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Indonesian Translation Services

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English – Indonesian Translation Services


We realize that skill is obtained by experience and hard work. We own both and will serve our client the optimum English – Indonesian Translation Services by maximizing our competence.


We Translate English to Indonesian (vice versa) professionally by dedicating human powered translation. Therefore, the results will be “natural” since the translation products are created by human language capabilities and comprehension-based skills.


We know that clients want to get the results on time. Thus, we will always be punctual in sending English – Indonesian Translation Services by the due deadline.


We will scrutinize the text and search the possible audiences for every work. So we will be able to Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia and produce result of the same quality as the source text.


We keep our clients’ identity safe. We will not reveal our clients’ confidentiality and Translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English based on special request as well.


Good product of English – Indonesian Translation Services should be tailored with skills, experience, and the art of language comprehension. However, we still offer a competitive price in order to give the utmost satisfaction.

Who Are We?

Bee Happy Trans has been dedicated to give the utmost clients’ satisfaction in English – Indonesian Translation Services. We work in team to serve you the high-end quality of translation project.

  • We are experienced.
  • We are one stop solution to translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English.
  • We are a credible and competent.
  • We are human powered English – Indonesian Translation Services.
  • In Conclusion? We are the rightest and pre-eminent Indonesian Document Translation solution for your projects.



Once you need the help for English – Indonesian Translation Services for your company document or website, you will see Bee Happy Trans is there.

indonesia web localization services

Website Localization

Choose us for your Indonesian Website Localization and Small to big Business Translation needs. Increase your chance to win the market by localizing your company website.

editing and proofreading services indonesia

Proofreading & Editing

To perform our task in Indonesian Proofreading and Editing Services, we have second and third translators to perform editing and proofreading to check the quality of the first translation.

indonesian transcription web services


Specializing in Indonesian Transcription Services, we serve conversion of speech into written text documentation.

Indonesian Bahasa Virtual Assistant for Business

Virtual Assistant

Bee Happy Trans is one click away if you are interested to have Indonesian Virtual Assistant for all of your office administrative tasks.

Internet Research & Telemarketing

Internet Research & Telemarketing

Can you imagine the fastest shortcut to promote your brand and services in order to grasp public brand awareness of your newly launched product or service? Here, we offer a solution for Indonesian Market Research.

Need Indonesian language service?

Bee Happy for Business

Whatever your business, no matter the size, Bee Happy provides high-end English – Indonesian Translation Services at affordable budget. We work with you to create a custom solution to fit your needs.

English – Indonesian Linguistic Skills

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Indonesian Website Localization
Indonesian Consecutive Interpretation
Indonesian Editing & Proofreading
Indonesian Transcription
Indonesian Virtual Assistance
Indonesian Market Research & Telemarketing



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Virtual Assistance


Internet Research and Telemarketing


Editing & Proofeading

What others say about us

Thank you very much for your help with my meetings in Malang. The interpreter did a good job and it was a pleasure working with him. As I mentioned, it is likely that we will have additional visitors to Malang in the comings weeks who will also need interpretation services – I’m sure they will be contacting you. (April 28, 2015).

Evan FoxBusiness Development

“Evi has recently joined our team of freelance translators. She has worked on a prestigious monthly economic report and our end client was delighted with the quality of the translation.” (2013)

Michelle RennoManagerCicero

“Responsible, hard working and ready to understand employer needs.” (February, 2015)


Excellent translator” (2014)

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