Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation

Having a multi-lingual conference or business meeting? Do not let language become a barrier to your business deals? In fact, many businesses faced such a fact. Indonesian consecutive interpretation service provides you the solution. Before booking experienced and professional interpreters to help you during the conference, make sure to understand how consecutive interpretation works and what an interpreter needs to have.


Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation Service That You Needs

Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation

Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation

In translation domain, consecutive interpretation is one of the most popular methods, besides simultaneous interpretation. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreters wait for the source-language speaker to pause. Then, he/she repeats what has been said in the target language. Shortly, this is also called talk-and-pause method. There is pause time between the speaker and the interpreter. As a result, it takes longer time.

The same case applies for Indonesian interpretation. The interpreter talks in the target language after the Indonesian speaker finishes talking. The process may sound easier, right? On one hand, the interpreter has few minutes to take notes and plan what to say. On the other hand, Indonesian consecutive interpretation needs special requirements.

1. It takes concentration and excellent memory

The interpreter’s job is easier when the source-language speaker talks only one or two sentences. However, the case is different when the speaker talks longer. The interpreter needs full concentration and needs to take notes to deliver the message in an accurate way.

2. Note-Taking Skill

Sometimes, excellent memory is not enough for a consecutive interpreter. Imagine when the speaker talks for five minutes or longer? Sometimes, the speaker may even forget that an interpreter is there! Ordinary note-taking skill is neither enough. The interpreters may need a special note-taking system, which includes the use of special symbols and abbreviation techniques. This way, the interpreter knows which parts need special emphasis and finds the strategy to deliver it.

3. Ability to think and work fast

Instead of memorizing the meaning of sentences said by the speaker, the interpreter may need to re-create the sentences to make them understandable and easy listening for the listeners. There is no need for the interpreter to repeat all of the sentences, but he/she should be able to deliver majority of the ideas.

Finding Indonesian interpreter services may be easier, but you need to make sure that you get professional interpreters that have the abovementioned criteria. The clients usually held a briefing or short meeting with the interpreters before the project begins. Accordingly, the interpreters have background information about the client and what the client needs from the interpreters.


How Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation Service Helps You

Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation

Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation

On one hand, consecutive interpretation may take longer time. However, it has some advantages over the simultaneous interpretation. This method of interpretation is popular in press conferences, job interviews, or training services. The advantages include:

1. Lower costs

In simultaneous interpretation, there must be a soundproof booth for the interpreters, consoles, microphones, or headphones. A consecutive interpreter does not depend upon such equipment. As a result, the costs of Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation service are lower.

2. Better Accuracy

The consecutive interpreters have time to plan what to say. Therefore, the message can be delivered in a more accurate way. He/she has the chance to reformulate the narration based on the context. In addition, he/she can use a note to deliver the message in the proper context. Therefore, the listeners understand the message quickly.

3. Less Demanding

In a business meeting or press conference, the businesses can use more than one interpreter to meet their needs. If the meeting is less than 2-hour, an interpreter may be enough to interpret Indonesian to English, or vice versa. However, if the meeting is more than 3 hours, two interpreters may work alternately.

Consecutive interpretation does not fit all occasions. For instance, it is not suitable for live TV broadcasts. In a large multi-lingual conference that is time-limited, consecutive interpretation may extend the event. It works best for small business events, in which there is only one target language.

Ready for the business event? Make sure to have one or more Indonesian consecutive interpreter with you. Our clients vary widely, from businesses, formal organization, government agency, and private organization. We have a team of experienced and professional interpreters to help you.

Our interpreters are carefully selected to see their personal competence and ability, particularly in areas specific to consecutive Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation. They are native speakers, who are proficient in the target language and come from relevant educational background.  


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