Indonesian certified translation

Indonesian Certified Translation Services

To choose the a good fit Indonesian translation service is somewhat challenging.

Clients have to find the professional translation service with years of experience and background.

Besides, it will be important to find only a certified service.

Anything with a certification will perform a professional service.

Some of translation companies use Indonesian certified translation service to provide a better translation for some kinds of document.

One way to show a reliable profile is through certified translation service.

However, some people still feel confused about it. Most of the time, a certified translation is given a similar description as a notarized translation. However, the two terms are totally different.

There is actually a huge difference between the two terms. Each of the terms is applied to different documents and purposes as well.

Though there is only one basic definition for the certified translation, we can actually find many definitions for this term:

Certified translation simply means the result of the translation is proven to be accurate with an official statement.

The translator is often called by the language service provider in this professional translation system. They will issue a signed statement with an official content. The statement declares the translation result is accurate. Besides, the document will state the results are based on the original document.

When will the translators need to use the statement?

Indonesian certified translation is important and required for legal documents.

Legal documents are not only the documents needed for trials but also ones issued by government authorities.

Those legal texts require Indonesian certified translation. Some of the examples of legal documents are:

  1. Documents for marriage including the marriage books and divorce certificate

    Indonesian certified translation

    Indonesian certified translation

  2. Birth certificates and death certificates
  3. Documents for visa and immigration requirements
  4. Transcription for court
  5. Business contracts and companies administration
  6. Service agreements and employment contracts
  7. Adoption agreements

Sometimes, the source documents are written in unofficial language and composition structure.

It is the job of the translator to create the most appropriate content.

Indeed, it is not the job of the translators to revise the original content.

However, the translators are responsible for providing the best and most accurate documents.

Therefore, it will be important to create a well-written with the official language in the translation products.

Do only certified translators provide a Indonesian certified translation?

This is a common confusion in the translation service. People need to know certified translators are those who have passed some examination and certification to get the certificate.

Meanwhile, the certified translation is the product validated by a statement.

Therefore, both are different terms.

It means, not all certified translation is produced by a certified translator.

We do not have to question the quality since many uncertified translators are experts in the field.

So, as long as a translation product is completed and submitted along with the signed official statement, the product of translation is reliable and certified.

The statement submission proves the accuracy of the results.

Why is Indonesian certified translation a must for official documents, legal documents, and other essential source texts?

Indonesian certified translation is necessary because it gives a legal record.

In the target language’s country, the authorities will not question the originality once the documents have been translated with accuracy statement or certificate.

Indonesian certified translation

Indonesian certified translation

The legal record provides better evidence that the texts are legal.

That is why the government requires the submission of the documents.

Legal paperwork and trial transcript also need to be translated with the Indonesian certified translation procedure.

This is important when the case takes place in a country with different language. The printed evidence of the case should therefore be translated with the legal statement.

Indonesian certified translation is always required mostly for any immigration documents. Those who are applying for a visa like temporary visit visa, employment visa, tour visa, spouse visa, or residency visa will need to use the official translation.

Even, some countries require the immigrants to translate all of the personal documents into English with the certified translation service.

Besides, students preparing to study abroad will need to also use the service of Indonesian certified translation for various documents required. It is common that foreign students need to register in the selected schools, sign for the house leasing, join the local community, apply for insurance services and various others.

Therefore, it is important to translate document from Indonesian to English accurately.

We can now find the professional translators serve Indonesian certified translation online.

The service will receive the task with no hassle.

It will be easy to get a reliable translation result as we find the best translation agency online.

For more information on finding a reliable translation agency for your Indonesian language project, please read INDONESIA TRANSLATION AGENCY: PROFESSIONALISM FOR THE CLIENTS’ SUCCESS.


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