Indonesian Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Communication is the key to building a successful relationship, be it your interpersonal relations or business relations. As businesses start to expand and create a global presence by venturing into new unfamiliar countries, translation plays a very important role in ensuring effective communication. A lot of times, time is also of key significance when it comes to business-related translations. Be it legal documents, business contrac

ts, website communication, or understanding the cultural implication of things, a professional translation service helps you sail through all language barriers and make a place for yourself in new and unfamiliar territories. 

What is the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation?

Indonesian Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Indonesian Simultaneous Interpretation Services

If you are confused about what kind of translation services you need, whether it’s Indonesian consecutive interpretation services or Indonesian simultaneous interpretation services, it is important to first know the difference between the two and then make a decision. 

Consecutive Interpretation, as the name suggests, happens as a consequence of the input, i.e., after the input is completed. This means that if a person is a live translator, he would translate a message by a speaker only when the speaker is finished with some part of the message. This type of translation creates pauses when the speaker and the translator is speaking and translating respectively. 

On the other hand, simultaneous interpretation, true to its name, simultaneously translates the input while it is being provided. This implies that the live translator will translate the message for you as and when the speaker is speaking so that you can get the message in real-time. Simultaneous interpretation does not cause any interruptions or waiting period in between for the translation to finish. 

There are a lot of benefits of getting an Indonesian simultaneous interpretation service for your business: 

Real-time Service : These days, the importance of getting real-time delivery of products (delivery on the same day as your order) has gained immense popularity. When it comes to services, most of them are delivered at the time of requirement. However, translation and interpretation services have always had a delivery gap in terms of input and output. With the rise of Indonesian simultaneous interpretation service, translation services will also be delivered in real-time. This means that you will be able to understand what the speaker is saying as and when he/she is saying it, even though it is in a language that is unfamiliar to you. This real-time delivery of interpreted content will create a great deal of efficiency in the process and speed-up the other related functions as well. 

Indonesian Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Indonesian Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Speed and accuracy : It is understandable that with real-time interpretation, you also get a speedier delivery of the translated content. It also generates accuracy as any doubts in case of understanding the meaning of the message can be cleared by the translator in real-time. You get accurate results and avoid encountering any mistakes on your way to clearer communication. 

Cultural Context : Every country has its own unique cultural variations and norms. To connect with the people of a country, it is important to connect with those little habits and norms. With real-time Indonesian simultaneous interpretation service, you will not only understand the words but also the minor cultural and ethnic eccentricities that come along with it. In addition to the excellent language skills of the translator, they also convey to you the nitty-gritty of the country that you may be dealing with. This will help you understand the people better and form a meaningful connection with the, in turn creating better visibility for your business. 

Multiple uses : Simultaneous interpretation has found its use in various settings and places. For example, it can be successfully used for training sessions, depositions, business meetings, interviews, and so on. In addition to being used in a variety of settings to provide real-time interpretation, it can also be used to provide multilingual translations when you are using a software or a technology for translation. With these multiple uses, simultaneous interpretation has found its way into many businesses. 

Community : On a macro level, Indonesian simultaneous interpretation service has had a great impact in bringing people from different countries, languages, dialects, cultures, and norms together by removing barriers and creating a strong and united global community. Business owners can not only close deals faster but also understand their customers better to create products that have a greater utility for them. This community will be connected globally and can contribute to stronger international relations in the future. 

Conclusion : After an in-depth analysis of the translation and interpretation industry of Indonesia, we can say that Indonesian simultaneous interpretation service is the next big thing all set to revolutionize the field. It has found a variety of benefits and uses which are all centred around bringing countries closer like a single big family despite the linguistic barriers. You can bring the translator with you for any meetings that you are planning to attend, and get accurate speedy services that will create a better understanding for you. If you are looking for Indonesian simultaneous interpretation service for your business requirements, contact Bee Happy Translation services today and get professional advice from our experts. 


Understanding and working with a legal document is a lot of hard work and smart work simultaneously. It can take more than a couple of sittings to go through and understand a single legal document of a couple of pages and understand its implications. When it comes to translating a legal document, it is more than obvious to understand that it is a challenging task. It is not just literal word-to-word translation of another document, but also requires meaningful interpretation. This has given rise to the professional legal document translation services and agencies. 

Languages are no longer a barrier to the expansion of businesses. In today’s world where businesses are entering new territories on a regular basis, the need for legal translation is increasing by the day. In order to understand the legalities of every new country they expand to, every business requires legal document translation services. Hiring a professional translation agency solves most of your legal translation requirements and saves you from getting into any trouble. 

What to consider while choosing a translation service company?

legal document translation services

legal document translation services

Getting a certified agency to handle your legal translation requirements helps you to streamline the process and avoid any mistakes.  In addition to hiring a professional agency that can provide certified translation services, there are various other factors to evaluate before you finalize a translation service company for your legal document translation services requirement. Here are some of those factors:

Knowledge: When you are looking for a translator for your legal translation requirements, it is very important that you check the basic legal knowledge of the translator. You can not leave any room for errors when it comes to checking their knowledge base. Another element that complicates the test of knowledge of the translator or the translating agency is that the knowledge should be of both the languages. The legal document translation services proficiency involves knowledge of the original language in which the document is and the knowledge of the language in which the document needs to be translated. You can only hire a legal translator when he/she is an expert in both the languages in question and possess the requisite legal knowledge.

Experience: When we talk about legal translation, we are not talking about a word-to-word translation. Legal translation also involves a meaningful interpretation of the document and its impact on a contract or a transaction. For this, fluency and knowledge of the two languages in question is not enough. In addition to the fluency, the translator should also have a wide range of experience that helps them in the interpretation of the legal documents as per your requirements. A good and diverse experience also provides the translator with a great deal of cultural awareness and context of various rules and regulations. This also helps in an efficient, effective and more relevant translation of a legal document. 

Up-to-date: Learning the laws of the land is not a one-time thing, as they keep changing with time for every country. There are continuous and regular changes and modifications to keep the rules and laws of a place relevant and meaningful. High-quality legal document translation services require the agency and the translator to be regularly updated and aware of such modifications in the laws and their implications. The legal precedents keep changing and evolving with times. A translator who is aware of such changes will be able to adapt to the changing legal precedents in an efficient manner. In turn, this updated knowledge will help the translator in creating a better and meaningful interpretation of the legal documents that need to be translated, which is of utmost importance in the industry.  

legal document translation services

legal document translation services

Confidentiality: Legal translation services are mostly required by businesses when they enter into a contract with a new party in a different country. These contracts need to be translated and interpreted accordingly so that a mutual understanding can be created between these two parties. Most of the times, these contracts contain details and specifications that are highly confidential. Any information, if leaked or spread to the wrong people, has the potential to create havoc and this might also lead to losses for either of the two parties entering the contract. Thus, you should select an agency or a translator that has all their confidentiality processes in order to ensure complete privacy. 

Deadlines: In addition to all the above factors, you should also consider hiring a translator who can meet all the deadlines because time is a very important factor in contracts. Legal translation enforces contracts that are bound by time and agencies or translators should be able to meet strict deadlines to avoid any delays. 

Conclusion: If you are also planning to shift to another country or expand your business internationally, getting a professional translation agency on board is a good idea. Make sure you evaluate all the above factors before selecting an agency for your legal document translation services. Bee Happy Translation services in Indonesia provide the best certified translation services for all your legal translation needs. Book an appointment today and get rid of all your worries.


legal translation services company


We are living in an era that has witnessed globalization very closely. Now it may seem like a simple affair, businesses expanding to different countries, but the amount of work that goes on behind such expansion is endless. Especially when it comes to legal formalities. Every country has a different bundle of legal requirements pertaining to setting up and operations of new businesses in that country. Within the complications of setting up a business in a new, unknown environment, legal translation of necessary documents may seem like additional trouble at times. This is where the professional services of a legal translation services company come into the picture. 


Why is it important to get a legal translation by a legal translation services company?

legal translation services company

legal translation services company

Expanding internationally is a pre-requisite for long-term growth in today’s world. And getting a legal translation services company to handle your multilingual transactions, especially the legal transactions, plays an important role in the success of the venture. Here are the multiple reasons why getting a legal translation services company is useful: 

It is not the same as general translation: Legal translation is a technical process. It is not merely limited to replacing words of the original language into the targeted language. The meaning of a legal text may drastically change if translated like any other text. Misinterpretation of legal documents can lead to huge losses for a business. No business would like to lose money, especially while entering into a new country. This makes it highly important that they get the professional services of a legal translation services company. 

Cannot afford to make mistakes: The basic idea behind the legal translation is to establish a common ground of understanding of all the legal aspects of a document between two parties. A single mistake can prove to be very costly as is a cause for misinterpretation of legal documents and can cause effective ambiguity. If this happens when two parties are entering into a contract, the whole contract can be declared null and void and can cause huge losses for both parties. Getting a professional company on-board for such services will eliminate the possibility of mistakes. 

Each country has its own rules: If you are planning to expand your business to more than one countries, you cannot possibly know all languages and legal requirements of every country. Every country has different rules when it comes to bilingual contracts that a foreign company may enter into. For example, when it comes to Indonesia, two parties can enter into a bilingual contract or a contract of any other language or format, as long as there is a corresponding Indonesian version of that contract in place. 


How can a legal translation services company provide the best legal translation?

legal translation services company

legal translation services company

When it comes to hiring professional help for the purposes of legal translation of documents, every business would want the best company. In order to ensure that you are hiring the right legal translation services company, ensure that they follow the following elements of legal translation:

Adaptation to regulation and law: The rules and regulations keep on changing in every country with respect to the language of the contracts being entered by foreign parties. For example, in Indonesia, it is now mandatory to have an Indonesian equivalent of a bilingual/English contract for all transactions. An ideal legal translation company is one that is up to date with all such modifications in the rules and regulations of each country and can keep up accordingly. 

Flexibility: In addition to adapting to the changing laws of every country, a good legal translation agency/company should also be flexible to the needs and requirements of the parties or companies that they are dealing with. Business contracts and legal specifications differ for every business type and the nature of the business activity. The legal translation services company should be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of translation requirements that its clients may have.  

Speedy delivery: Even though legal translation can be a complex process, businesses need speed when it comes to legal translation of any document or contract. Usually, they end up giving very strict deadlines to the legal translation services company that they hire. If you want to hire the best legal translation company for your needs, make sure that they can deliver or short notices and strict deadlines. 



Legal translation has gained popularity in the current scenario where all the texts that pertain to the field of law are necessary to be translated for the company’s benefit. For a company and its products and services to flourish in a new market, it is of high importance that the basic backend work of legal translation is taken care of. If you are looking to expand in Indonesia and require legal translation Indonesian English services, Bee Happy Translation Services will make it easy and simple for you. You can leave all your legal translation worries behind and focus entirely on the other important aspects of successfully running your business in Indonesia. 

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professional legal translation services

Professional Legal Translation Services Urgency in Today’s World 

Most of the time, people believe that every translator will be able to translate legal documents. That is certainly not true because language comprehension and mastery of law subject is divided into several different levels. Translating legal documents is a different skill and people need to do a constant training, trials, and error to provide the best professional document translation services. In today’s age where business has to rise to match the global demand in which resulting more and more partnerships, acquisitions, and cross-country meeting take place,  professional legal translation services has become more important than ever. 


Professional Legal Translation Services Quality Service 

professional legal translation services

In today’s world, technology plays a huge role in changing how business works, online platform makes it easier for companies to find partners and clients from all over the world. It’s nonetheless the same with translation industry, though many positive impact can’t be denied, it’s also important to not overlook the negative impact of technology. With more business and companies needing translation works, more and more translation agency and individual translators offered their services at highly competitive rates. The problem rise when the industry starts to gets too saturated with unqualified translators. Choosing Professional legal translation services will become a daunting task for business and companies alike. It is highly important for business and companies to choose translation service carefully for their best interest. 


Challenges in Professional legal translation services 

Professional legal translation services getting more challenging in Translating Bahasa Indonesia into English or English into Bahasa Indonesia. Not only translators must apply grammar, syntax, and semantics in order to create a comprehensive translation, translators also needs to be aware of any errors in legal translation may lead to serious problems. Therefore, business and companies will need qualified Professional legal translation services that ensure error-less and accurate output. They need to have knowledge of the legal systems in both the source and the target-language countries. In addition, they require knowledge of technical terminologies in legal domain as well as language writing expertise.

Furthermore, the process of translating legal text may involve the use of different approaches like naturalizing words, inserting detailed notes, imparting legal terminologies, and many more. Professional legal translation services provider must be familiar with cultural-specific names, localization of common names, and use of equivalent terms. Though, companies and clients need not to be worried about their translation projects if the Professional legal translation services they chose has proven themselves to provide high quality service. 

In addition to skills and experience, things that many translators often overlook is the use of proper punctuation within the translation text. The wrong usage of punctuation can even be more fatal in the works of professional certified translation services, such as a birth certificate, death certificate, transcripts and so on. Different languages usually have different rules of placing punctuation. For instance, in Bahasa Indonesia, normally numbers will use dots for splitting numbers. Meanwhile, in English, numbers use comma which means differently in Bahasa Indonesia. Besides, the placement of commas will result different sentence meaning in English. In this case, individual translators are far more likely at risk to make such error in doing translation projects. 


Professional Legal Translation Services done by Agency

professional legal translation servicesChoosing Professional translation agency could be the best option as that the service provided are more often well-organized. The project manager knows the right step in managing legal documents and any translation project for the best results and efficiency by the help of the team of professional translators. Professional Legal Translation Services by agency will surely have a set of systems, tools and machine  that can be used to simplify their job. That way, they can do the jobs within the given deadlines. 

Professional Legal Translation Services  will also make the results more well-put together since their in-house editor and proofreader team will make sure to check over the quality before the output being delivered to you. The final results from the translators will be processed with careful editing so the accuracy will be close to perfection. Some legal documents may  require certain format and the professional agency will do the finishing touch professionally. 

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English to Indonesian translation services

The growth of global networks in business makes English to Indonesian translation services more important. If you have a business or a brand office in Indonesia, there will be many events, in which you need participation of local people. For instance, you may hold a business conference, business fair, workshop, market research, or other promotion events to introduce your business and brand to local people of Indonesia.

It must be noted that most Indonesian people do not speak English. Therefore, all of the marketing contents and materials must be provided in Bahasa Indonesia. Professional translation services help you translate Indonesia English or vice versa. The target audience can get the message you want to convey through the events.

English to Indonesian Translation Services for Business Document

English to Indonesian translation services

English to Indonesian translation services

English Indonesia translation services make your tasks much easier. Instead of spending much time translating the documents or audio files on your own, you had better spent your time and energy designing the business development strategies. Let’s the professional and experienced translators from English to Indonesian translation services do the jobs for you. You will certainly need in them in translating business documents, including:

  • Business contract/agreement with suppliers, investors, or other partners
  • Company profile
  • Presentation materials in business events like seminars, internal meeting, conference, general meetings of shareholders, and many more;
  • Factory manual or guide book for installation of new machine or new equipment;
  • Business registration certificate
  • Family registration
  • Job description, and many more 

You will need these documents, as you will deal with local employees. The government of Indonesia will require you to employ local workforce. Therefore, all of the materials related to the business operation must be available in Bahasa Indonesia.

English to Indonesian Translation Services for Business Events

English to Indonesian translation services

English to Indonesian translation services

The need of English to Bahasa Indonesia translation service will be even more when you hold a business event. You need not only translated version of the business material, but also one or more interpreter to help convey your message to the audience. There will be many instances, in which you collaborate with the local government, local private sectors, or local non-government organizations. 

Professional interpreters need to be able in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. These two interpretation cases require different sets of skill. Consider the following business events:

  • International seminars on business, tourism, environment, or anything relevant to your business. The participants may come from different regions in Indonesia or even from other surrounding countries like Singapore or Malaysia. An interpreter helps you deliver the message in a way that the audience understands.
  • Business meeting with local government. As you run the business, you may need to attend a meeting with local officers on any topics like regulation, legal compliance, business permits, and many more. In this case, you may need to come with a professional interpreter. Otherwise, the communication will end up with mess due to the language barrier.
  • Business meeting is also important in events like exhibition or trade fair. People from different countries may come to the meeting. Do not let the language barrier take them away from you. As you promote the business by means of fair, you expect to attract them as your potential customer, right?
  • Opening ceremony. In this event, you target is not only the employees or managerial like. You may need to invite people in surrounding areas to participate. Opening ceremony is a great branding strategy, as you can introduce your business to others.
  • Internal meeting . What about the internal meeting? If most of your employees are local people. English to Indonesian translation services will be necessary. For instance, you may need to internalize the business norms, values, and environmental factors to the audience. During the meeting, make sure that all the audience gets the points.
  • Inspection. When conducting an inspection, the company needs to make sure that the message is communicated. You may need some minor problems. A good communication between the managers and the employees may help alleviate the problems faster. The communication may be in the form of focused discussion. During the dialogue, a translator must be there for you.

To make sure that the events run smooth, you need the help from native interpreters. They know the cultural and social aspects of the community well. They know how to communicate the message in a way that is accepted by the local people. As you know, Indonesian people respect cultures and norms very much. Unless the message is communicated well, you will have a problem in attracting them to your business.

Therefore, make sure to hire only experienced and professional translators and interpreters. If possible, arrange a pre-contract meeting with the translators. Therefore, you can review their capabilities in doing the tasks. Then, you can also explain your goals with the translation project and expect them to participate along the way.


translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

The need to translate document from Indonesian to English comes in many aspects of life. When you apply for a foreign university, for instance, you need to brings documents translated in the target-country language. The same thing applies for other purposes, like legal, business, or even foreign travel. The requirements for a translated document may vary with country. 

Understanding some terms in the translation service industry may help you decide which type of translated documents to prepare. In the legal translation domain, for instance, some technical terms are known. They include certified, legalized, and notarized translation. Let’s see how they differ to each other.

Types of Legal Translation Service


translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

1. Certified Translation

Any professional translator can provide certified translation services. In this case, the translator needs to sign a document, which states that the original document is translated accurately. The translated version serves as the replica of the original one. The translation service equips the translated document with a certificate of authenticity. If you hire a certified translator, the certificate of authenticity usually comes for no additional charge.

When do you need the certificated translation?  Certification enhances the element of formality. All parties that use the document are assured that the document has been translated by a qualified translator. Yes, the translator should certainly have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to translate documents from Indonesian to English, or vice versa, under a high professional standard. Examples of documents that may need certified translation include:

  • Documents to be used in court
  • Documents to be used in an immigration application
  • Documents to be used in University application
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Business contracts
  • Claim forms
  • Degree certificates
  • Court transcripts, like witness statements and evidence bundles
  • Death certificates

2. Legalized Translation

When you need to submit a document to an official body outside Indonesia, a foreign government agency, for instance, you may need a legalized translation. The process is mostly similar to notarized translation, with an additional step. The translators translate document from Indonesian to English and then take it to an authorized government agency.

The translated document is taken to a specific government office for reviews. Then, when the translated document is stated to be legal, the government agency legalizes it. In this way, the translated document has an equal force in law. Most translated documents, which will be submitted to government agencies outside Indonesia will mostly need legalization.

3. Notarized Translation

This type of translation service is a type of legal translation, with the additional requirement. The translation process is done by a professional translator. When the translators translate documents from Indonesian to English, a notary public witnesses the certification process. This is a more formal type of certified translation. The signing of the authenticity certificate is done in front of a notary public. Then, the notary signs the document too and finally stamps it.

In the legal domain, the signed and stamped document is called affidavit. Actually, few agencies require this level of translation verification. However, some schools and universities abroad require verification of application documents to minimize the risk of fraud. Documents like diplomas and course certificates may need to be verified by a notary public first. 

Actually, the notary public may be a member of the translation agency. However, in most cases, the translation agency collaborates with a notary public agency for the verification process.

How to Find Legal Translation Service

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

Therefore, if you wonder how certified translation is disguised from notarized translation, the latter has an additional process, namely verification by a notary public. The question is how and where to find a legal translation service in Indonesia? 

A number of translation agencies may claim to offer professional services, but few of them offer legal services, which involve certification legalization, or notarization. You are in the right place for such services. We are able to provide translation documents with guaranteed accuracy, thanks for the support of professional translators that specialize in a number of industries. 

We have certified translators and collaborate with reputable notary publics to meet your needs. We carefully selected the team of professional certified translators to ensure translation quality. We offer legal translation service for every need, including:

  • Court document translation
  • Legal document translation for birth certificates, death certificates, and diplomas
  • Translating documents to meet the requirement for university entrance
  • Business contracts
  • Certified translation services without additional charge
  • Travel documents, and many more

Furthermore, we allow you to monitor the process when our translators translate document from Indonesian to English. This is to make sure that you have the documents translated in the desired way. In this case, professional certified translators work in a team to ensure the quality as well as timeliness of the service. Get connected with us and our professional translators for instant quotes.