Translate Indonesia English

Translate Indonesia English by Human Translator

Can translation tool replace the excellence of human translators? Today, humans feel more secured and capable of doing almost anything thanks to the internet connections. It is the era introduced by Albert Einstein as an era of technology that surpasses human interaction. The world is now dependent too much to the internet. Even, some will agree human being is now addicted to the internet.

Translate Indonesia English

Translate Indonesia English

In translation, we know well how we are introduced to Google Translate. The tool powered by Google is capable of a task to translate Indonesia English easily and in seconds.

It is not surprising since the digital world with the internet connection has provided a lot of comfort for dealing with various tasks. Companies do not have to deal with the complex work to arrange schedules, plans and event organization with the help of software and applications. Besides, various cloud programs are available to help companies to keep interacting and coordinating at any time. Also, the internet has provided ease of communication between staffs and partners. Even, the internet is now serving as customer service in almost all online sites. And it is no longer a secret the internet with the services has reduced human workers a great deal. Not to mention the task to translate Indonesia English by machine translators.


Machine Translators VS Human Translators 

People can now easily translate into any language only by typing the text into the online translator. Even free online translation tool is good to translate Indonesia English. The good news is that the result is getting better. In the past, translation tool in our computer software translated the documents word for word. Recently, the online translation tool can provide way better translation with the almost correct grammar and language structure. However, can we say that the computer software and translation tool replace the human translator? When we say that the tool can almost provide the correct grammar, it means we can use it for a simple sentence. Yet, almost correct is not enough when it is for a perfect translation. Even human translators unable to produce a flawless result without sufficient experience.

To translate Indonesia English, a professional translator will use their sense and instinct. Therefore, the different text translations will result in different styles. For instance, for a manual book, translations use simple and readable text to give a helpful effect for the readers. Meanwhile, for fictions, narration and stories, the translators try hard to stick to the core meaning and the plot. To keep the story as good as the source text, translation should not eliminate the surprising elements. And when it is a poetic text with cultural and art inside each sentence, translators have to keep it beautiful. Therefore, a human translator is better for a task to translate Indonesia English.

To translate Indonesia English, the professionals will find the right diction to preserve rhyme and beauty in the targeted language. For humans, those kinds of skills are hard to apply. It takes feeling and instinct. Do you think computer or internet tools can do that artistic linguistic capability?

Machine Translators for Metaphors

Translate Indonesia English

Translate Indonesia English

Technology beats human in many fields. However, there are still countless things that humans can always rule. Homo sapiens are more than mere flesh and bone. The intelligent human is manufactured with the irreplaceable sense and excellence. Human create the machine, so it can never be as good as the creator in using feeling and instinct.

Language is one impossible thing to be replaced by a robot or computer. Machine will never understand different styles of language, cultural contexts and language nuances. Machine translators will convey the message inside a language during a task to translate Indonesia English. However, the result will not sound quite right. The experienced translators will be able to notice adjectives, nouns, metaphors, figurative speech, and colloquialism easily. Meanwhile, machines will not be able to do the tasks well since languages do not have the same language properties.

Most of the time, the communication function of source language disappears as it translates the source word by word. Besides, some languages have unique diction which sometimes hard to find the exact similar term. Therefore, to translate Indonesia English needs linguistic dexterity of a human being instead of machines translation. That makes it impossible to create a better translation result using online translators instead of professional translators. And that makes sense that the rate offered by translation experts equal to the complex jobs that they will complete.


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