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Translation service in the world, including in Indonesia, has been undergoing macro shifts. Those shifts influence the type of English to Indonesian document translation services and the way they provide the services to the clients. The shifts actually occur as a response to the trends brought about by the fast-growing internet technology.

A number of trends affect the growth of translation service such as translate document from English to Indonesian, particularly in business setting. They include the increasing government initiatives to invite foreign investment in the country. Now, it is easy for foreign companies to gain entrance to Indonesian market. Likewise, Indonesian companies also have more chances to participate in international businesses events like procurements or bidding.

4 Trends in English to Indonesian Document Translation

In response to the increasing opportunities, more and more businesses and organizations need to translate document from English to Indonesian or from Bahasa Indonesia to foreign languages. Besides the elimination of geographical issues, translation service in Indonesia is also influenced by the following trends:

translate document from English to Indonesian

translate document from English to Indonesian

Voice Technology

Internet is reshaping human life. As the mobile technology grows, a number of new features are also available to make human life easier. Examples include the growth of voice technology, which mobile phone users can use to search things on the internet. As such, companies and online marketers began to develop voice-based marketing campaigns.

The need for English to Indonesian document translation is increasing when the businesses need to translate voice-optimized websites. There are two important things to anticipate:

  • Localization of voice-optimized websites, if the business owners want to gain global reach
  • Voice-specific questions and answers. You cannot anticipate where the visitors of the website come from. The visitors may have different languages with various dialects. This way, the companies need to provide the answers in the target language.

Artificial Intelligence

The technology is around, including in translation domain. Artificial Intelligence allows people to develop software or application that can translate document from English to Indonesian or vice versa. Some people are worried that AI technology may eventually replace human translators. Of course, the question is, “Is AI really able to replace human in translation?”

On one hand, translation software may help to translate word document from English to Indonesian, though in a simple words or clauses. However, machine cannot display situational knowledge, cultural properties, of soft skills. In many instances, knowledge on the culture in the target nations is crucial for businesses, which want to enter global market. Only human beings can deal with and grasp dialects and cultural values in the translation process.

Mobile Technology

Another macro shift that influences the translation service is the increasing role of mobile internet technology. In the last few years, mobile browser has outperformed the desktop browser. Accordingly, businesses built mobile-responsive websites and provide mobile-specific contents.

Again, the trend will increase the need for translation services, not in the conventional point of view. Instead, translation service such as to translate document from English to Indonesian must be able to localize mobile-specific contents and marketing campaigns in a culturally specific way. Mobile-enabled websites need to be localized in different languages if the businesses want to gain global reach.

Audio-Video Translation

Another important trend to note by the translation services is the increasing use of video and audio translation. Social media are now dominated by online marketing contents in the form of video. Video is considered a means of delivering interesting contents to the target audience in an effortless way. Of course, audio-video contents are more attractive than simply words.

A number of industries now use video contents in a higher intensity compared to other industries do. The following are some examples:

  • E-learning. The providers may need to prepare video learning contents in different languages and need professional translation services to handle the tasks.
  • Video marketing. Online marketing agencies are now producing video contents for social media in various language versions. As people have less time to be engaged in the social media, video contents need to be optimized for immediate impacts.
  • Transcription service. The video marketing may be produced in a single language to target global consumers. At least, the advertisers have to provide translated text on the screen, right? This is where transcription and translation services are necessary.

In other words, translate document from English to Indonesia will have more important roles in helping the businesses, online marketers, advertisers, video developers, and any other parties involved in the internet technology. In this case, translators serve not only as mere translators. They may need to serve as culturally sensitive counselors to make sure the contents are delivered in the right cultural contexts.


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