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Translate English to Indonesia document: Bahasa Indonesia Origin

Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia document is a rather unique experience for the most part, especially if you consider the fact Bahasa Indonesia is the lingua franca of the country. Indonesia is a country with grand diversity of cultures, ethnicity and languages. The dialect changes in every region, making Indonesia as the best place to visit for those who want to learn new languages. Interestingly, all Indonesians agreed to use Bahasa Indonesia as the unified language of Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia is so meaningful that the Indonesians value the language in high regard as a proof of Indonesian’s greatness. It is rare to see that people from such a big diversity and ethnicity willingly to use the same language though they might have been born with different mother tongue.

For instance, the people of Malaysia often prefer to use English for daily conversation. However, their English does not apply to standard grammar since they use many loanwords from Malay language. Translating English to Indonesia document will be rather easier since it is rather unlikely to confuse Bahasa Indonesia grammar with English. Especially when it is in a written form. Bahasa Indonesia has been the pride of Indonesians even before the Independence Day. All ethnics feel that Bahasa Indonesia as a part of their identity. 


Translate English to Indonesia document: Bahasa Indonesia Special Features


Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia document is challenging in terms that it has many loanwords from Dutch, Arabic, and even from Russian. Indonesia has a long history with the Dutch colonialism. Therefore, it will be hard to leave the language of Dutch behind. Even, senior citizens of Indonesia master the Dutch language. Some citizens knows enough to speak and write in Dutch fluently. 

Bahasa Indonesia is uncharacteristically good to be expressed within a poetry. There is something about the language that makes rhymes sounds beautiful. However, when it is for legal documents, it requires special skills to Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia document to get the gist right. 

Other unique feature of Bahasa Indonesia is that the language has totally different structures with that of English. This makes it a little complicated because it looks like translating the words backward. Translate document from English to Indonesia is the same case. It is usually difficult to find exactly the same translation from the English vocabulary to Bahasa Indonesia. The documents should be revised and transformed so it will flow better. 


Translate English to Indonesia document challenges 

Similar to English, Bahasa Indonesia has informal forms as well as slang. However, it is necessary to pick the right words for giving the translation results a great readability. translating Bahasa Indonesia into English is no easy feat. Sometimes, the translators have to find a way to convey the gist in an effective manner. In the case of literature, the translators try hard to find similar words by reading the whole concept of the source documents. 

In addition, Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia document and vice versa requires much more effort and skills. Therefore, good translators need to have great problem solving skills, to find the right words and delivering the document without losing the same purpose. Translators needs certain methods to handle the writing style and subtext of the source document. 


Translate English to Indonesia document vs interpretation


There are some key differences when it comes to translating and interpreting Bahasa Indonesia. For simultaneous interpretation, the professionals might be encouraged to do improvisation to reduce waiting time. Interpreting should be fast and precise. Therefore, it is necessary for interpreters to choose the simplest words that carry similar meaning. The challenge comes when Translating English to Bahasa Indonesia, where Bahasa Indonesia will be longer in expressions compared to English. 


Translate English to Indonesia document: Conclusion

Bahasa Indonesia hold a meaningful value for Indonesian and the country. The language is unique in history, vocabulary, and structure. In addition, the language has a special feature for being uncharacteristically beautiful and poetic. Therefore, translators have to work hard to find the best way to make a precise translation for non-fiction documents and legal documents. Translators have to be able to provide English to Bahasa Indonesian translation service in best quality. The results will be better and perfect as the translators are experienced. 


Indonesian Legal Translation Services

Indonesian Translation Legal  Services

Legal translation simply means the translation procedure of a legal text from one source language into the targeted language.

Though it might sound simple, the procedure is hard and complicated. Some legal documents are even extremely difficult to translate because of the different culture and dictions.

The legal documents have to be translated absolutely perfectly. That is why; translators have to be very careful in handling Indonesian translation legal  services.


There are many dangerous risks of bad legal document translation results. Void contact and a huge financial cost are two most frequent risks to happen because of the bad translation products.

Because of the tough processes and the complex procedure of legal translation, translators have to go through years of experience to undertake the tricky job of legal document translation.

There are more than just perfect language and dictions in the Legal document experience services.


Indonesian Translation Legal Services Checklist:


1. Cultural Cases

One of the most essential factors is that the text should reflect the culture of the targeted language.

The text should thus abide the rules of the country. That is why, translators have to search the information related to the legal system.

Indonesian Legal Translation Services

Indonesian Legal Translation Services

In addition, translators need to have a perfect understanding the legal system. The translated text is designed for providing understanding for the audiences of the targeted language.

So, the best product of legal translation is the one that works well in delivering the information to the targeted audiences.

It is possible to simplify the legal translation as long as the language is well-fitted. Sometimes, the text does make legal sense compared to the original text.

However, if the products are flawless and understandable, the translators can finalize it.

Yet, it is important that the translators make a thorough research for finding the best results.



2. Document Types

The Indonesian translation legal services cover various kinds of legal documents. The text covers certificates of accuracy.

Witness statements and wills are some of the legal documents to translate. In addition, incorporation articles, trusts, contracts, litigation and even property labels are also often translated for various purposes.

The legal translation is not only hard due to the language but also because of the huge amount of document types.

The language will be different and the purposes of the translation can be varied as well. Some of the clients only ask the translators to do it for handling a financial contract.

Meanwhile, some people need the documents for an important immigration necessity. Even, some of the documents are needed for trials. Other types of documents are settlements, legislation, tax return, warranties, passport, corporate bylaws.


3. The Technical Sides

Of so many translation strategies, legal translation is the hardest because of the complex techniques to apply.

The hard thing is that the technique requires skills as well as cultural understanding for various areas.

It is simple to say that the legal translation should precisely translate the documents into the targeted language but the fact will not be that easy.

Indonesian Legal Translation Services

Indonesian Legal Translation Services

The accuracy should be outstanding and it will be hard if the source text is audio or videos. Inaccurate translation for legal documents will cause disputes, lawsuits, legal issues, and huge financial lost. So, the risks are no joke.

Among the legal translation types, criminal and civil legal translation services are the hardest.

The affiliations of the legal statements inside a document cannot always match the targeted country laws.

Therefore, the language transfer will be harder. Translators can possibly receive a court transcription to translate.

Besides, depositions, hearings, interviews, calls, police reports, and interrogation are some of the sources to handle.

In addition, academic legal translation is also one type of legal translation that is commonly ordered.

The clients are usually students of laws who need to use certain literature that contains the shared thoughts of laws from around the world.

The academic materials usually contain various terms on legal universe which need to get translated with precise translation.


Indonesian Translation Legal Services have to apply various requirements including the format of the text.

After that, the accuracy should be precise and outstanding. In addition, the language used should be formal and fits the context of the source and targeted documents.

In addition, the terms should be acceptable and works. The equal translation should cover the contents as well as purpose of the translation.

Translators need to make a thorough research for creating the best translation. In addition, they have to go through years of experience to master each of the legal text.


Indonesian to English document translation

Indonesian to English Document Translation

To translate any documents from Bahasa Indonesia to English is always a tough procedure to complete.

There will be years of experience, dedication, and hard work tested for a single document translation. Besides, it is also important that translators use their efforts for making the product translation natural and flawless.

Indonesian to English document translation requires more than just skills. Translators have to deal with their own emotional conditions.

After all, translators have to avoid procrastination which will reduce the speed as well as quality of their translation.

Many people judge the work of translator is easy since they need to only transfer the language. They can work at any time in front of the computers.

But that is incorrect. People need to see closer so they can notice how translators have to fight against the time.

Even if the document is short and containing small amount of texts, Indonesian to English document translation will not be easy because they are several steps to complete.  Here are productivity tips for translators:


1. Set Your Schedule

Indonesian to English document translation job is particularly hard for people who work as a freelancer. Professional translators who work as an in-house translator will usually find the same difficulties since their mood will be unstable for some reasons. Therefore, there are times that translators have to bring the tasks home.

For freelance translators, working with a settled schedule is necessary. They have to make sure that they work within the settled hours.

Indonesian to English document translation

Indonesian to English document translation

For instance, they need to start working at 09 am and stop working at 05 pm. Even though translators might work just at home and have no supervisors, they have to follow the rules.

That way, they can make their time more efficiently. They will be more productive with high-quality results as they work with a settled schedule.

Besides a working schedule, translators have to also determine their off days. They have to take one or two days break for refreshing their brain.

They need to take a deep breath and take a good rest to create better accuracy. Taking a day off will not make the job delayed. So, don’t be afraid of setting a break among the hard work-days.


2. Update Your Knowledge

To be productive means to create more Indonesian to English document translation and produce a better quality. There are various ways for improving productivity as well as quality.

First of all, translators have to equip their skills with high-quality tools. For many, tools are not obligatory. But the tools are actually important to simplify the translation tasks.

Even, accuracy will be improved as translators update their tools. Online translation tools and software can also help the translators finding the best equal translation efficiently.

Indonesian to English document translation

Indonesian to English document translation

Even, some formats are shared online so translators can find the best sources of documents formats for handling various tasks.

Besides the tools, translators need to update their digital dictionary and thesaurus. It is necessary to make a translation flawless and smooth.

It will be thus important that translators use different words for the same meaning in order to make the flows of a text better.

Picking the right diction is the essential part of a successful translation. Legal translation services company need to be sure that the team know the correct format of a legal document by constantly checking the latest official websites for various legal texts.


3. Be Professional

Clients will usually pick a professional translator based on the reputation and previous clients’ testimonies.

Professionalism will be thus the key of a successful translator. Besides, translators need to use the professional attitude as their character for keeping productive.

Translators need to stick on the due dates and never break the deadlines. They need to complete the jobs within the given deadline so they can always perform the best productivity.

To be productive means good reputation and thus, it will be good to start everything with professionalism.


Productivity is definitely the most crucial factor that determines the success of a translator.

To translate document from English to Indonesian will be easy as translators apply their sound knowledge, skills, and disciplines.

They can start from their settled schedule. After that, it is important that translators work with the help of the updated tools.

It also necessary that translators make use the latest dictionary to help them screening the dictions.

And finally, translators have to work professionally so they can keep their optimum productivity.


Document translated to Indonesian

Document Translated to Indonesian

Marketing is the most important factor sales. Therefore, when it is for document translated to Indonesian and relates to marketing, the translators have to work hard to meet the best standard.

Marketing takes the most expensive cost and the strategies of marketing determine the success of a production.

It is true marketing will be the most essential case for increasing the sales of a company.

The first and most important marketing strategy is to sell the company profile. The image of a company can be more standout with the right marketing system.

Besides, marketing language also place a corporation in the level and class that fits the company standard.

There are several types of marketing texts translators will see. The first is the copy writing for showing company profiles.

The companies need to look standout through the language. It is a little bit complicated to translate the profiles since some excellent diction will not sound similarly when translated.

Document translated to Indonesian

Document translated to Indonesian

It is important that corporations pick the best translations that can integrate culture and linguistic into the translated company profiles.

The powerful profiles will make companies reach visitors and potential clients/customers for their sales strategies.

Other type of marketing text is the brochure and printed advertisements. Mottos and slogans are important so translators have to be very careful.

In addition, the quality of products and marketing sentences should be both smooth and inviting. If it is for sales letter, landing page, and other copy writing products, translators have to stick on the marketing texts with powerful selling purposes.


Document Translated to Indonesian: How to Translate Marketing Text?

How to translate marketing text? There are actually several strategies used for document translated to Indonesian. Translators usually have to be creative and not too stiff in transferring the language.


1. See the Marketing Strategies beyond the Words

There will be a certain marketing style or specific marketing strategies a company apply in each of marketing text.

Before translating the documents, translators have to be able to see the audiences that the clients wish to meet.

The readers of the text are usually the targeted market of the clients. By seeing the audiences, translators can determine the styles of language to use.

The language styles for old customers will be different to the younger potential buyers. Also, the marketing styles should meet the updated conditions of the targeted country.

Translators have to be able to see that as well. It is true that translators have to keep the concept and content of text as it is.

Yet, it will be more acceptable to produce translation that fits the real purpose of the marketing text.


2. Find the Right Marketing/Equal Copy Writing

Document translated to Indonesian

Document translated to Indonesian

The language for marketing is unique and full of copy writing strategies. Translators should be able to see the rhyme and the methods in order to find the best translation.

It is sometimes hard to get the same impression on the targeted language. But professional translators will be able to do it.

The right dictions and equal copy writing will make the marketing texts remain powerful.

Corporates have to search for the best team to translate English Indonesia generous.

For a special job on marketing text, the translation strategy is special. A unique treatment is needed and thus corporations have to select translators based on their experiences on the same jobs.


3. Keep the Class of Products

Within each line on a marketing text, there is a special class of products that the company wants to deliver.

Besides, the tagline of a certain product usually has special purpose of marketing. Therefore, the translators have to be very careful when it is for this side of marketing text.

Translators need to read the entire document before starting to translate. That way, the translators can see the class or level of the products being marketed. The treatment will be totally different from legal document experience services.


In conclusion, translating marketing text requires experience, tricks, and of course skills. Translators have to be able to find the equal translation for showing the same marketing strategies compared to the original document translated to Indonesian.

In addition, it is important for the translators see the potential buyers or targeted market to translate the documents more precisely.

The dictions and translation styles need to match the audience of the targeted market. Clients should thus find the best translators who are experienced in marketing text to complete the task with standout quality.



Freelance Translation Indonesian

To be a student is not as easy as it may seem. Students have to work hard and manage their time well so they can pass with maximum grade.

The pressure of a being a student is not only in the academic cases but also in the college social life. Besides, emotions and other factors also determine the success of a study.

To be a language student is even harder. For some reasons, they need to get involved in Freelance translation Indonesian so they can improve their skills.

Some people say that to learn language is easy since it does not include formulas and math. But the language students need to use study hacks so they can survive in the academic life.

As an English language program student, many burdens and hardships will come. Yet, students will go through them easily if they know how to cope with the problems.

In Indonesia, English is still a foreign language. Therefore, it is hard to practice the language outside the classrooms.

Even, some people feel that it is inappropriate to use English in many places and occasions in Indonesia. Students need to get used to the pronunciation even though some sounds do not exist in Bahasa Indonesia. Also, the expressions and the way



Freelance translation Indonesian; Language Students Study Hacks


 1. Unconventional Locations

 There are times that Students use conventional places such as library and study desk to learn new vocabularies and other materials.

But that is so yesterday. There are countless ways and places for learning language. The students need to be creative.

Freelance Translation Indonesian

Freelance Translation Indonesian

While spending some times in the shopping mall, they can learn how to use copy writing language to invite more buyers. Besides, expressions and colloquial language are used in the advertisements in various spots.

For handling some projects or tasks, students of language programs need to use a cozy place such as a park or even a café. Studying outside will lead to a better creativity.

Translation agency in Indonesia is a good place where students of language programs can find a way to test their capabilities. They can do the translation and ask the senior to help them improving their skills.

In addition, they can earn some amount of money for their tuition. This is a great study hack for an excellent result.


2. The Flexible Times

Students often find it hard to manage their time since they think that they have limited times during night times.

But learning is not working that way. Students can use their time while standing in lines for reading the materials that they need to memorize.

Or they can also use their times on the way to campus to read once more. It is also better to sleep earlier to way up early and study the materials again. It is also a great idea to learn through the times of their joy times.

In managing their time, students can also try to allocate their time for a professional training.

They can join a professional translation agency and be their part time or freelance translation Indonesian English documents. That way, they can learn how to handle real documents.


Freelance Translation Indonesian

Freelance Translation Indonesian

3. Learning by Doing

Language is innate and it is closely related to habit. Therefore, it is recommended that the students get involve with a real project to help them mastering certain types of techniques.

For instance, they need to start translating documents. Students of language programs can be a freelance translation Indonesian for professional results.

The students will do the translation based on the right procedure even though they might not be registered as part of a professional translation agency.

Freelance translator is now a promising job for both students and professional translators.

Clients do not have to question the quality since both have their long experience in handling various tasks of translation. To get the best services, clients need to observe the portfolio and testimonies.

Professional translators will do the jobs in the given deadline and will give a guarantee at the same time.


Indonesian to English document translation is a tough job that requires skills and experiences. Therefore, it will be good for students to try the tasks ever since their academic time.

In addition, it is important that the students use their time for those useful activities of learning by doing.

Students of language programs can now apply for an internship in many professional translation agencies.

Besides, they can receive orders through their social media promotion. Study hacks can be this profitable for the language program students.


While running your business in Indonesia, you will hold a number of business meetings or conferences that involve multi-national companies.

Make sure that language barrier is not a problem. You need Indonesian interpreter to address the problem.

However, what type of services do you actually need? Is it Indonesian simultaneous interpretation or consecutive interpretation service?

To answer the question, you certainly need to understand how the two services work.


How Indonesian Simultaneous Interpretation Works

Keywords that help you differentiate simultaneous interpretation from consecutive interpretation is ‘continuous’ process.

In Indonesian simultaneous interpretation, the English-Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Indonesia-English interpreters work to translate the message into the target language while the speaker is speaking.

Accordingly, the interpreters must work quickly to formulate the points. Interpreters convey the messages continuously while the source-language speaker is speaking.

There are some aspects, which make simultaneous interpretation different. They include the following:


An Ideal Setting

The interpreters need a special space or booth, which is sound proof. They speak sing a microphones, while the target-language listeners are wearing headphones.

The messages are conveyed to the listeners via the microphones while the source-language speaker is speaking.


Number of Interpreters

Usually, at least two interpreters are necessary to do the task. Since the Indonesian simultaneous interpretation works continuously, interpreters need high level of concentration.

Since the ability to focus on such a job may be limited in most individuals, interpreters must work in team.


Segment Requirement

The main advantage of simultaneous interpretation is its real-time nature. It saves time as the target-language listeners get the messages automatically.

The speaker does not need to allocate ‘pause’ or ‘break’ time. The interpretation may even go without the source-language speaker being aware that interpreters are there.





However, since the interpretation process requires at least two interpreters, the costs may be more expensive.

In addition, you will need to prepare special room and special equipment for the interpreters to their task.

Special equipment like sound-proof room or booth, microphones to be used by interpreters, headsets for target-language listeners, and wiring system may need huge budgets.


So, when do you need Indonesian simultaneous interpretation? It is ideal for business conferences and meetings, in which you need to convey great deal of information to the target-language listeners.

Professional interpreters will not omit or skip important messages conveyed by the source-language speaker.


How Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation Works

Like the simultaneous interpreters, the consecutive interpreters do not translate English to Indonesia document.

Instead, they work by using verbal communication method. Consecutive translation works in a ‘pause-and start’ system.

An English to Indonesian, or Indonesian to English interpreter waits while the source-language speaker is conveying the messages.

Then, the speaker gives time for interpreter to talk. In other word, there is a ‘pause’ period.

To make sure consecutive interpretation works in its best, the following things are necessary:


A longer segment

Since there is a ‘pause-and-start’ session, longer segment is necessary. Accordingly, consecutive interpretation is ideal for limited number of audience.

It particularly works in a setting, where personal touch is necessary.




Interpreter Qualification

As the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker gives him/her time, a single interpreter may be enough to do the task.

However, the interpreter must have special note-taking skill and good memory. There is usually an interval of 6-8 minutes from a speaking session to another.



Consecutive interpretation is less expensive since you only need an interpreter. In addition, the interpreter does not need special equipment to do his/her task.

No headsets, microphones, and special booth are necessary. The interpreter usually stands or sits beside the source-language speaker.

An ideal moment to hire a consecutive interpreter is business meetings, conferences, teleconferences, or interviews, which involve limited number of audience.


Do You Need Indonesian Simultaneous Interpretation or Consecutive Interpretation?

The answer to the above question depends upon the type and nature of event you want hold.

If you need business meetings or conferences that involve huge audiences and need shorter duration, simultaneous interpretation is the answer.

However, if personal touch and meaning are more important than simply huge messages conveyed to the listeners, Indonesian consecutive interpretation is what you need.

The latter is ideal for small business meetings, conferences, and interviews. In this setting, the interpreter does not convey the messages or thoughts in exactly similar structure. Instead, he/she can paraphrase and convey the thoughts in his/her own language.

Whether you need consecutive or simultaneous interpreter, make sure to hire them from a professional Indonesian interpreter services.

The business meetings and conferences are called successful when the messages are ‘captured’ by the listeners. As a result, the quality of interpreters you high matters the most.

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