Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

Indonesian Audio Transcription: Using Transcription Software

The practice of transcribing human speech into text has been around since many years ago. 

In the last several years, the process of Indonesian audio transcription has been made easier and faster with transcription software. 

The same case applies for any other languages. Some factors contribute to the wider use of transcription software, including speed, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility.

Using transcription software is the choice if you need the transcripts as soon as possible. Machine transcription works much faster than human transcriptionists do. 

Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

You turn the recorded human speech into texts within a few minutes, and it really saves your time. 

Moreover, using machine transcription is a cost-effective way of turning the audio files into written formats.  

You can even get the transcription for free, as a number of websites offer free online transcription services.

In addition, online transcription services are easier to be accessed. What you need to do is just visit the website, upload the audio files, and do the process. 

Then, you will get the results within a few minutes. On the other hand, transcription services may not be available in any region. 

However, the next question is, “Is the transcription software enough to answer your needs?”

Indonesian Audio Transcription: Is Machine Transcription Enough?

The answer to the question is relative to your needs. If speed matters the most, transcription software may answer your needs. 

However, if accuracy and quality are very crucial for you, then machine transcription does not help. 

Even with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, machine transcription is never enough to meet your high quality and accurate transcription need. 

The transcription software has some gaps, which can only be met by human transcriptionists.

Transcription software works by means of two processes, namely voice recognition and text conversion. 

The Indonesian transcribe audio to text software recognizes the voice of human speech and then converts it into text.  

Transcription software is at a disadvantage when it comes to speech recognition. When the human speech is pretty clear and to the point, transcribing it into written format is relatively simple. 

However, the settings in which the speech is recorded may vary widely.

A variety of settings makes the transcription process more challenging. In such situations, transcription software is not adequate. 

The following are some details that point to the weakness of transcription software:

Audio Settings

Background noise is the most common form of audio difficulty. There may be cases where the speech is recorded in an outdoor setting, where the noise is even louder than the speaker’s speech. 

Instances include interviews in settings such as the market or other public areas. In such situations, it is hardly possible for transcription software to produce accurate transcripts

Other audio difficulties include whispering, stuttering, or mumbling as the speakers talk. 

Qualities and specifications of the devices used to record the speech may also pose additional challenges for the transcription tasks, as they may produce echoes and audio distortions.

Accents and Fast Talks

Every individual has a unique style in communication. There must be cases, in which the speakers use local accents or they talk too fast. 

For instance, there are so many different dialects and accents in Indonesia, which may pose special challenges for Indonesian audio transcription software.

As a result, the software may fail to recognize the speech and convert it into text accurately due to mishears. 

Unless the transcripts are proofread and corrected by human transcriptionists, the text produced by the software may be useless for you. 

Variety in the Software Specifications

Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

Indonesian Audio Transcription Software

The transcription software is developed by different builders and supported by different technologies. Accordingly, specifications and capabilities of the software vary widely. 

One thing is certain, namely, the transcription software is not designed to recognize local names, unique terms, and local jargon. 

Then, the software will find words that sound most similar to the speech, while the meaning can be totally irrelevant.

Furthermore, variety in the software specifications may come from the supporting technology. There are many options of audio-to-text converter technology. 

You cannot find out what technology is behind a software app. 

Even one that is supported by AI technology still poses an error margin of about 15 percent. What about the technology that dates back to seven years ago? Moreover, The transcripts produced by transcription software still need proofreading and editing by human beings. 

It cannot produce customized transcripts, for instance, when you need a transcript in specific formats.

In conclusion, transcription software can answer your needs if speed and cost matter the most for you. 

However, if quality and accuracy are your main priorities, you have to work with an Indonesian audio transcription agency supported by human transcriptionists. 

You may need to pay the service at higher rates, but the transcripts will benefit you in many ways.