This world has many languages. To connect with other people from different nationalities who speak different languages, then you may need a translator or interpreter. Whether it is for business or anything, there are a lot of global translation services you can find from the internet. However, you need to make sure about their service quality. To help you find the right company, this is some tips you can take to determine which company that suits you. 

To Verify Translation Company Quality, This Are Some Tips That You Need to Know

  1. Look Whether They Have Translation Certification
global translation services

global translation services

One thing that can state the quality of the professional translation company is a certificate. Try to find a translator company that has or provides quality assurance that is certified. ISO 17100:2015 is a certificate of accreditation that most of the translator companies should provide. The translation jobs that backed with the certificate, have a higher rate to be recognized by courts, organizations, and home offices from over 200 languages over the world. 

Basically,  translation  doesn’t require any certification, but many  legal documents may or may not need a certified job, such as academic, financial, medical, property and many more. While looking out for the company, you should also look for the employee. There is a certified translator with ATA (American translation association), sworn translation for translating the official document, or Diploma translators. 


  1. The Translation Is Done by Human

Human ability is better than a machine. You may want to save some budget by using free online language translation machines like Google translator, Bing translator, Deepl and many more. But, it is proven that the result is not that accurate, thus you have to use the human ability for your translation work. When you are looking for translation services, make sure to look at the information on whether the translations are done by humans or pieces of technology.

A human can understand the references better, detects the distinction of the material, and even provides tones for the translation work. While the translation machine won’t be able to provide those. However, you need to know that some global translation services also use software and advanced Computer-Aided-Translation tools (CAT), to create a quicker workflow and assist the translation job while providing a better and higher quality result. 


  1. Network and Proven Experiences

Another way to verify the quality of your translation service is by looking at the experiences and the customers. A long-running company that has worked in this field will rather have longer and better experience in doing their work. You can also check out their customers or clients. Some well-known translator services, trusted and have high-quality service, will mostly be used by many top companies, legal firms, counsel or lawyers.     


  1. They Go Global and have language Experts
global translation services

global translation services

We know that English is the International language around the world. Thus, you need to find translators fluent in the English language. However, since you are looking for international translation services, then you should make sure that the translator you choose is working globally. This means that they translate beyond the English language or they support over 80 languages that exist in the world. But even more, they also need to know different languages.

It is important since there is also translation work from other languages. For example, from Indonesia to Japanese, from Polish to Russian, and many more. At the same time a translator company that can provide a wide range of language, will have more clients and no language barrier in their services. However, since the work is in a different language, then they need to employ translators who know the best about the language. 

One way to know it is by looking at the company connections and links around the world. Since they work globally, find a translator company that has professional translation services from all the languages and supported by language experts. The language experts can be the translator that came from the country where the language originated. For example, a translator that will work in English to the Korean language will be better handled by a Korean translator. 


  1. Experts Employee That Excel in Certain Field

While the global translation service means all language translation services are available, it also means higher  possibility to cover a wide range of subjects. The translation is not only writing assignments. The translation should be written with language that fits with the field. The translation company should have employed a translator that experienced or knew the particular field. For example, a medical translation should be done by those who know about the medical field.

Those are some tips that you can use to find out the best translation service. When working internationally, you have to make sure that the translator knows well about the English language, while it is also important to look for a company that goes beyond the English language. To support it, the company needs to have a certificate, certificated translator employee, different language experts, and field experts.