Indonesian Legal Translation Services

Indonesian Translation Legal  Services

Legal translation simply means the translation procedure of a legal text from one source language into the targeted language.

Though it might sound simple, the procedure is hard and complicated. Some legal documents are even extremely difficult to translate because of the different culture and dictions.

The legal documents have to be translated absolutely perfectly. That is why; translators have to be very careful in handling Indonesian translation legal  services.


There are many dangerous risks of bad legal document translation results. Void contact and a huge financial cost are two most frequent risks to happen because of the bad translation products.

Because of the tough processes and the complex procedure of legal translation, translators have to go through years of experience to undertake the tricky job of legal document translation.

There are more than just perfect language and dictions in the Legal document experience services.


Indonesian Translation Legal Services Checklist:


1. Cultural Cases

One of the most essential factors is that the text should reflect the culture of the targeted language.

The text should thus abide the rules of the country. That is why, translators have to search the information related to the legal system.

Indonesian Legal Translation Services

Indonesian Legal Translation Services

In addition, translators need to have a perfect understanding the legal system. The translated text is designed for providing understanding for the audiences of the targeted language.

So, the best product of legal translation is the one that works well in delivering the information to the targeted audiences.

It is possible to simplify the legal translation as long as the language is well-fitted. Sometimes, the text does make legal sense compared to the original text.

However, if the products are flawless and understandable, the translators can finalize it.

Yet, it is important that the translators make a thorough research for finding the best results.



2. Document Types

The Indonesian translation legal services cover various kinds of legal documents. The text covers certificates of accuracy.

Witness statements and wills are some of the legal documents to translate. In addition, incorporation articles, trusts, contracts, litigation and even property labels are also often translated for various purposes.

The legal translation is not only hard due to the language but also because of the huge amount of document types.

The language will be different and the purposes of the translation can be varied as well. Some of the clients only ask the translators to do it for handling a financial contract.

Meanwhile, some people need the documents for an important immigration necessity. Even, some of the documents are needed for trials. Other types of documents are settlements, legislation, tax return, warranties, passport, corporate bylaws.


3. The Technical Sides

Of so many translation strategies, legal translation is the hardest because of the complex techniques to apply.

The hard thing is that the technique requires skills as well as cultural understanding for various areas.

It is simple to say that the legal translation should precisely translate the documents into the targeted language but the fact will not be that easy.

Indonesian Legal Translation Services

Indonesian Legal Translation Services

The accuracy should be outstanding and it will be hard if the source text is audio or videos. Inaccurate translation for legal documents will cause disputes, lawsuits, legal issues, and huge financial lost. So, the risks are no joke.

Among the legal translation types, criminal and civil legal translation services are the hardest.

The affiliations of the legal statements inside a document cannot always match the targeted country laws.

Therefore, the language transfer will be harder. Translators can possibly receive a court transcription to translate.

Besides, depositions, hearings, interviews, calls, police reports, and interrogation are some of the sources to handle.

In addition, academic legal translation is also one type of legal translation that is commonly ordered.

The clients are usually students of laws who need to use certain literature that contains the shared thoughts of laws from around the world.

The academic materials usually contain various terms on legal universe which need to get translated with precise translation.


Indonesian Translation Legal Services have to apply various requirements including the format of the text.

After that, the accuracy should be precise and outstanding. In addition, the language used should be formal and fits the context of the source and targeted documents.

In addition, the terms should be acceptable and works. The equal translation should cover the contents as well as purpose of the translation.

Translators need to make a thorough research for creating the best translation. In addition, they have to go through years of experience to master each of the legal text.


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