Document translated to Indonesian

Document Translated to Indonesian

Marketing is the most important factor sales. Therefore, when it is for document translated to Indonesian and relates to marketing, the translators have to work hard to meet the best standard.

Marketing takes the most expensive cost and the strategies of marketing determine the success of a production.

It is true marketing will be the most essential case for increasing the sales of a company.

The first and most important marketing strategy is to sell the company profile. The image of a company can be more standout with the right marketing system.

Besides, marketing language also place a corporation in the level and class that fits the company standard.

There are several types of marketing texts translators will see. The first is the copy writing for showing company profiles.

The companies need to look standout through the language. It is a little bit complicated to translate the profiles since some excellent diction will not sound similarly when translated.

Document translated to Indonesian

Document translated to Indonesian

It is important that corporations pick the best translations that can integrate culture and linguistic into the translated company profiles.

The powerful profiles will make companies reach visitors and potential clients/customers for their sales strategies.

Other type of marketing text is the brochure and printed advertisements. Mottos and slogans are important so translators have to be very careful.

In addition, the quality of products and marketing sentences should be both smooth and inviting. If it is for sales letter, landing page, and other copy writing products, translators have to stick on the marketing texts with powerful selling purposes.


Document Translated to Indonesian: How to Translate Marketing Text?

How to translate marketing text? There are actually several strategies used for document translated to Indonesian. Translators usually have to be creative and not too stiff in transferring the language.


1. See the Marketing Strategies beyond the Words

There will be a certain marketing style or specific marketing strategies a company apply in each of marketing text.

Before translating the documents, translators have to be able to see the audiences that the clients wish to meet.

The readers of the text are usually the targeted market of the clients. By seeing the audiences, translators can determine the styles of language to use.

The language styles for old customers will be different to the younger potential buyers. Also, the marketing styles should meet the updated conditions of the targeted country.

Translators have to be able to see that as well. It is true that translators have to keep the concept and content of text as it is.

Yet, it will be more acceptable to produce translation that fits the real purpose of the marketing text.


2. Find the Right Marketing/Equal Copy Writing

Document translated to Indonesian

Document translated to Indonesian

The language for marketing is unique and full of copy writing strategies. Translators should be able to see the rhyme and the methods in order to find the best translation.

It is sometimes hard to get the same impression on the targeted language. But professional translators will be able to do it.

The right dictions and equal copy writing will make the marketing texts remain powerful.

Corporates have to search for the best team to translate English Indonesia generous.

For a special job on marketing text, the translation strategy is special. A unique treatment is needed and thus corporations have to select translators based on their experiences on the same jobs.


3. Keep the Class of Products

Within each line on a marketing text, there is a special class of products that the company wants to deliver.

Besides, the tagline of a certain product usually has special purpose of marketing. Therefore, the translators have to be very careful when it is for this side of marketing text.

Translators need to read the entire document before starting to translate. That way, the translators can see the class or level of the products being marketed. The treatment will be totally different from legal document experience services.


In conclusion, translating marketing text requires experience, tricks, and of course skills. Translators have to be able to find the equal translation for showing the same marketing strategies compared to the original document translated to Indonesian.

In addition, it is important for the translators see the potential buyers or targeted market to translate the documents more precisely.

The dictions and translation styles need to match the audience of the targeted market. Clients should thus find the best translators who are experienced in marketing text to complete the task with standout quality.



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