translation agency in Indonesia

Are you in the process of building a business in Indonesia?

When arriving at this country, you may be surprised with many things, particularly those related to its multi-cultural society.

If this is the first time for you to have business in this country, translation agency in Indonesia will be an important companion for you, particularly at the beginning phase of your business.

The following facts explain the reasons.

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia. It is spoken by almost all of the population. The country recognizes Bahasa Indonesia as a unifying language.

Why? When you are in Indonesia, you will be amazed with so many regional languages and local dialects spoken in this country.

For instance, there are Javanese language, Balinese language, Minangkabau language, Batak language, Sundanese language and many more.

Translation Agency in Indonesia as Your Partner

In addition, you will find different dialects in each of the local languages. For instance, Batak language has more than six different dialects.

The same fact applies for other colloquial language. Therefore, Bahasa Indonesia unifies them all. So, what makes translation agency in Indonesia important for you? Here is why.

Influences of Local Languages

Since being at the primary school level, children in Indonesia are taught that Bahasa Indonesia is the combination of local and foreign language. As there are so many different languages in this country, even communication in Bahasa Indonesia is affected by the local languages.

For instance, local people can easily identify a Batak native speaker from a Javanese speaker when communicating in Bahasa Indonesia. The differences can be identified from the intonations, pronunciation, pitches, and diction.

translation agency in Indonesia

translation agency in Indonesia

In other words, the standard form of Bahasa Indonesia is rarely found in daily communication. Foreign language speaker in Indonesia can rarely identify the differences, while native speakers know them well. The language you find in text books, news broadcasts, or formal publication can be significantly different from those spoken in daily life.

More interestingly, some native Indonesia cannot even speak in formal language. Unless they are well educated and are required to do so in their career, people of Indonesia mostly use informal languages. For instance, the words “nggak” and “tidak” both mean “no.” However, the former is only used in informal context while the latter is used in formal communication.

Therefore, if you need to translate a document into formal form of Bahasa Indonesia, having a translation service agent do it is the only option for you.

Influences of Foreign Languages

As mentioned above, Bahasa Indonesia is heavily influenced by foreign languages. They are primarily Dutch, Sanskrit, English, and Arabic languages, even though you can also find the influence of other languages like Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. This traces back to the history of colonialisms in this country. You will find some terms that is close to one of those languages.

Bahasa Indonesia recognizes the formation of words with affixation, reduplication, or compound words. However, not all of adapted words are formally recognized by the Indonesian Dictionary. Therefore, even translators in professional legal translation services may need to look up Indonesian Dictionary to confirm the use of some words.

Difference in Grammar and Phonetics

translation agency in Indonesia

translation agency in Indonesia

This is actually common in languages around the world. The differences in grammar and phonetics between English and Bahasa Indonesia are quite high.

Bahasa Indonesia does not recognize tenses, like past and future, as found in English. As a result, there are regular or irregular verbs. Bahasa Indonesia does not recognize singular vs plural forms of noun. Instead, it uses repetition for plural forms.  The differences in grammar are found in many other aspects.

The two languages are also phonetically different. Bahasa Indonesia is written in the Latin alphabet. It is phonetically consistent, while English is not. As a result, Indonesian people find it hard to adjust their ‘tongue’ with the inconsistent phonetics in English. They may master the vocabularies, but pronunciation is a different thing. Differences in phonetic aspects become significant when it comes to interpreter services.

Translation Agency in Indonesia: The Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for translation services or interpreter, going to legal translation agency in Indonesia is the best option.

Translators are selected carefully to confirm their language proficiency. They may come from different regions in Indonesia, but you will get translation in standard languages.

The agency only chooses native speakers with confirmed proficiency, both in written and verbal languages. The skilled translators can identify the contexts, in which the documents will be used.

Furthermore, whether you are looking for translation services for business documents, legal documents or website localization, Indonesian language translator offers you one-stop services. For any enquiry, contact here.


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