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Indonesian Transcription Process: Steps and Challenges Faced

Any Transcription Process Is, Considerably, A Taxing Task. However, What About Indonesian Transcription?   Indonesian transcription process basically does not differ much from a transcription in any language. To transcribe Bahasa Indonesia, or Indonesian files, a transcriptionist has to convert a spoken language into a written one.  However, the challenges do not end there. Besides […]


Indonesian Audio Transcription Software: Does It Meet Your Needs?

Indonesian Audio Transcription: Using Transcription Software The practice of transcribing human speech into text has been around since many years ago.  In the last several years, the process of Indonesian audio transcription has been made easier and faster with transcription software.  The same case applies for any other languages. Some factors contribute to the wider […]

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Indonesian Transcription Agency: The Important of Accuracy

Indonesian Transcription Agency: How It Affects Health Services? Many people may wonder how medical transcription could influence healthcare service and patient care.  What is so significant with the job of transferring audio contents into text? To answer the question, let’s see what is actually behind the need for an Indonesian transcription agency for medical records.  […]

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Indonesian Transcription Software: Challenges of Voice Recognition

Indonesian Transcription Software: Function of the Software Analysis on call center conversation or customer service recordings may provide the companies with rich information on what is going on in their business.  Indonesian transcription software may help in transcribing recorded conversations or videos before analysis is done.  Conversations with the customer are important and can provide […]

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Indonesian Simultaneous Interpretation: Services

Communication is the key to building a successful relationship, be it your interpersonal relations or business relations. As businesses start to expand and create a global presence by venturing into new unfamiliar countries, translation plays a very important role in ensuring effective communication. A lot of times, time is also of key significance when it […]


Professional Legal Translation Services ; the Nature of Legal Translation Services

Professional Legal Translation Services Urgency in Today’s World  Most of the time, people believe that every translator will be able to translate legal documents. That is certainly not true because language comprehension and mastery of law subject is divided into several different levels. Translating legal documents is a different skill and people need to do […]