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia is as complicated as other languages with soft and tense structure. It is true Bahasa Indonesia does not have politeness levels, but it is still important to choose the right diction when the speakers aim at delivering the language to older people. Casual sentences also need to be uttered with the right diction.


To translate English to Bahasa Indonesia, people need to see the context and various other factors. It needs a deep comprehension of Bahasa Indonesia’s idiomatic expressions and cultural understanding.

English to Bahasa Indonesia translation service is available for making the procedure easy. Indonesian interpretation will be ready to help clients with various interpretation tasks.

In Indonesia, choosing a career as a translator or interpreter is not an easy one. Preparing career as translator needs a keen effort to fulfill the hard requirements.

Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia

Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia

People might think translation means rewriting the source text into the targetted language. However, that is not simple. Transferring the language means to observe and find the best way to express the same meaning in the most appropriate way.


Therefore, it requires deep thoughts and years of experiences. The same thing occurs to the professional interpreter. It will not be that easy to give an interpretation quickly while listening to the native speakers. Doing the translation and interpretation is the work of art. Most of the time, the jobs are a mere freelance for some reasons. Therefore, it is hard to select both careers as a professional one.

English to Bahasa Indonesia Translation Service

Reliable Indonesian translation service only hires the professional translators and interpreters. There are actually limited services with the best crew. This is so because only people with high passion in translation will join a company of translation and take the job as the main occupation.


Those who are planning to take the path professionally have to get prepared with various factors in order to do the job well. The jobs are not only tasks to complete with bilingual skills. The fact says not every native speaker is an expert in writing. Writing needs skills and mastery. Therefore, to master the language does not mean the person can be a translator in that language. The fluency of speaking is also not the only factor to be professional interpreters.

Preparing A Career as A Translator

Do wish to pursue career as translator or interpreter? Here is the summary of things you need to prepare.


Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia

Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are two types of translators and interpreters. The professional translators work for government official translation agent.

The second type of translators works for trusted translation services. The translators and interpreters have to receive accreditation and certification.


In Indonesia, there are no special programs of translation in a certain university. However, there are many reputable universities contribute professional translators and interpreters through English Literature programs.

Besides, it is necessary the translators take certification and join translators associations in order to be certified.


2.Language Test

To translate English to Bahasa Indonesia will be more reliable as the translators have passed the tests. They need to be experienced and also certified with the test results in order to start the career.


3.Show Your Experience

The next important step is the experiences. Starting a translation career in Indonesia will depend on the translation portfolio the translators can get.

For the Indonesian Simultaneous Interpretation, experiences in various cases and occasions are needed so the interpreters can do the tasks perfectly.


4.Professional Marketing

Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia

Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia

The jobs of translators and interpreters require a good marketing method to receive a promising salary. Today, the online world offers good prospects for the professionals. They can start offering the services through the online agency. They can join social media for professional workers or build their own websites.


5.Improve the Skills

It is important to use high-quality tools for supporting the translation results. English to Bahasa Indonesian translation service will be more flawless with the help of tools. The tools will not be the main actors behind quality translators. However, without the updated tools, the translation will take too long to complete. Besides, the translators and interpreters have to improve the skills by training and other methods.


The job to translate English to Bahasa Indonesia will be handled well by those who are serving through a professional translation agency online.

People can reach the service online and get a satisfying result in the expected deadlines.

Indonesian certified translation

Indonesian Certified Translation Services

To choose the a good fit Indonesian translation service is somewhat challenging.

Clients have to find the professional translation service with years of experience and background.

Besides, it will be important to find only a certified service.

Anything with a certification will perform a professional service.

Some of translation companies use Indonesian certified translation service to provide a better translation for some kinds of document.

One way to show a reliable profile is through certified translation service.

However, some people still feel confused about it. Most of the time, a certified translation is given a similar description as a notarized translation. However, the two terms are totally different.

There is actually a huge difference between the two terms. Each of the terms is applied to different documents and purposes as well.

Though there is only one basic definition for the certified translation, we can actually find many definitions for this term:

Certified translation simply means the result of the translation is proven to be accurate with an official statement.

The translator is often called by the language service provider in this professional translation system. They will issue a signed statement with an official content. The statement declares the translation result is accurate. Besides, the document will state the results are based on the original document.

When will the translators need to use the statement?

Indonesian certified translation is important and required for legal documents.

Legal documents are not only the documents needed for trials but also ones issued by government authorities.

Those legal texts require Indonesian certified translation. Some of the examples of legal documents are:

  1. Documents for marriage including the marriage books and divorce certificate

    Indonesian certified translation

    Indonesian certified translation

  2. Birth certificates and death certificates
  3. Documents for visa and immigration requirements
  4. Transcription for court
  5. Business contracts and companies administration
  6. Service agreements and employment contracts
  7. Adoption agreements

Sometimes, the source documents are written in unofficial language and composition structure.

It is the job of the translator to create the most appropriate content.

Indeed, it is not the job of the translators to revise the original content.

However, the translators are responsible for providing the best and most accurate documents.

Therefore, it will be important to create a well-written with the official language in the translation products.

Do only certified translators provide a Indonesian certified translation?

This is a common confusion in the translation service. People need to know certified translators are those who have passed some examination and certification to get the certificate.

Meanwhile, the certified translation is the product validated by a statement.

Therefore, both are different terms.

It means, not all certified translation is produced by a certified translator.

We do not have to question the quality since many uncertified translators are experts in the field.

So, as long as a translation product is completed and submitted along with the signed official statement, the product of translation is reliable and certified.

The statement submission proves the accuracy of the results.

Why is Indonesian certified translation a must for official documents, legal documents, and other essential source texts?

Indonesian certified translation is necessary because it gives a legal record.

In the target language’s country, the authorities will not question the originality once the documents have been translated with accuracy statement or certificate.

Indonesian certified translation

Indonesian certified translation

The legal record provides better evidence that the texts are legal.

That is why the government requires the submission of the documents.

Legal paperwork and trial transcript also need to be translated with the Indonesian certified translation procedure.

This is important when the case takes place in a country with different language. The printed evidence of the case should therefore be translated with the legal statement.

Indonesian certified translation is always required mostly for any immigration documents. Those who are applying for a visa like temporary visit visa, employment visa, tour visa, spouse visa, or residency visa will need to use the official translation.

Even, some countries require the immigrants to translate all of the personal documents into English with the certified translation service.

Besides, students preparing to study abroad will need to also use the service of Indonesian certified translation for various documents required. It is common that foreign students need to register in the selected schools, sign for the house leasing, join the local community, apply for insurance services and various others.

Therefore, it is important to translate document from Indonesian to English accurately.

We can now find the professional translators serve Indonesian certified translation online.

The service will receive the task with no hassle.

It will be easy to get a reliable translation result as we find the best translation agency online.

For more information on finding a reliable translation agency for your Indonesian language project, please read INDONESIA TRANSLATION AGENCY: PROFESSIONALISM FOR THE CLIENTS’ SUCCESS.

Indonesian linguistic validation

Indonesian Linguistic Validation Definition

The terms of research might be confusing and intimidating. Linguistic validation is one of the terms.

For those who do not really know the meaning, linguistic validation will sound complicated.

The term is related to a clinical research.

Linguistic validation is a necessary step for giving qualification for a multinational trial.

The step is for providing protection in the data pools.

Therefore, to use Indonesian linguistic validation service is an essential step in the complex procedure of the research in medical area.

Indonesian linguistic validation

Indonesian linguistic validation

The linguistic validation is necessary for avoiding rejection.

In most cases, the clinical research trials are at risk of being rejected because of the poor Indonesian translation.

When the patients cannot clearly understand the data, they might give the improper response to the data. Besides, the poorly translated clinical documents or instruments will not give a strong evidence to support the trials.


In the USA, Food and Drug Administration even requires people to use two types of procedures before submitting the documents. The first is the linguistic validation. Besides, the text also needs to be improved with the cognitive debriefing. The submitted translation and the overall content will be acceptable with both features.

Process of Indonesian Linguistic Validation

Indonesian linguistic validation is not a simple translation process.

It requires multiple translations done by several native skilled translators.

First of all, the translator will translate from English to Indonesian language all the patient questionnaire. The material can be some other types of instrument. Different translators will do the jobs. After that, the translators will recheck the different version of translation products.


Next, the linguists and the translators will work to back-translate the documents together to see whether the results are still the same compared to the source text or data. This is due to evaluate the possible difference between the products and the source language.


The quality of the reconciled translation will determine the final grade of the linguistic validation process.

Indonesian linguistic validation

Indonesian linguistic validation

Here is the summary of the process Indonesian linguistic validation:

  1. Preparation that includes the text research. Two independent translators will render the source instrument before starting the translation. Only native language experts can do the forward translation since they will be able to find the best language equivalence to match the source text.
  2. Translation procedures with keen accuracy
  3. Reconciliation: the steps that include the procedure of comparing the forward translation and do the back-translation. The back-translation has to be performed by other two different translations. They should be the translators who have not seen the documents before.
  4. Harmonization which means finding the right terms to get the most accurate results.
  5. Cognitive debriefing
  6. Finalization by a project manager. The final review will take some times. The expert and experienced project manager will be able to make a decision whether the linguistic validation has reached a final result.

What documents will need a linguistic validation?

Not only a clinical research needs a linguistic validation.

Any documents related to medical statements for some purposes will need to pass the procedure.

The examples are:

  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)
  • Clinician Reported Outcomes (ClinROs)
  • Observer Reported Outcomes (ObsROs)
  • Quality of Life (QOL) questionnaires

All of the documents are called instrument in the entire process of linguistic validation.

The procedure is essential because medical statement should be extremely accurate.

One small error in the translation will create a totally different outcome. Besides, a single mistake might lead to a different conclusion on the instrument.

Indonesian linguistic validation

Indonesian linguistic validation

Additionally, medical statements are related to the patients bodies, health, and physical conditions.

Therefore, the statements should be all correct and flawless.

In conclusion, there are several purposes of linguistic validation. Here are some of the purposes:

  1. The linguistic validation is used for ensuring the quality of the target language produced by the translation.
  2. Target language should not only be equal in terms of meaning but also precise compared to the original instrument. In addition, the procedure will ensure if the product will deliver equivalence of construct value. Each culture on the instrument should remain similar to the original text.
  3. The statistical elements inside an instrument should be similar in all languages to which the documents are translated.
  4. The linguistic validation should construct a document with similar value and concept. Even if the locales are way different, the translation result should maintain the originality contained on the source instrument.

Only the best and experienced translation agency can provide the service for Indonesian linguistic validation.

Therefore, it will be important to search the best service for the inquiry.