professional legal translation services

Professional Legal Translation Services Urgency in Today’s World 

Most of the time, people believe that every translator will be able to translate legal documents. That is certainly not true because language comprehension and mastery of law subject is divided into several different levels. Translating legal documents is a different skill and people need to do a constant training, trials, and error to provide the best professional document translation services. In today’s age where business has to rise to match the global demand in which resulting more and more partnerships, acquisitions, and cross-country meeting take place,  professional legal translation services has become more important than ever. 


Professional Legal Translation Services Quality Service 

professional legal translation services

In today’s world, technology plays a huge role in changing how business works, online platform makes it easier for companies to find partners and clients from all over the world. It’s nonetheless the same with translation industry, though many positive impact can’t be denied, it’s also important to not overlook the negative impact of technology. With more business and companies needing translation works, more and more translation agency and individual translators offered their services at highly competitive rates. The problem rise when the industry starts to gets too saturated with unqualified translators. Choosing Professional legal translation services will become a daunting task for business and companies alike. It is highly important for business and companies to choose translation service carefully for their best interest. 


Challenges in Professional legal translation services 

Professional legal translation services getting more challenging in Translating Bahasa Indonesia into English or English into Bahasa Indonesia. Not only translators must apply grammar, syntax, and semantics in order to create a comprehensive translation, translators also needs to be aware of any errors in legal translation may lead to serious problems. Therefore, business and companies will need qualified Professional legal translation services that ensure error-less and accurate output. They need to have knowledge of the legal systems in both the source and the target-language countries. In addition, they require knowledge of technical terminologies in legal domain as well as language writing expertise.

Furthermore, the process of translating legal text may involve the use of different approaches like naturalizing words, inserting detailed notes, imparting legal terminologies, and many more. Professional legal translation services provider must be familiar with cultural-specific names, localization of common names, and use of equivalent terms. Though, companies and clients need not to be worried about their translation projects if the Professional legal translation services they chose has proven themselves to provide high quality service. 

In addition to skills and experience, things that many translators often overlook is the use of proper punctuation within the translation text. The wrong usage of punctuation can even be more fatal in the works of professional certified translation services, such as a birth certificate, death certificate, transcripts and so on. Different languages usually have different rules of placing punctuation. For instance, in Bahasa Indonesia, normally numbers will use dots for splitting numbers. Meanwhile, in English, numbers use comma which means differently in Bahasa Indonesia. Besides, the placement of commas will result different sentence meaning in English. In this case, individual translators are far more likely at risk to make such error in doing translation projects. 


Professional Legal Translation Services done by Agency

professional legal translation servicesChoosing Professional translation agency could be the best option as that the service provided are more often well-organized. The project manager knows the right step in managing legal documents and any translation project for the best results and efficiency by the help of the team of professional translators. Professional Legal Translation Services by agency will surely have a set of systems, tools and machine  that can be used to simplify their job. That way, they can do the jobs within the given deadlines. 

Professional Legal Translation Services  will also make the results more well-put together since their in-house editor and proofreader team will make sure to check over the quality before the output being delivered to you. The final results from the translators will be processed with careful editing so the accuracy will be close to perfection. Some legal documents may  require certain format and the professional agency will do the finishing touch professionally. 

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English to Indonesian translation services

The growth of global networks in business makes English to Indonesian translation services more important. If you have a business or a brand office in Indonesia, there will be many events, in which you need participation of local people. For instance, you may hold a business conference, business fair, workshop, market research, or other promotion events to introduce your business and brand to local people of Indonesia.

It must be noted that most Indonesian people do not speak English. Therefore, all of the marketing contents and materials must be provided in Bahasa Indonesia. Professional translation services help you translate Indonesia English or vice versa. The target audience can get the message you want to convey through the events.

English to Indonesian Translation Services for Business Document

English to Indonesian translation services

English to Indonesian translation services

English Indonesia translation services make your tasks much easier. Instead of spending much time translating the documents or audio files on your own, you had better spent your time and energy designing the business development strategies. Let’s the professional and experienced translators from English to Indonesian translation services do the jobs for you. You will certainly need in them in translating business documents, including:

  • Business contract/agreement with suppliers, investors, or other partners
  • Company profile
  • Presentation materials in business events like seminars, internal meeting, conference, general meetings of shareholders, and many more;
  • Factory manual or guide book for installation of new machine or new equipment;
  • Business registration certificate
  • Family registration
  • Job description, and many more 

You will need these documents, as you will deal with local employees. The government of Indonesia will require you to employ local workforce. Therefore, all of the materials related to the business operation must be available in Bahasa Indonesia.

English to Indonesian Translation Services for Business Events

English to Indonesian translation services

English to Indonesian translation services

The need of English to Bahasa Indonesia translation service will be even more when you hold a business event. You need not only translated version of the business material, but also one or more interpreter to help convey your message to the audience. There will be many instances, in which you collaborate with the local government, local private sectors, or local non-government organizations. 

Professional interpreters need to be able in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. These two interpretation cases require different sets of skill. Consider the following business events:

  • International seminars on business, tourism, environment, or anything relevant to your business. The participants may come from different regions in Indonesia or even from other surrounding countries like Singapore or Malaysia. An interpreter helps you deliver the message in a way that the audience understands.
  • Business meeting with local government. As you run the business, you may need to attend a meeting with local officers on any topics like regulation, legal compliance, business permits, and many more. In this case, you may need to come with a professional interpreter. Otherwise, the communication will end up with mess due to the language barrier.
  • Business meeting is also important in events like exhibition or trade fair. People from different countries may come to the meeting. Do not let the language barrier take them away from you. As you promote the business by means of fair, you expect to attract them as your potential customer, right?
  • Opening ceremony. In this event, you target is not only the employees or managerial like. You may need to invite people in surrounding areas to participate. Opening ceremony is a great branding strategy, as you can introduce your business to others.
  • Internal meeting . What about the internal meeting? If most of your employees are local people. English to Indonesian translation services will be necessary. For instance, you may need to internalize the business norms, values, and environmental factors to the audience. During the meeting, make sure that all the audience gets the points.
  • Inspection. When conducting an inspection, the company needs to make sure that the message is communicated. You may need some minor problems. A good communication between the managers and the employees may help alleviate the problems faster. The communication may be in the form of focused discussion. During the dialogue, a translator must be there for you.

To make sure that the events run smooth, you need the help from native interpreters. They know the cultural and social aspects of the community well. They know how to communicate the message in a way that is accepted by the local people. As you know, Indonesian people respect cultures and norms very much. Unless the message is communicated well, you will have a problem in attracting them to your business.

Therefore, make sure to hire only experienced and professional translators and interpreters. If possible, arrange a pre-contract meeting with the translators. Therefore, you can review their capabilities in doing the tasks. Then, you can also explain your goals with the translation project and expect them to participate along the way.


translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

The need to translate document from Indonesian to English comes in many aspects of life. When you apply for a foreign university, for instance, you need to brings documents translated in the target-country language. The same thing applies for other purposes, like legal, business, or even foreign travel. The requirements for a translated document may vary with country. 

Understanding some terms in the translation service industry may help you decide which type of translated documents to prepare. In the legal translation domain, for instance, some technical terms are known. They include certified, legalized, and notarized translation. Let’s see how they differ to each other.

Types of Legal Translation Service


translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

1. Certified Translation

Any professional translator can provide certified translation services. In this case, the translator needs to sign a document, which states that the original document is translated accurately. The translated version serves as the replica of the original one. The translation service equips the translated document with a certificate of authenticity. If you hire a certified translator, the certificate of authenticity usually comes for no additional charge.

When do you need the certificated translation?  Certification enhances the element of formality. All parties that use the document are assured that the document has been translated by a qualified translator. Yes, the translator should certainly have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to translate documents from Indonesian to English, or vice versa, under a high professional standard. Examples of documents that may need certified translation include:

  • Documents to be used in court
  • Documents to be used in an immigration application
  • Documents to be used in University application
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Business contracts
  • Claim forms
  • Degree certificates
  • Court transcripts, like witness statements and evidence bundles
  • Death certificates

2. Legalized Translation

When you need to submit a document to an official body outside Indonesia, a foreign government agency, for instance, you may need a legalized translation. The process is mostly similar to notarized translation, with an additional step. The translators translate document from Indonesian to English and then take it to an authorized government agency.

The translated document is taken to a specific government office for reviews. Then, when the translated document is stated to be legal, the government agency legalizes it. In this way, the translated document has an equal force in law. Most translated documents, which will be submitted to government agencies outside Indonesia will mostly need legalization.

3. Notarized Translation

This type of translation service is a type of legal translation, with the additional requirement. The translation process is done by a professional translator. When the translators translate documents from Indonesian to English, a notary public witnesses the certification process. This is a more formal type of certified translation. The signing of the authenticity certificate is done in front of a notary public. Then, the notary signs the document too and finally stamps it.

In the legal domain, the signed and stamped document is called affidavit. Actually, few agencies require this level of translation verification. However, some schools and universities abroad require verification of application documents to minimize the risk of fraud. Documents like diplomas and course certificates may need to be verified by a notary public first. 

Actually, the notary public may be a member of the translation agency. However, in most cases, the translation agency collaborates with a notary public agency for the verification process.

How to Find Legal Translation Service

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

Therefore, if you wonder how certified translation is disguised from notarized translation, the latter has an additional process, namely verification by a notary public. The question is how and where to find a legal translation service in Indonesia? 

A number of translation agencies may claim to offer professional services, but few of them offer legal services, which involve certification legalization, or notarization. You are in the right place for such services. We are able to provide translation documents with guaranteed accuracy, thanks for the support of professional translators that specialize in a number of industries. 

We have certified translators and collaborate with reputable notary publics to meet your needs. We carefully selected the team of professional certified translators to ensure translation quality. We offer legal translation service for every need, including:

  • Court document translation
  • Legal document translation for birth certificates, death certificates, and diplomas
  • Translating documents to meet the requirement for university entrance
  • Business contracts
  • Certified translation services without additional charge
  • Travel documents, and many more

Furthermore, we allow you to monitor the process when our translators translate document from Indonesian to English. This is to make sure that you have the documents translated in the desired way. In this case, professional certified translators work in a team to ensure the quality as well as timeliness of the service. Get connected with us and our professional translators for instant quotes. 


Translation Service Agent

As internet technology grows globally, the values of websites and apps also grow. Now, website and apps become one of the most important marketing tools that businesses have. A professional business website is a valuable asset for businesses in the ever-tightening competitive environment. As a result, website and app localization from translation service agent becomes more important too. Why? If you want to target global visitors, you cannot rely upon a single-language website only. 


Translation Service Agent and Localization Services

Website and app localization is a part of translation services to build a website or app that is available in some language versions. Localization is literally defined as translation of website or app contents into one or more target language. Is it only about translating the contents? In fact, localization includes adjustment of socio-cultural aspects of the digital contents. The following are some reasons why website localization services from translation service agent are increasingly important:


  • To Address Language Barrier

Translation Service Agent

Businesses invest much in building a website that have great contents, eye-catching graphics, and SEO-optimized contents is not without any reasons. However, the often overlook a crucial thing, namely, language. Localization service is important if you want to attract new visitors from different country. If your target audience is speakers of more than one language, localization is a must.

You can put valuable information on your business, products, and services on your website. However, what if the visitors cannot get the idea due to language barriers? A business website can be an effective marketing tool if it provides understandable information to its visitors. It must be clear and acceptable to the visitors.



  • Visitors Prefer Native Language

Imagine the situation in which you are looking for an important product. When browsing the internet, you can find it. However, when you visit a website where the product is found, you cannot understand the language. What will you do? You will certainly find a website that is available in a language that you understand, right?

Studies on the behavior of internet users found that most internet users prefer websites and apps with contents written in their native language. It is more likely that they will explore a website or app it is available in the language that they can understand, regardless of their proficiency in the language.

English proficiency plays a crucial role in how businesses present their website. You can see that most websites are available in English version. However, if you target audience in non-English speaking countries, you need to make sure that they can get the information on your website. Localization of web or app contents from translation services agents is the answer.


  • Quality Matters the Most

That the website contents are presented in your native tongue is not a guarantee that you will happily explore the contents across the web page. Why? You certainly have an experience of visiting a website that is built professionally and presented in your native tongue and a website with poorly developed contents. Which one comforts you?

It is natural if you prefer a professional website. Incorrectly translated of out-of-context contents provide a negative impression about a website. You will question the quality of people behind the poorly developed web or digital apps.  Localization of website and app content will enhance the impression about your business. You can draw new visitors by overcoming the language barrier they have.


  • Socio-Cultural Details Still Matter
Translation Service Agent

Translation Service Agent

When visiting a website or using an app, you deal not only with the text contents or images. Instead, you use all the information available on the web pages to optimize your search. There might be a situation, in which details of the website are not adjusted to the socio-cultural contexts of your language. 

Details like time zone, slang words, color terms, shape terms, weigh measurements, metric measurements are among the examples. For instance, people in Asian countries like Indonesia are more comfortable using metric measures in centimeters instead of inch. They also prefer weigh measures in kilograms instead of pounds. These are examples of details that are shaped by socio-cultural backgrounds. Localization services from translation service agent need to bear them in mind.


Localization is Important for SEO

Another reason to look for localization service for your website and digital contents is that a localized website is a powerful factor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The SEO is important to attract new organic traffic from the target-language countries you choose. SEO is not about socio-cultural values. Instead, it influences how the search engine acts on your website. It boosts your domain authority, and finally, improves the ranking of your website on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Finding a  professional translation service agent can be a challenging task. will be your partner in delivering localization services for your website or app contents. Contact us now to get started. Our helpdesk are ready to assist you at any time.


english to bahasa indonesian translation service

Hiring a team of translators is a fast and effective solution for your business documents. You may need to find English to Bahasa Indonesian Translation Service that qualify for international procurement or business events. It is not easy to translate formal or legal documents, particularly for those who are not used to translating documents.

To reach global consumers, you will need to translate different kinds of documents. They may include legal documents, procurement documents, invoice, marketing contents, and even your business website and apps. At certain point of time in the future, when your business grows, you may need to hold international interviews or business conferences. In this case, you need not Translate English to Indonesian Text but also interpreters to help you communicate with investors, clients, or suppliers.

English to Bahasa Indoneian Translation Service: Tips to Choose Translation Agency

english to bahasa indonesian translation service

english to bahasa indonesian translation service

There are many translation agencises out there. However, choosing English to Bahasa Indonesian Translation Service to translate documents and digital contents in an accurate way may not be a challenge. A small mistake in hiring the agency may lead to serious problems. To avoid unnecessary problems, the following tips may help you:

1) Use free quote service

This helps you in estimating the budgets you need to prepare for the service. Choose one that offers rational price range. Too expensive rate is certainly burdensome, but too cheap rate provokes question about the quality and accuracy of the translation.

2) Choose a Professional Translation Agency

How do you know whether an agency is professional or not in doing its task to translate Indonesia English, or vice versa? Actually, there are some tools to help you.

  • You may see how many years the agency has been in business. The longer it is, the more experienced the agency is. It means that it has dealt with many types of documents.
  • See the testimony or reviews of the real customers. If most of them are positive, you may proceed to the deal. Otherwise, you had better sought for another English to Bahasa Indonesian Translation Service that provide better value.
  • Check the customer service. A professional agency allows the customers to call anytime for either questions or complaints. You can check the customer service line and see how it works.
  • Check the time compliance. Make sure that the translators can finish the tasks before the due date. Lateness in submitting the documents may pose another problem.
  • Transparent pricing regulation. Make sure that what you pay includes all the services you want. Hidden fees, which come in different names, are among the most common problems, which customers face when dealing with translation agency.

3) Choose One That Offers All-In-Once Service

english to bahasa indonesian translation service

english to bahasa indonesian translation service

Of course, you do not want to deal with many translation agencies, right? A single agency that offers different services is more helpful. Make sure it works for the most common translation-related services like document translation, localization, and interpretation.

Those are some helpful tips to help you choose the translation agency. Choosing the right Indonesian Translation Services to makes your tasks easier. You can focus on doing your tasks to grow the business.




Translate English to Indonesian language

The world of translation has been around for hundreds of years. The industry grows from time to time in any countries, including in Indonesia. Now, even students at senior high school can Translate English to Indonesian, despite short and simple texts. Actually, professional translation industry also grows in Indonesia.

Finding translated books, novels, or articles is hassle free. Translated version of popular books and novels can be found in the college libraries around the nation. Students of English Language Teaching Departement are learning to translate English to Indonesian Document in different subjects, including classic novels.

Translate English to Indonesian: Literary Translation

Translate English to Indonesian language

Translate English to Indonesian language

To Translate English into Indonesia Language for fiction works, like novels, poems, screenplays, or drama, requires different sets of skills from the translators. The translators should be able to maintain plot of the story without losing any contexts, which make the story interesting. Fictions works aim at interesting the readers or audience. The translation should not distort the source text. The translated literary works should be not only understandable but also interesting for the audience in the target language.

In fact, translators of literary works are faced with a number of problems, which translators of other materials may not face. They include the following:

  • The literary works, like novels or screenplays, contain conversations between the characters. Sometimes, finding the right equivalents in the target language can be difficult.
  • Settings of the story. Another unique quality of the literary works is special emphasis on the context, where a conversation happens. The writers usually describe the settings to stimulate the readers’ imagination on how the scenes or the conversation happens. The literary translators should be able to do so when they Translate English into Indonesian language, for instance.
  • Literary works, particularly classic novels, frequently use idioms. They may use classic terms, which may not be found in the daily conversation. When these words are kept in their original terms, the readers may not understand them. However, when they are translated literally, the meaning may be distorted.
  • Different eras. Translators of classic literary works to those of contemporary novels face different challenges. For some reasons, the former seems to be more challenging. However, if the translators can do the job well, the results are mostly worthy. Translators of contemporary works usually target young readers. Use of jargon or popular terms may help.

Accordingly, not all translators can translate English to Indonesian when it comes to literary works. However, a number of great translators do the jobs perfectly.

Translate English to Indonesian: Translators’ Requirements

Translate English to Indonesian language

Translate English to Indonesian language

You certainly know that some great literary works have been translated into Bahasa Indonesia. Translators of William Shakespeare’s works like Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet or Agatha Christie’s works must do their work hard. Great literary translators need to do the following competence to produce great works:

  • Contextual understanding. The literary translators should look into specific features of the text. They should understand the context, like emotions, meanings, and characters in the story. This is quite challenging. A translator needs much practice to obtain this skill.
  • Cultural understanding. The translators need to understand the cultural background behind the stories or the poems. This way, they can describe them in a way that is understandable or acceptable in the target-language culture. Sometimes, literary translators cannot stick to the strict grammatical rules. Some degrees of deviations are used to reflect depth and meaning of the story.
  • Understanding of the purpose. Every type of literary works requires different approach. Therefore, a literary translator needs to understand the purpose of the translated text. For instance, translated screenplays are mostly used for screenplays in the target language. Therefore, the translators need to focus on the objective. For instance, when they Translate English to Indonesian for screenplay, they need to make sure that the translated versions are understandable and acceptable by Indonesian audience. That is the rule.
  • Personal style. Literary translators may have different personal approaches to get the job done. As cited in Marcus’ 2018 essay on Lithub online, Elena Marcu, who translated James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room, said that she read out the translated sentences to hear how they speak. She did to find out whether they sounded correct or whether they needed correction. It is an example of personal approach in translating.

Therefore, translating literary works like novels, poems, or screenplays, needs dedicated translators. A literary work is ideally translated by a single translator, but he/she will need other translators to review. That is how we work for literary translation tasks at English to Indonesian Translation Service.

We dedicated professional translators, who have background knowledge and skills in literary and have experience in translating literary works. We work with authors who want to get global recognition for their literary works. Our team of professional translators is ready to Translate English to Indonesian for classic or contemporary works. Contact Us for more information, details, or instant quotes.