Indonesian transcription companies

Indonesian Transcription Companies: The Results of a Pandemic

The corona virus pandemic requires most people to stay at home. 

Those who were used to working from the office now work from home. Businesses and organizations as well use video conference at much higher frequency that they once were. 

As a result, the organizations now have many recorded meeting. Preparing the minutes of meetings becomes another challenge. 

Fortunately, Indonesian transcription companies are offering the solution. 

The transcription agency prevents the workflow at the office from slowing down since the staff spends much time transcribing the recorded meetings manually.


Indonesian Transcription Companies: The Benefits that Can be Obtained

Indonesian transcription companies

Indonesian transcription companies

With the rise of online video conferencing technology, there is no question on the importance of virtual meetings for business survival. 

The business owners or the managers can hold a regular virtual meeting for evaluation, capacity building, training, innovation, and many more. 

In case of limited human resources in your organization, hiring a member of staff to do the transcribing tasks manually is not a good choice. 

This may lead to several problems, including:

  • Slowing down your documentation process, since it may take the employee so long to transcribe all the audio files. This will be a huge waste of time.
  • Bringing the costs up, since you have to pay all the operational costs related to the transcription jobs, including extra salary or overtime. The costs may be higher than the transcription services rates.
  • Higher risk of error. Since the employee works under the pressure of time and extra jobs, the risks of error with the transcribed texts become much higher. In addition, the staff may not be experienced in transcribing audio files. This can be a huge waste of energy.

The situation will be different if you have the transcription tasks done by the Indonesian transcription companies

You can keep the workflow on the top of the workload as long as you can manage all the resources effectively. 

Therefore, if you want to grow your organization into a larger one, make sure to streamline the administrative tasks. 

Working with a professional transcription agency provides you with the following benefits:

  1. Improving workflow. Thanks to the minimal delay in administrative tasks. With the transcripts at hand, your staff can speed up the process of preparing meeting minutes, field reports, policy briefs, data analysis, and many more.
  2. Improving Focus. Your employees or team members do not need to spend lengthy time listening to the recordings. Transcripts of the recorded meetings allow the team to focus on their tasks.
  3. Improving the Content Usability. A meeting may discuss topics, which may be relevant for different divisions. For instance, a regular evaluation meeting may discuss many things, from marketing strategy, financial aspects, to staffing. These topics are handled by different divisions.
  4. Guarantee of information confidentiality. A professional transcription agency has a standard operating procedure, which forbids the agency to expose any kind of information related to the clients.


Indonesian Transcription Companies: What Influence Transcription Services Rates

Indonesian transcription companies

Indonesian transcription companies

Now, you may wonder the amount of money you have to pay for the transcription service, right? 

Actually, transcription services rates vary widely from an agency to another. In general, the following are some factors that influence the rate you have to pay:


  • Turnaround time

If you just submit a recorded meeting and want the transcription ready overnight, you may have to pay extra costs, since the transcriptionist team may have to work overtime or there must be more members in the team.


  • Length of the file

A one-hour recorded meeting certainly takes fewer costs than a 2-hour meeting does. The Indonesian transcription companies services consider the length of the file while calculating the costs. 

Some agencies calculate the costs per hour, per line, per page of the transcript, or per transcription time, depending upon the characters of the audio files.


  • Subject matters

Recorded meetings for legal purposes may need extra work. The same case applies for topics that require specialties. 

These influence the number of members in the team of transcriptionists. At certain cases, the transcriptionists may have to work with external parties to ensure the accuracy of the transcript.


  • Audio conditions

You may pay higher of audio files that include problematic audio like noisy background, being too quiet, many distortions, too many speakers, fast speakers, and many other conditions.


  • Extra services 

If you need extra services like verbatim transcription, timestamps, or in-house transcription service, you have to be prepared to pay more. 


At certain cases, the clients may ask the team of transcriptionists to work in-house as a way to protect the data from breach or virus attacks.

Many transcription agencies are ready to help you. 

Whether you run a business whose employees work from the distance, a medical institution that deals with many recorded files, a research institute that deals with many field studies, or any other types of business, working with Indonesian transcription companies will be a great advantage.