translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

The need to translate document from Indonesian to English comes in many aspects of life. When you apply for a foreign university, for instance, you need to brings documents translated in the target-country language. The same thing applies for other purposes, like legal, business, or even foreign travel. The requirements for a translated document may vary with country. 

Understanding some terms in the translation service industry may help you decide which type of translated documents to prepare. In the legal translation domain, for instance, some technical terms are known. They include certified, legalized, and notarized translation. Let’s see how they differ to each other.

Types of Legal Translation Service


translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

1. Certified Translation

Any professional translator can provide certified translation services. In this case, the translator needs to sign a document, which states that the original document is translated accurately. The translated version serves as the replica of the original one. The translation service equips the translated document with a certificate of authenticity. If you hire a certified translator, the certificate of authenticity usually comes for no additional charge.

When do you need the certificated translation?  Certification enhances the element of formality. All parties that use the document are assured that the document has been translated by a qualified translator. Yes, the translator should certainly have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to translate documents from Indonesian to English, or vice versa, under a high professional standard. Examples of documents that may need certified translation include:

  • Documents to be used in court
  • Documents to be used in an immigration application
  • Documents to be used in University application
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Business contracts
  • Claim forms
  • Degree certificates
  • Court transcripts, like witness statements and evidence bundles
  • Death certificates

2. Legalized Translation

When you need to submit a document to an official body outside Indonesia, a foreign government agency, for instance, you may need a legalized translation. The process is mostly similar to notarized translation, with an additional step. The translators translate document from Indonesian to English and then take it to an authorized government agency.

The translated document is taken to a specific government office for reviews. Then, when the translated document is stated to be legal, the government agency legalizes it. In this way, the translated document has an equal force in law. Most translated documents, which will be submitted to government agencies outside Indonesia will mostly need legalization.

3. Notarized Translation

This type of translation service is a type of legal translation, with the additional requirement. The translation process is done by a professional translator. When the translators translate documents from Indonesian to English, a notary public witnesses the certification process. This is a more formal type of certified translation. The signing of the authenticity certificate is done in front of a notary public. Then, the notary signs the document too and finally stamps it.

In the legal domain, the signed and stamped document is called affidavit. Actually, few agencies require this level of translation verification. However, some schools and universities abroad require verification of application documents to minimize the risk of fraud. Documents like diplomas and course certificates may need to be verified by a notary public first. 

Actually, the notary public may be a member of the translation agency. However, in most cases, the translation agency collaborates with a notary public agency for the verification process.

How to Find Legal Translation Service

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

Therefore, if you wonder how certified translation is disguised from notarized translation, the latter has an additional process, namely verification by a notary public. The question is how and where to find a legal translation service in Indonesia? 

A number of translation agencies may claim to offer professional services, but few of them offer legal services, which involve certification legalization, or notarization. You are in the right place for such services. We are able to provide translation documents with guaranteed accuracy, thanks for the support of professional translators that specialize in a number of industries. 

We have certified translators and collaborate with reputable notary publics to meet your needs. We carefully selected the team of professional certified translators to ensure translation quality. We offer legal translation service for every need, including:

  • Court document translation
  • Legal document translation for birth certificates, death certificates, and diplomas
  • Translating documents to meet the requirement for university entrance
  • Business contracts
  • Certified translation services without additional charge
  • Travel documents, and many more

Furthermore, we allow you to monitor the process when our translators translate document from Indonesian to English. This is to make sure that you have the documents translated in the desired way. In this case, professional certified translators work in a team to ensure the quality as well as timeliness of the service. Get connected with us and our professional translators for instant quotes.