Indonesian Document Translation

Indonesian Document Translation; the Crucial Factors in Producing High-quality Result

Translation is a work of art. People working outside translation industry may think that translation is a typing work. In their understanding, to transfer a language to another one is a mere typing a new text.

Indonesian document translation

Indonesian document translation

The fact is totally the opposite. Various elements of language should be implemented into the target texts. Professional translators must have most of the following important factors, not to mention translators working in Indonesian document translation.

What do translators need to have to be able to bring a flawless translation result?

1. Passion

Some countless factors make a translation perfect. The first thing to apply in order to make a good translation is a passion. This is one of the essential cores for bringing an accurate translation. Even a professional translator will be unable to improve their skills and create a flawless result if they do not have the passion for the work. Passion is the energy that makes translators do their best efforts to find the best equal diction or sentences for producing the most appropriate translation. Indonesian document translation does need this passion as well. Passion is the true knowledge source that translators utilize to keep on track while doing the job.

2. Content comprehension skills

The next crucial factor is the comprehension of the source language. Before finding the translation for the content, translators should really know the characters of the source language. Indeed, to translate document from Indonesian to English, professionals must know the grammatical pattern and structure of both languages well. However, it is important they also find the hardship of finding the equal structure in the target language. That way, they will not be too strict in controlling the translation style. It is almost impossible to have the exactly similar structure of language in two different languages. Therefore, the second thing to do is to comprehend the content meaning.

Most of the time, the meaning of a sentence does not have the same words in the target language. So, translators will need to transfer the meaning into different sentences. The expression might be unique or even totally unconventional. Yet, the core meaning should be the same. Sometimes, the meaning will not be the same but the translation has the similar connotation. This often occurs to the idiomatic translation. It is sometimes challenging to find the same expression. But every language must have a way to express the same idea. Translators need to have long experience for translating idiomatic expressions or cultural-based text.

3. The Art in Translation

It is the linguistic skill that makes a translation correct. Nevertheless, one factor makes a translation more flawless. It is the art of the linguistic factor. The translator needs to use the instinct and art when translation different kinds of text. In diverse kinds of text including law and science text, there will be words that need to be translated literally. In such situations, linguistic knowledge might be enough. However, when it is for poetic content like literature work or fiction, the art of language should be applied.

An accurate translation is not the one that is completed with exactly similar words but meaning. Consequently, to search the precise equal meaning is an essential thing. It will thus be mostly challenging translate figurative speech that relates to certain culture. Indonesian document translation for text with a strongly related cultural background requires deep understanding of Indonesian culture. Translators should be capable to find the equal figurative speech in the target language. If there is no translation for that speech, translators have to be able to generate an accurate

Translating Metaphoric Text

Texts with metaphoric expressions need more complex skills to be able translate English to Indonesian language. There is inevitably philosophy inside a metaphor. Consequently, translators face the challenge to

Indonesian document translation

Indonesian document translation

find the beautiful translation with equal meaning.

Inside a metaphor, there lies hidden moral message and local genius expressions. Therefore, only experienced translators with years of trial and errors can bring the most accurate translation of various terms on cultural-based texts.

Even if translators have achieved all of those skills, the translation products will not be satisfying without simplicity. After finding the most accurate translation, it is still crucial that translators use the simplest language that can run smooth. The natives should be able to read the results as an authentic text in the target language. All of those skills are not sufficient most of the time until the translators know how to make a translation product easy to read. It is thus critical people entrust the task of translation including Indonesian document translation to the professionals. Only those who are involved with the jobs for years will accomplish the tasks flawlessly.


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