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As internet technology grows globally, the values of websites and apps also grow. Now, website and apps become one of the most important marketing tools that businesses have. A professional business website is a valuable asset for businesses in the ever-tightening competitive environment. As a result, website and app localization from translation service agent becomes more important too. Why? If you want to target global visitors, you cannot rely upon a single-language website only. 


Translation Service Agent and Localization Services

Website and app localization is a part of translation services to build a website or app that is available in some language versions. Localization is literally defined as translation of website or app contents into one or more target language. Is it only about translating the contents? In fact, localization includes adjustment of socio-cultural aspects of the digital contents. The following are some reasons why website localization services from translation service agent are increasingly important:


  • To Address Language Barrier

Translation Service Agent

Businesses invest much in building a website that have great contents, eye-catching graphics, and SEO-optimized contents is not without any reasons. However, the often overlook a crucial thing, namely, language. Localization service is important if you want to attract new visitors from different country. If your target audience is speakers of more than one language, localization is a must.

You can put valuable information on your business, products, and services on your website. However, what if the visitors cannot get the idea due to language barriers? A business website can be an effective marketing tool if it provides understandable information to its visitors. It must be clear and acceptable to the visitors.



  • Visitors Prefer Native Language

Imagine the situation in which you are looking for an important product. When browsing the internet, you can find it. However, when you visit a website where the product is found, you cannot understand the language. What will you do? You will certainly find a website that is available in a language that you understand, right?

Studies on the behavior of internet users found that most internet users prefer websites and apps with contents written in their native language. It is more likely that they will explore a website or app it is available in the language that they can understand, regardless of their proficiency in the language.

English proficiency plays a crucial role in how businesses present their website. You can see that most websites are available in English version. However, if you target audience in non-English speaking countries, you need to make sure that they can get the information on your website. Localization of web or app contents from translation services agents is the answer.


  • Quality Matters the Most

That the website contents are presented in your native tongue is not a guarantee that you will happily explore the contents across the web page. Why? You certainly have an experience of visiting a website that is built professionally and presented in your native tongue and a website with poorly developed contents. Which one comforts you?

It is natural if you prefer a professional website. Incorrectly translated of out-of-context contents provide a negative impression about a website. You will question the quality of people behind the poorly developed web or digital apps.  Localization of website and app content will enhance the impression about your business. You can draw new visitors by overcoming the language barrier they have.


  • Socio-Cultural Details Still Matter
Translation Service Agent

Translation Service Agent

When visiting a website or using an app, you deal not only with the text contents or images. Instead, you use all the information available on the web pages to optimize your search. There might be a situation, in which details of the website are not adjusted to the socio-cultural contexts of your language. 

Details like time zone, slang words, color terms, shape terms, weigh measurements, metric measurements are among the examples. For instance, people in Asian countries like Indonesia are more comfortable using metric measures in centimeters instead of inch. They also prefer weigh measures in kilograms instead of pounds. These are examples of details that are shaped by socio-cultural backgrounds. Localization services from translation service agent need to bear them in mind.


Localization is Important for SEO

Another reason to look for localization service for your website and digital contents is that a localized website is a powerful factor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The SEO is important to attract new organic traffic from the target-language countries you choose. SEO is not about socio-cultural values. Instead, it influences how the search engine acts on your website. It boosts your domain authority, and finally, improves the ranking of your website on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Finding a  professional translation service agent can be a challenging task. will be your partner in delivering localization services for your website or app contents. Contact us now to get started. Our helpdesk are ready to assist you at any time.