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For many people, translation is a very difficult task. This may be true since not any individuals can master foreign language well.

It becomes more challenging since translation combines language proficiency and writing skills. As a result, many people shift to machine to translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English.

However, can machine really help in producing accurate translation?

When to Use Machine to translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English?

Expert translators agree that machine only help translators in few ways. Machine translator cannot fully replace human being in producing accurate translations.

A machine is programmed to identify words and translate them from the source to target languages. However, machine tools may be helpful in certain ways, including:

Replacing Dictionary

Many translators do the task as a part-time job. They may translate document from English to Indonesia away from home, when they cannot bring a conventional dictionary.

When working online, the translators can use machine tools to look up difficult words, like idioms or colloquial terms.

There are many online apps to do the task. Looking up words using online machine tools can cut the time for doing the translation.

Summary Translation

What does this mean?

In certain cases, the translators can use machine translators to get ‘raw’ meaning of sentences or text.

They may be required to provide the summary of the text, instead of translating word per word or sentence per sentence.

In this case, machine tools cut the time required to get the general meaning of the text. Then, translators just need to summarize the text in their own language.

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

Rewrite Translation

Just like the translation for summary, this requires the translators to re-write the texts in their own language.

Clients may require the translators to produce original text by capturing only the main ideas in the text.

Then, they can produce a new authentic text. Machine tools can help in providing the general ideas of the text. Therefore, translators can do the task in a faster way.

Given the three conditions above, it can be concluded that machine tools serve only as ‘tools’. They can only facilitate the translators and make their tasks easier. Translators need to do the task manually to produce authentic and accurate results.

Why Choosing English to Bahasa Indonesian Translation Service?

Due to the limitations of machine translation tools, having English to Bahasa Indonesian translation service do the task is the solution for accuracy.

Using the services provide you with many benefits, which are not available from machine tools. The following are some advantages of human translation compared to machine tools:

Context Translation

As the translation is done by human being, the translation is highly accurate. This solves the problems found in machine tools.

For instance, machine only translates word by word. It does not recognize structural differences between the source and the target languages.

Meanwhile, human translators in English-Indonesia translation agencies master the two languages in a comprehensive way.

Going Beyond Structure

Sometimes, structural differences can differentiate the meaning. For instance, use of “Conditional If Type 1, 2, or 3” conveys different meanings. The machine cannot differentiate them.

Meanwhile, translators can do it in an accurate way. The same case applies for the use of time adverbs. English and Bahasa Indonesia have different structures. Only human translators can master them.

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English

Quality Process

Human translators can ensure the quality process of translation. They can translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English accurately by reviewing the work.

They can identify errors, typos, or inappropriate diction. Translators can also do the proofreading function. A quality process enhances customers’ satisfaction.

Creative Use of Language

In certain contexts, translators can do more than simply translating words or sentences. They can use the language creatively to make the text more interesting.

For instance, only human translators can use metaphors, puns, or slogans, as machine tools do not recognize them. In other words, human can identify contexts, in which literal translation is not a choice.

Simpler Process

Indonesian translation services have gone thorough significant advances in the last few years.

Now, translation services are available online. You can get free quotes on the tasks. Then, just submit the document and receive the translation on the agreed date.

Having human beings to translate English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English is a good choice if quality is your priority.

What you need to do is choosing a reputable agency, which offers quality translation at competitive rates.

Choose an agency with positive reviews from the real customers. For instance, you can check the testimony.

Then, you can focus on doing other jobs while the translation is handled by the professionals.

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