Translate English to Indonesian language

Translate English to Indonesian Language Professionally

Most of the time, to translate articles into English is way more difficult than to translate the English texts into Bahasa Indonesia. That makes the rate is slightly higher to translate English to Indonesian language with skills and professionalism. The translators have to be very fluent and well-experienced in picking the best idiomatic expressions and other languages English structure.


With the natural English, the translation products will be more flawless. Indonesia English document translation agency is experienced in handling various legal documents, manuals, books, and articles to translate into English.

Translate Indonesia English

Translate Indonesia English

Translation agency in Indonesia is experienced in handling both legal documents and academic texts at the same time. Indonesia certified translation charges clients with affordable rates of translation.


To be a professional translator is not a mere transferring word in different languages. Those who are bilingual are not automatically translators or interpreters. There are many requirements to fulfill before becoming a professional translator. Whether the translators want to do the jobs as freelancers or full timers, the skills are required. The translators have to own the ability to comprehend the context that creates meaning. In the target language, the translation should explain the meaning rather than to describe the words.


The challenging job as a translator requires a flexible talent and even an art. Those who are capable to feel the tone of languages will be able to be a good translator. It is necessary to find the best expression that can convey the same meaning and mood into the target language. They have to study various texts and experience various types of documents in order to master the most efficient translation. Language is innate and cultural related. There will always be the influence of culture inside the source language. Therefore, the translators have to be connected and understand the cultures instead of just the language.


Skills owned by Translation Agency in Indonesia

Translate Indonesia English

Translate Indonesia English

1.Listening Comprehension

We all know that the core of language mastery is by a good listening comprehension. All humans start learning to speak by listening to people around. Therefore, listening is the core of understanding a language.

In translation, listening capability is needed in order to understand the context of a source text. When the translators are good at listening to the entire mood and meaning of a source document, they will be capable of handling the text well. This will be also the key requirement for the interpreters. They do need to have a proper skill in listening so they can provide excellent interpretation performance.



Writing skills are the most essential ones for executing the translation well. Though some people believe that writing is a talent, the experts should learn to be a good writer. Even, for those who are naturally excellent in writing, studying the perfect grammar and structure in writing is still a must. Besides, it is also important to be the expert on all legal document writing format. It will be flawless when the translators are skillful in both legal and academic writing.


3.Cultural Knowledge

Cultures are always in both source and target languages. Therefore, translators have to master cultural intelligence. This is a little tough since the ability is not in the dictionary. The cultural skill is gained as the translators read many books, watch the movies, attending the cross culture understanding class, and study a lot. It will be crucial to get connected with the readers who will be the audience of the translation product. Translate English to Indonesian language for legal text can be tricky sometimes. The English version might be simpler because of the straightforwardness culture of English speaking countries.


4.The Translation Skills of Special Topics

To be the specialist of legal documents is a good decision. That makes the particular translators get similar projects frequently. However, it will be better if the translators can be the experts of a various specialist topic. Therefore, they have to learn a lot and handle various jobs.


5.Time Management

Dealing with translation means handling a job with a tight deadline. Therefore, it is necessary that the translators have a good time management. For freelancers, the management should be neater. The observation, research, reading, and the translation procedure is not an easy matter. That is why the translators have to be settled with good time management.


Indonesian certified translation agency will do tasks of all topics professionally. Today, companies and clients can reach the agency online for a more efficient order. The products are all guaranteed. The service will do both legal documents and academic texts well. The translators have the skills and requirements to translate English to Indonesian language.


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