Indonesian transcription software

Indonesian Transcription Software: Function of the Software

Analysis on call center conversation or customer service recordings may provide the companies with rich information on what is going on in their business. 

Indonesian transcription software may help in transcribing recorded conversations or videos before analysis is done. 

Conversations with the customer are important and can provide valuable information for the decision-making process. 

They can tell the companies about market trends, agent performances, customer service performance, product quality, and customer emotions and expectations.

The transcription software helps in transcribing Indonesia audio to text, which is then used for analysis. 

Voice recognition software is used to transcribe the recorded conversations. 

The software refers to an application, which is supported by speech recognition algorithms to recognize the spoken languages. 

The question is, “Is the available Indonesia transcription software dependable enough to provide accurate information?”

Indonesian Transcription Software: The Problems

Indonesian transcription software

Indonesian transcription software

On one hand, the voice recognition software works in a simple way. 

It can be easily used anytime and anywhere since the software is mostly available online. The results may be obtained immediately. 

On the other hand, to transcribe audio to text Indonesia, users still face a number of problems, including:


Background Noises

Nobody can guarantee if all the customer service conversations occur under a noise-free environment. 

The process of transcribing audio is commonly intervened with background noise and loud environments. 

Recognizing the speech becomes more challenging if there is too much background noise. 

This may not be a problem with recorded customer service conversations. However, this may be the case with speeches in public spaces or crowded rooms. 

In this situation, Indonesian transcription software may not work optimally. In some cases, the background noise can be reduced by using additional devices. 

This means additional costs for the businesses.


Quality of the Audios

The transcription software depends upon voice recognition algorithms in transcribing the audio. 

As a result, the quality of the audio determines the transcribing process. 

In fact, some factors may influence the process of transcribing audio contents into text. They include the following:

  • Quality of the speaker’s voice.
  • Dialects and accents. The transcription software may be unable to identify colloquial terms or jargons.
  • Quality of the speakers. If the recording equipment is not supported with a high-quality speaker, the quality of the audio may be poorer.
  • Whether the dialogue is scripted or not.

If the audio quality is poor, perhaps, only a certain percentage of the contents is usable for further analysis. 

In case of poor audio quality, some problems usually found in the transcribed texts include overlapping speech, unintelligible words, mispronounced words, and inaudible speech. 

As a result, the text may not provide data and information, which can be further analyzed.


Technical Problems

Indonesian transcription software

Indonesian transcription software

Apart from the capability of end-users in transcribing the audio contents, technical problems during the conversations or speech may determine the transcription process. 

Persons who record the conversations or speech must be properly trained to use the recording tools. 

On the other hand, the Indonesian transcription software must also be designed to understand the tone of voice, local accents, diction, colloquial terms, and many more. 

In fact, most of the transcription apps are developed for general use.

Moreover, problems may occur because of psychological issues. Let’s take recorded conversations in medical settings as instance. 

An old-age patient may be nervous if they realize that their speech is recorded, particularly since they speak in front of a doctor. 

As a result, some parts of the speech may be inaudible, thus making it more difficult for transcribing the audio contents.


Compatibility Issues

Users of the transcription software may be facing hardware and software compatibility issues. 

The software may not be compatible with the PC or laptop or hardware tool used for transcribing the audio content. 

Similarly, the users may choose wrong software, which is unable to identify audio contents with specific dialects or accents. 

In other cases, the voice recognition software may need regular updates. In medical settings, for instance, the hospitals or health institutions may not be prepared to upgrade the software regularly. 

As a result, some features may not work and the transcription process is not optimal.


Security Issues

Most of the transcription software apps are available online. Not all of them are supported by an adequate security system. 

As a result, they may be hacked by unscrupulous persons. Under such a circumstance, the application may not work optimally. 

More dangerously, the audio contents may lose due to hijacking or due to virus attacks.


In conclusion, Indonesian transcription software may help much in transcribing audio contents for instant results. 

However, if you need to transcribe audio contents containing confidential data and information, hiring a professional transcription service agency that can be held responsible for data security and confidentiality could be a better consideration.

Working with a professional transcription service agency is a better choice if you look for a high-quality transcription. 

Make sure that the agency is supported by a dedicated team of professionals, who have been experienced doing the job.