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Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia: Pursuing Translation Career

Translate English to Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia is as complicated as other languages with soft and tense structure. It is true Bahasa Indonesia does not have politeness levels, but it is still important to choose the right diction when the speakers aim at delivering the language to older people. Casual sentences also need to be […]

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Indonesian Certified Translation: Definitions, Procedures and Purposes

Indonesian Certified Translation Services To choose the a good fit Indonesian translation service is somewhat challenging. Clients have to find the professional translation service with years of experience and background. Besides, it will be important to find only a certified service. Anything with a certification will perform a professional service. Some of translation companies use […]

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Indonesian Linguistic Validation: Procedures & Instruments

Indonesian Linguistic Validation Definition The terms of research might be confusing and intimidating. Linguistic validation is one of the terms. For those who do not really know the meaning, linguistic validation will sound complicated. The term is related to a clinical research. Linguistic validation is a necessary step for giving qualification for a multinational trial. The step […]

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Indonesian Translation Agency: Professionalism for the Clients’ Success

The free market and globalization create huge opportunities for companies to get connected, and cooperate in setting up a profitable business. People engaging in business activities are now facing the urgency to translate any documents needed into the foreign languages , including Bahasa Indonesia. That is why working with Indonesian translation agency will be beneficial for […]

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Indonesian Interpreter Services; Reasons to Hire Professionals

Interpreter Service Tasks Interpreter service is one of the most valued services related to language translation. Language is innate, and humans all have the skills to communicate with human beings. However, it will not be easy for people to master more than one language. Communication requires capabilities to provide good responses, proper language, and of […]


5 Common Challenges to Translate from English to Indonesian Language

The Task of Translating from English Translation requires a thorough mastery in grammar, language structure, and culture.Therefore in translations, professionals should be aware of the rules of both source and target languages. The professionals need to also know the habits of the native speakers. The translation job is tough and requires extensive experiences. For example, […]