Indonesia agent translation service

Indonesia is a growing market with numerous potential areas on business. Significant progress on the government system recently has enabled the country to offer much easier requirements for investment. That is why more and more multi-national enterprises are looking forward to opening their business in Indonesia. Along with the growing economy, Indonesia agent translation service is more important. One thing to note is that Bahasa Indonesia has significant different rules from English.


Professional Indonesia Agent Translation Service

Indonesia agent translation service

Indonesia agent translation service

Whether you need to translate documents from English to Indonesia, or vice versa, having them translated by professional translators is the right choice. Here are some reasons:

Different Linguistics

Bahasa Indonesia is linguistically different from English in many aspects. For instance, in Bahasa Indonesia, there is a role object + adjective. Meanwhile, English has adjective + object rules. When the words are translated word per word, the meaning will sound awkward. In addition, Bahasa Indonesia does not recognize articles like the as found in English. Such differences are found in different aspects of both languages.


In addition, Bahasa Indonesia has adopted and adapted many words in English. These words have been included into the Indonesian Master Dictionary (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia). For instance, words with suffix –ion in English are converted into words with suffix ­­–si in Bahasa Indonesia. For instance, interpretation becomes interpretasi in Bahasa Indonesia. However, the rules do not apply for all words with suffix –ion.


Different Cultural Backgrounds

One thing to note is language can be a significant barrier in Indonesia. Many people are not familiar with English in this country. Furthermore, Indonesia is known for its multi-cultural backgrounds. Every ethnic has different colloquial languages.


Translating documents is not only about translating words, sentences, articles or texts. It is also about interpreting the cultural background of the countries. Some English words may not have exactly similar equivalents in Indonesia or vice versa. English to Indonesian translation services must also consider these aspects. Why?

  • Use of Indonesian equivalent for the words must refer to the cultural background of the area, where the business is established.
  • Different cultures have different taboos, which may affect diction in the formal and legal texts.

Accordingly, having the documents translated by native speakers is the best solution. Make sure to find a translation agency, which has qualified and experienced translators.

Indonesia agent translation service

Indonesia agent translation service

How Indonesian Agent Translation Service Helps You

The Indonesia agent translation service selects the native translators based upon their experience, educational background and passion. Therefore, by dealing with professional translation service, you get the following benefits:


Accurate results

This means that the document you receive is not only translated word by word. Instead, Indonesian translators tend to interpret the text based upon the cultural background of the country. Accurate results also mean the translation service considers how the documents will be used. For instance, legal documents like statutes, decrees, and contracts have different language from medical documents do.


Timely services

The translation service is supported by dedicated teams that work with passion and happiness. Therefore, you can receive the documents back in your emails on time. Even if you have a long journal or a book to translate, the team work as a solid unity to meet the deadline. Timely service is achieved with the combination of professional teams and online services, which allow the agency and the clients to communicate in an effective way.


Proofread document

There is a special team to proofread your documents before sending them back to you. Proofreading requires a certain process to ensure the document is free from grammatical errors, diction errors, typos and many more. Even small mistakes like typos may have significant impacts on the owner. This can be dangerous, particularly for legal documents. Errors and documents can make the documents void!


Linguistic Validation

More importantly, the translation agency also helps you in Indonesian Linguistic Validation. This service is helpful when you want to have your documents validated from Indonesian linguistic aspects. As discussed above, Bahasa Indonesia is significantly different from English. This service helps you minimize and even avoid misinterpretation and ambiguity, which are common in the translated version of documents.


Are you ready to conquer the growing market of Indonesia? Make sure to prepare all the required documents of your business in Indonesia version. Indonesian agent translation service helps you solve the problems. Accurately translated documents help you in streamlining the business establishment procedures. They also minimize the risk of lawsuit, which may happen due to ambiguous interpretation of a phrase or sentence.


Feel in need of the service at the moment? Drop us an email here.


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