Indonesian Transcription Agency

Indonesian Transcription Agency: How It Affects Health Services?

Many people may wonder how medical transcription could influence healthcare service and patient care. 

What is so significant with the job of transferring audio contents into text? To answer the question, let’s see what is actually behind the need for an Indonesian transcription agency for medical records. 

When you visit a physician, he records all the details about your health, existing and previous diseases, medicines you had taken and you are taking, tests, laboratory reports, and diagnosis into a single audio file. 

So, what does a medical transcriptionist do?

A medical transcriptionist listens to the audio file and transcribes the medical records into documents. 

Then, he checks and re-checks the document to eliminate any possible errors. The transcribed document becomes a medical history for a patient. 

A number of healthcare professionals have interests in the patients’ history, including nurses, physicians, and even specialist doctors in case specialty need arises.


Indonesian Transcription Agency: Some Reasons Why it is Important 

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Now, imagine what happens when the transcription is not accurate in the above case! You might not get the medical intervention you really need. 

Or, you might be prescribed with drugs that may worsen your existing health problems. In fact, the healthcare institution may have limited human resources to do the transcription jobs. 

Instead of doing the transcription, they had better allocated their time and energy managing the patients and have an Indonesian professional transcription do the transcription for them.

The following are some reasons behind the importance of medical transcription in healthcare service:



A Reference for Healthcare Professionals

As discussed above, medical transcription is the first step in creating medical history of the patients. 

Medical history becomes a reference for doctors and other healthcare professionals in determining the need for medical interventions or future visits. 

The right medical history allows the physicians to evaluate the patient’s current condition, design the right treatment plan, and arrange follow-up measures.

Therefore, accuracy of medical transcription is of high importance. 

Even a small error may lead to serious impacts, wrong intervention, and wrong decision-making by the healthcare professionals. 

This finally leads to fatal consequences for the patient. Therefore, the healthcare institution needs an Indonesian transcription agency to handle the transcription job professionally.


Enhancing Communication

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Indonesian Transcription Agency

A patient may be treated by more than one physician. A proper medical history allows communication among the doctors. 

The doctors can consider the history of drug use and medical intervention before prescribing another intervention or drug regimen for the current health problems. 

For instance, you might have dental problems and visit a dentist for treatment. 

Then, if the dentist sees that you previously took prescription for hypertension, he may prescribe dental medicine that is less likely to trigger high blood pressure.

The same benefit applies for other healthcare professionals like nurses and support teams. 

By learning your medical history, they can arrange the right management and watch for warning signs related to the current or the previous health conditions. 

Medical records may also be functional in recommending laboratory checks for you.


Assisting in Billing Process

Working with an Indonesian professional transcription agency is also helpful in financial matters. 

Your medical records will be used by the healthcare institution to bill your insurance company. In this case, any error may potentially lead to financial and even legal problems. 

On the other hand, a correct medical record minimizes the risks of error in claims and reimbursement.


Complying with The Law

In addition, maintaining a correct medical record is a legal requirement in all countries. 

Nobody wants to be involved in a legal conflict, right? In case that it happens to you, medical records may be a life saver for you. 

Medical documents like these could be required during the legal process. 

For instance, a patient might sue a healthcare institution if he feels that he had been prescribed with wrong medicine, which leads to complications or fatal consequences. In this case, a medical record will become a very important document.


Indonesian Transcription Agency: How it Helps?

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Indonesian Transcription Agency

Healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other healthcare practitioners are among the most stressful jobs in the world. 

They cannot waste their time listening to audio contents and make healthcare decisions upon them. What they do may determine the patients’ lives. 

There should not be any mistakes in their decision. Therefore, working with an Indonesian transcription agency is the choice to make sure that the transcription is accurate.

Partnership with a transcription agency may come in different formats, depending upon agreement between both parties. 

The medical transcriptionist may work as an independent partner and do only the jobs based on the order from the healthcare institution. 

Alternatively, the Indonesian transcription agency may appoint a team of medical transcriptionists to work in the partners’ office for an agreed period. 

Both parties can agree the schemes, depending upon the work volume, time frame, transcriptionists’ competence, and many more.