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To be a student is not as easy as it may seem. Students have to work hard and manage their time well so they can pass with maximum grade.

The pressure of a being a student is not only in the academic cases but also in the college social life. Besides, emotions and other factors also determine the success of a study.

To be a language student is even harder. For some reasons, they need to get involved in Freelance translation Indonesian so they can improve their skills.

Some people say that to learn language is easy since it does not include formulas and math. But the language students need to use study hacks so they can survive in the academic life.

As an English language program student, many burdens and hardships will come. Yet, students will go through them easily if they know how to cope with the problems.

In Indonesia, English is still a foreign language. Therefore, it is hard to practice the language outside the classrooms.

Even, some people feel that it is inappropriate to use English in many places and occasions in Indonesia. Students need to get used to the pronunciation even though some sounds do not exist in Bahasa Indonesia. Also, the expressions and the way



Freelance translation Indonesian; Language Students Study Hacks


 1. Unconventional Locations

 There are times that Students use conventional places such as library and study desk to learn new vocabularies and other materials.

But that is so yesterday. There are countless ways and places for learning language. The students need to be creative.

Freelance Translation Indonesian

Freelance Translation Indonesian

While spending some times in the shopping mall, they can learn how to use copy writing language to invite more buyers. Besides, expressions and colloquial language are used in the advertisements in various spots.

For handling some projects or tasks, students of language programs need to use a cozy place such as a park or even a café. Studying outside will lead to a better creativity.

Translation agency in Indonesia is a good place where students of language programs can find a way to test their capabilities. They can do the translation and ask the senior to help them improving their skills.

In addition, they can earn some amount of money for their tuition. This is a great study hack for an excellent result.


2. The Flexible Times

Students often find it hard to manage their time since they think that they have limited times during night times.

But learning is not working that way. Students can use their time while standing in lines for reading the materials that they need to memorize.

Or they can also use their times on the way to campus to read once more. It is also better to sleep earlier to way up early and study the materials again. It is also a great idea to learn through the times of their joy times.

In managing their time, students can also try to allocate their time for a professional training.

They can join a professional translation agency and be their part time or freelance translation Indonesian English documents. That way, they can learn how to handle real documents.


Freelance Translation Indonesian

Freelance Translation Indonesian

3. Learning by Doing

Language is innate and it is closely related to habit. Therefore, it is recommended that the students get involve with a real project to help them mastering certain types of techniques.

For instance, they need to start translating documents. Students of language programs can be a freelance translation Indonesian for professional results.

The students will do the translation based on the right procedure even though they might not be registered as part of a professional translation agency.

Freelance translator is now a promising job for both students and professional translators.

Clients do not have to question the quality since both have their long experience in handling various tasks of translation. To get the best services, clients need to observe the portfolio and testimonies.

Professional translators will do the jobs in the given deadline and will give a guarantee at the same time.


Indonesian to English document translation is a tough job that requires skills and experiences. Therefore, it will be good for students to try the tasks ever since their academic time.

In addition, it is important that the students use their time for those useful activities of learning by doing.

Students of language programs can now apply for an internship in many professional translation agencies.

Besides, they can receive orders through their social media promotion. Study hacks can be this profitable for the language program students.


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