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We are living in an era that has witnessed globalization very closely. Now it may seem like a simple affair, businesses expanding to different countries, but the amount of work that goes on behind such expansion is endless. Especially when it comes to legal formalities. Every country has a different bundle of legal requirements pertaining to setting up and operations of new businesses in that country. Within the complications of setting up a business in a new, unknown environment, legal translation of necessary documents may seem like additional trouble at times. This is where the professional services of a legal translation services company come into the picture. 


Why is it important to get a legal translation by a legal translation services company?

legal translation services company

legal translation services company

Expanding internationally is a pre-requisite for long-term growth in today’s world. And getting a legal translation services company to handle your multilingual transactions, especially the legal transactions, plays an important role in the success of the venture. Here are the multiple reasons why getting a legal translation services company is useful: 

It is not the same as general translation: Legal translation is a technical process. It is not merely limited to replacing words of the original language into the targeted language. The meaning of a legal text may drastically change if translated like any other text. Misinterpretation of legal documents can lead to huge losses for a business. No business would like to lose money, especially while entering into a new country. This makes it highly important that they get the professional services of a legal translation services company. 

Cannot afford to make mistakes: The basic idea behind the legal translation is to establish a common ground of understanding of all the legal aspects of a document between two parties. A single mistake can prove to be very costly as is a cause for misinterpretation of legal documents and can cause effective ambiguity. If this happens when two parties are entering into a contract, the whole contract can be declared null and void and can cause huge losses for both parties. Getting a professional company on-board for such services will eliminate the possibility of mistakes. 

Each country has its own rules: If you are planning to expand your business to more than one countries, you cannot possibly know all languages and legal requirements of every country. Every country has different rules when it comes to bilingual contracts that a foreign company may enter into. For example, when it comes to Indonesia, two parties can enter into a bilingual contract or a contract of any other language or format, as long as there is a corresponding Indonesian version of that contract in place. 


How can a legal translation services company provide the best legal translation?

legal translation services company

legal translation services company

When it comes to hiring professional help for the purposes of legal translation of documents, every business would want the best company. In order to ensure that you are hiring the right legal translation services company, ensure that they follow the following elements of legal translation:

Adaptation to regulation and law: The rules and regulations keep on changing in every country with respect to the language of the contracts being entered by foreign parties. For example, in Indonesia, it is now mandatory to have an Indonesian equivalent of a bilingual/English contract for all transactions. An ideal legal translation company is one that is up to date with all such modifications in the rules and regulations of each country and can keep up accordingly. 

Flexibility: In addition to adapting to the changing laws of every country, a good legal translation agency/company should also be flexible to the needs and requirements of the parties or companies that they are dealing with. Business contracts and legal specifications differ for every business type and the nature of the business activity. The legal translation services company should be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of translation requirements that its clients may have.  

Speedy delivery: Even though legal translation can be a complex process, businesses need speed when it comes to legal translation of any document or contract. Usually, they end up giving very strict deadlines to the legal translation services company that they hire. If you want to hire the best legal translation company for your needs, make sure that they can deliver or short notices and strict deadlines. 



Legal translation has gained popularity in the current scenario where all the texts that pertain to the field of law are necessary to be translated for the company’s benefit. For a company and its products and services to flourish in a new market, it is of high importance that the basic backend work of legal translation is taken care of. If you are looking to expand in Indonesia and require legal translation Indonesian English services, Bee Happy Translation Services will make it easy and simple for you. You can leave all your legal translation worries behind and focus entirely on the other important aspects of successfully running your business in Indonesia. 

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