Translate English to indonesian Document

Translate English to Indonesian Document for Legal Purpose

Similarly to other professions, translators have to live with a good habit in order to be a professional translator. Indeed, the main requirement for a good translator is to be fluent in two languages. The mother tongue will be the first and foreign languages are also crucial.


In Indonesia, translators have to master English because many of the documents to translate and clients for interpretation project usually use English. Translate English to Indonesian document with a perfectly accurate result is no longer a hard problem.

Translate English to Indonesian Document

Translate English to Indonesian Document

Professional translation agencies are ready to help as well. Translation service agent in Indonesia has a sound knowledge in translation and interpretation on all topics and fields.


Besides the linguistic skill, there are actually many other skills required by a translator. For instance, the translators should be intelligent in various topics. It is crucial to be intellectually curious. When people are curious, they will love to handle various topics and even the hardest materials will not matter. In addition, the translators should be open-minded. The level of language skills will be necessary. However, it is more important that they are opened in any new developments and technology.


In Indonesia, English is not a major language. However, the companies, institutions, and even academic requirements require people to perform an excellent English. Even, to translate English to Indonesian document should be done professionally once a corporation deals with international clients or business partners. That is why translation companies are needed. The services include legal translation services. Indonesians also need to use the service to translate various immigration documents, legal contracts, and academic certificates to register in foreign countries colleges and other institutions.


Translators’ Good Habits to Translate English to Indonesian Document


1.Linguistically Accurate

To be a professional translator, language skill is a must. However, some habits related to language is more important. For instance, translators have to be careful in using the conjunction. To use repeatedly similar conjunction will not be beautiful for the overall content of the translation results. Besides, a translator has to apply the habit of rechecking the contextual translation.

To always refer to the dictionary is not essential. Yet, it will be better to always consult the online dictionary in case the words do not perfectly fit the text flawlessly.

The habit of using the right punctuation and standard format is also crucial.

To translate English to Indonesian document should also be experienced in the application of grammar and axioms. Therefore, they need to always read the sentences within the right context. If possible the translators have to master slang and euphemisms inside the source and targeted languages.


2.Translation service agent should be updated

Translate English to Indonesian Document

Translate English to Indonesian Document

The habit of improving vocabularies and updated the tools determine the accuracy of translation product. Computer skills are essential but it is more crucial to utilize the helpful tools to support the translation results. It will be better if the translators know how to design and draw using computers and applications. The habit of utilizing tools can improve the performance of the translators that will eventually increase their income.



Translate English to Indonesian document requires a hard work and passion. Besides, the translators have to be extremely professional. Therefore, the translators have to always maintain their professionalism habit. It is true that professionalism is not actually a habit but a mentality. Yet, it is good if the translators can insert the mentality into their daily habit. That way, they will do the jobs of any topics without hesitations.

In addition, they will do it in the due deadlines. Even, they can perform a business skill in a professional way as they have organized with the punctual and professional habit.


Those habits are not the only requirements for becoming a professional translator. People need to learn a lot to improve their skills. Besides, networks also determine the way translators handle the tasks. That is why online forum and translators community are excellent places where translators can go to and share their experiences. So, it is also suggested that the translators have the habit to get connected professionally. Translation service agent will get more potential clients as they open their profile in many sites. Positive habits build translation agents and individual translators to be more reliable.


With those habit lists, clients can check the professionalism of a service by observing the agency’s characters. They can check the background, portfolio, and profiles. The neat profile that shows excellent writing will show that the translators have good linguistic skills and habits.

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